COMSATS Internet Services Becomes Pacific Telecommunications Council Member

The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) occupies a unique place in the dynamic, rapidly growing world of global communications. An international, non-profit, non-governmental membership organization, PTC is the leading membership organization for telecommunications and information and communication technology (ICT) professionals.

PTC provides its members with some of the world’s largest and most collaborative networking opportunities developed specifically for senior telecommunications and information and communication technology (ICT) professionals. PTC’s members are found worldwide including the Americas, Asia, Oceania and the Pacific Islands.

Ms. Sharon Nakama, CEO of PTC welcomed COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) by saying:

As a non-profit membership organization, PTC’s strengths lie with our members. We are excited to welcome COMSATS Internet Services to PTC and look forward to the it’s contributions to the community.

The CEO, COMSATS Internet Services, Mr. Muhammad Amir Malik expressed himself by saying:

COMSATS is joining PTC to explore foreign markets and connect to leaders across the globe to shape the future of telecom industry. We are zealous about the research, development and application of technologies to overcome difficulties that are being faced in communications. We are looking forward to the excellent prospects to network and discuss trends, solutions, knowledge, and governing matters in the field of Information & Communications technology.

This initiative has enabled CIS to represent Pakistan in the international market through PTC and further encouraging growth and development of the communication and information technologies fields.

  • Shahid Hafeez


  • Tahir Khan

    Good news! COMSATS moving fast

  • Ghaffar Babar

    This is great!

  • Hassan Naeem

    COMSATS doing well Alhumdoulillah

  • Mahvish Mushtaq

    Finally Pakistani ISP taking things seriously.

  • Haider Ali

    Nice work.

  • Amanullah Mangrio

    good initiative!

  • Sara Qureshi

    Stepping up research and development.

  • Rameez Khalid

    Well done COMSATS!!

  • Zahid Qureshi

    Good work Dr. Imtinan, Amir and his team

  • Sana Iqbal

    Two minds are always better than one. This will give Pakistan the exposure that it needs to grow bigger and better. Great initiative COMSATS internet!

  • Huma Khan

    I totally second that @Sana!

  • Ehtasham Kareem

    This is good news. Good going comsats internet services.

  • Zeeshan Gul

    Nice! Participating in international conferences is the way to go!

  • Hamad Masood

    Networking + new ideas + exposure = new technologies + research + developement

  • Ammar Khan

    Proud COMSIAN!! Proud Pakistani!

  • Hamna Gul

    Good step! Networking with professional around the world, sharing ideas and research! The recipe for progress.

  • Khursheed Ali

    Well done Mr. Amir Malik and team. Good to see COMSATS Internet Services making progress.

  • Nausheen Hafeez Ali

    This is a very nice step taken by the management. I totally support it!

  • Rehan Shahid Khan

    Feels great to see Pakistani organisations taking part in such forums.

  • Rizwan Malik

    Well done Mr. CEO. Seems like you’re steering COMSATS ISP to the right direction!

  • Shoaib

    Marvelous achievement.

  • Batman

    Plz stop these stupid pop-up windows