Lahore Gets Android App to Help Commuters Find and Plan Bus Travels

Lahore Transport Company — a body that regulates Lahore’s buses, routes, fares and everything related to public transportation — has launched its Android app that will help commuters find a bus, plan a trip, find-out bus routes, stops, information of fares and anything that one may possibly need while being in Lahore.

Available on Google Play for free, the app called “Bus Da Pata” is developed while keeping in mind the information a commuter may need while travelling in Lahore or vicinity.

For instance you are at location A — which the app will determine automatically through GPS — and want to go to location B, “Bus Da Pata” App, will assist you with bus route numbers that you will have to take, stop names involved in reaching your desired location, fare and estimated time required to reach your destination.

Additionally you will also be directed about any bus changes that you may need in reaching your destination.

You can also search for bus routes from location A to location B, manually by entering the bus stop names. For example, when we searched for  “Liberty Roundabout” stop to “District Court” stop, app returned following results:


This reveals that we need to take B16 Bus that will charge Rs. 30 for this trip. Moreover, estimated travel time for this route is 23 and half minutes.

As per Lahore Transportation Company, app shows real-time location results for all buses. For instance, it will tell you how to reach your nearest stop, then estimated time for the arrival of next bus. Not only this, while on the bus, app can tell you real-time speed, and estimated time of arrival.

Have a look at following screen:


While the app requires some design improvements and usability enhancements, this is one good app to have on your phones if you travel through buses.

You can Download Bus Da Pata by clicking this link.

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