PTA Is Convincing Pubjab Govt To Withdraw Tax On Data / Internet

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is convincing Punjab government to withdraw recently imposed taxes on data services and broadband internet, which will adversely impact the expansion of 3G/4G/ LTE services in the province.

Speaking exclusively with ProPakistani in the sideline of 8th Pakistan TELECON 2015, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr. Ismail Shah said PTA has approached Punjab government directly to explain them that taxes on data services will not bode well for entire telecom sector and consumers of the province.

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“We are also working to convince the provincial government of Punjab through Ministry of IT and Telecommunication (MoITT) to convince them the generation of (tax-able) hundreds of billion of rupees in revenues with tax free internet rather than taxing internet at the core itself and blocking all the economic activities altogether”, said Dr. Shah.

PTA Gets into Play, Opposes Punjab’s Taxes on Internet 

Chairman PTA said that the recent imposition of taxes on data services and broadband internet is not good for the growth of telecom sector, which could impede the penetration of 3G/4G/LTE services, particularly in the province of Punjab and in whole country in general.

“I hope that government will listen to our explanation that we are providing to them with different aspects, and ultimately it will take action in the interest of the public and telecom sector”, Dr Shah added.

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The network expansion of Next Generation of Technologies by operators is impressive and surpassed the obligatory targets that were set in license terms, in addition the customers’ acquisition is amazingly good showing high public demand for the utility of 3G and 4G services.

“I believe the deployment of fiber optic should be expedited in different district at faster pace to ensure availability of internet in maximum cities of the country. In this regard, special subsidies should be provided to companies for deploying optic fiber is far flung areas of different provinces”, Mr. Shah concluded.

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