QMobile Reveals W1, the Cheapest Ever Windows Phone

QMobile has taken yet another step to establish itself as the prime smartphone company in Pakistani market. This time around, they have announced their first ever Windows Phone, which is also one of the cheapest ever. The company has reacted well with this move, in the wake of the mounting sales of the Lumia series.

The W1 costs just 6,999 PKR. You’ll have trouble finding a new Microsoft smartphone at that price level. For that you get a 4″ display with WVGA (800 x 480) resolution running on WIndows Phone 8.1. We don’t know whether the OS will be upgraded to version 10, though, which is a problem because the entire Lumia range will likely be.

Furthermore, you get a 1.2 Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor with 512 MB RAM. That means you won’t be able to run a few notable applications but at this price, that is to be expected. The back boasts a 5 megapixel camera, along with a VGA camera at the front.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and microUSB. There are a few pre-installed apps that you’ll find here such as OneDrive too. Here are the specs once again:

QMobile W1 Windows Phone Specifications:

  • CPU: 1.2 Ghz quad-core
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 200
  • OS: Windows Phone 8.1
  • Supported Networks: 2G, 3G
  • Display:
    • 4” capacitive with WVGA resolution
  • Memory:
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Internal: 4 GB
    • Card slot: Yes
  • Camera:
    • Primary: 5 megapixel
    • Secondary: VGA
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, microUSB
  • Battery: 1,950 mAh
  • Price: 6,999 PKR

We can’t say for sure whether the phone will get enough breathing space in the tough situation it finds itself in. Hopefully it is not the end of the line for Windows Phones from QMobile. We would still suggest that you save some money and get a Windows smartphone with 1 GB RAM, but if your budget is tight, this phone hopefully won’t disappoint you either, especially at that price tag.

  • you should have mentioned Microsoft Lumia 430 (planned upgrade to Win 10, 1Gb ram, snapdragon 200 dualcore aderno 302) only for Rs. 7,950. No need to mention that its the cheapest mobile available on Pakistani soil with 1Gb ram…

    • And thats too 7200 in local market with world class brand Microsoft label.
      Better to say Q Mobile as Chew Mobile.

  • Qmobile should just terminate its presence and allow GIONEE to come in Pak and monopolize a bit.
    Go google Gionee Elife E8 and prepare to be blown AWAY !

      • ofcourse… the typical Easterner :/ !
        fools , you’re TOO blind to see that GIONEE is a BETTER brand with MOAR innovation overall ! Qmobile just produces ugly things!

        go take a look at OTHER gionee products… before you prejudge.
        the cellphone I suggested can take 100 Mp photos … with its 24 mp camera through stitching images together.. only ONE OPPO phone have that ability and no other company has ever truly realised this tech. Innovation shows.

          • oh , thanks for the comical support . but honestly , take a look-see and figure how Gionee is loads better than qmobile.. AND even in India its Gionee calling the shots … not some 3rd class cheapo !

            • Sir with all due respect, Gionee does not even come this close to qualitative materials when we compare it to Xiaomi and Meizu chinese vendors.. . If you go and read how they test their phones for falls, knuckles, buttons and everything else, you will be left AWE-struck!
              And to top it all off, they give these phones at an unbeatable affordable prices. Keep gionee to yourself only.. . JazakALLAH :-P

              • so you think you’re the ONLY one who knows about the ACTUAL CHINESE phone brands ?

                Well , for all their Quality Xiaomi and Meizu are CRIMINALLY priced in Pakistan with NO OFFICIAL presence. The havent even made a 100 mp phone or used a 24 mp sensor. I know way wayy more about these brands and agreed that they are top-notch but lack of OFFICIAL presence means bad prices and no customer support.

                Gionee meanwhile is like a higher tier presiding over Qmobile. If Qmobile were to dissolve someday then who better than Gionee to replace it. If xiaomi , meizu , elephone , outikel , umi , coolpad , bluboo , vivo , mlais , siswoo and so on… ( u see , im also quite well aware of chinese brands ) were to officiate there presence here , prices would fall but sadly not the case so far. oh if ur talking high quality and high end , then Nubia would absolutely destroy u with their new model… the Z9 is a killer phone , infact it would leave u quite “Awe-struck” yourself :P

                So , logic , which many Easterners seem to lack , says that an existing Brand which does TERRIBLE rebrands be replaced by its much posh cousin aint such a bad deal. But then again … pakistanis are fickle minded people , God knows how they’ll react.

                And thanks .. i’ll keep Gionee to myself , not everyone has the pleasure of owning one of their masterpieces , anyways.

                • Sir its not about knowing more. It is about which brand is giving more!!!! Value for money, remember?
                  If you read reviews for Chinese brands, Xioami and Meizu are the only ones selling out better quality phones, at a cheaper price and with innovations as per higher-market requirements.. . Gionee does give good specifications but FALLS short in BATTERY, or at times HEATING UP.
                  I dont hate Gionee but I will still second my thoughts for Xiaomi and Meizu that they fall good in all the departments at the same time – UNLIKE Gionee and other brands.

        • You mentioned Elife E8, so i checked it .. not others. I respect your decision of owning a Gionee phone. But for me a good DSLR is a better option than a phone which can produce 100MP photos. Stitching images together isn’t really an innovation, IMO!

          @typical Easterner … yes do you sound like a typical ‘westerner’ too me too! Cheers

  • Actually Windows Phone is properly optimize to work well in 512 MB of RAM. I used Nokia Lumia 530, And didn’t face any lag or issue. Don’t compare Windows Phone with Android which is Memory Hungry. I have Android Phone with 2 GB of RAM, But it still some time its getting hang. Compare Windows Phone with iOS even the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have 1 GB RAM.

  • Dears,
    I’m amazed where is PTA? why PTA allow such LOW RAM Sets in Pakistan?1GB Must be Minimum criteria to launch any set in Pakistan.But it’s Pakistan – No Law Prevails,where Authorities get Bribes under the table & Signature on the Table :D
    512 MB and with Windows 8.1 – Craps .. Q Mobile – harmful as no IC installed for the Handset safe for human use.

      • Star City Mall….. shop keeper will ask for Rs7200/-. but 7000/- is finally negotiable price :)

        • Yeah right, I got a 640xl + 430 (xl for myself and 430 for my mom as her first smartphone) on Saturday for a total of Rs. 28000 from Serena here in Karachi. Both phones include Rs. 500 balance and a chance to win cash prizes or a BMW in a lucky draw.

      • Yup from Sadar Karachi, and it includes Rs 500 worth mobile balance card which mean the price comes to 6500.

  • Qmobile won’t be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile because Microsoft while releasing Windows 10 mobile stated that Windows 10 Mobile is only for Lumia brand…No other company or brand except HTC one M8 will have Windows 10 Mobile as its mobile OS…And if you want a smartphone which is cheap and is having all Windows 10 updates than you can go for the MIcrosoft Lumia 435 this smartphone is cheap nearly equal to the price of this Qmobile w1 and Much smarter and faster than this Qmobile device….With Windows 10 mobile this device becomes more efficient and faster…with a superb battery timing…It has 1 gb Ram and 8 gb internal with 1.2 ghz dual core processor and Adreno 302 as graphics module …The device supports dual sim and external memory upto 256gb (microSD)…

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