Internet Speed in Pakistan Plunges Due to Fault in Submarine Cable

If you are facing slow internet speeds in Pakistan then you aren’t alone. Almost whole of Pakistan — including 3G users — are impacted with slow internet speeds due to a fault that is developed in SEAMEWE4, one of the the major submarine cables that connect Pakistan with rest of the internet.

According to sources, the fault is of physical nature and occurred near Karachi in the sea. Officials said that location has been identified however rectification efforts are taking longer than what officials had expected earlier.

Sources at PTCL — which relies heavily on SEAMEWE4 — confirmed the issue and said that since the time taken for restoration of SEAMEWE4 is taking longer than they had earlier thought, bandwidth is now being shifted to other submarine cables to make sure that country’s demands are met adequately.

Sources said that complete restoration of SEAMEWE4 could take a couple of weeks, and until then the bandwidth reliance on back-up submarine cables will be enhanced. During this, internet users may face degraded download/upload speeds.

Latency rates are going to remain high during this window, while pages may not load at all. Reloading of the pages is advised, while unnecessary high-rate data consumption is also not recommended.

Update 1:

25 June, 2015 – 7:30: IMEWE cable has also been damaged to add up more problems for ISPs in arranging backup bandwidth.

  • New IMEWE Outage: 110 Gbps
  • Ongoing SMW4 Outage: 178 Gbps
  • Total Unavailable Bandwidth: 288 Gbps

Pakistan has a total of 360 Gbps bandwidth, out of which only 72 Gbps is available right now.

ISPs are in the process of rerouting bandwidth but it will take time (a few hours at the very minimum). After this new development, it’s going to be a few days before normal service is resumed.

Update 2:

26 June, 2015 – 01:15 AM: One of the impacted cable IMEWE, that had double cuts on two pairs near Egypt, has been restored to full capacity now. Restoration of IMEWE has added 110Gbps of internet bandwidth back online in Pakistan, while SMW4 (that contributes 178Gbps of bandwidth) is still offline and work is in progress.

PTCL, in a press statement, said that work on SMW4 is in progress, however, no ETR was shared with the press.

GM Media Communications of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), Imran Janjua, said, “Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) by virtue of its investments in diversified International Submarine Cable systems, has already undertaken necessary measures to provide internet connectivity to its customers across Pakistan.  However, due to the fault in this undersea cable, the internet users may experience slow browsing during this period.”

Our sources suggest that complete restoration of SMW4 may take few days, however, with IMEWE cable back online, internet speeds will get better in the country.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Ameer Hamza

    So much frequent breakouts are alarming and a question mark on PTCL performance

    • Haris

      do you believe rest of the Ptcl Works Fine ?

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        Lol, no. We dont think any part of ptcl works fine…

        • Sulaiman Lalani

          No, you are wrong! PTCL do works with their own employees only at their work place & shows us they are too busy for us to respond on their complaint number

        • Hazim Faisal

          used to get 130-150 pings in singapore servers and now its 350+ all the time. Good job ptcl

    • saloo

      ye Ptcl ka kasoor nai ae maamaa k underground submarine cable kharab ae

      • Tayyeb Sheikh

        Its UnderSea Submarine cable not UnderGround :p

        • Saqib Hassan

          Submarine means “UnderSea” Sheikh sb. :) Its like “Shab-e-Barat ki Raat”

    • sibzz

      meray bhaii this is not a PTCL Issue. they dont fix the undersea cables (thank Allah for that :P )

  • Jawad Zaib

    what a couple of weeks, kya bill bhi half ayega ye sirf speed nahi hogi aur bill pora hoga…

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Bill pura speed adhi… mere sath pichle 2 mahiney se 2 mb package pr yeho ho rha tha :( complain ka koi faida nahi… ab mene package hi 1 mb krwa liya. Muft k 250 rupey dene se tou bcha..

      • Muhammad Aamir

        Why not you don’t use 3G? It’s much cheaper than PTCL. Better packages, better speed!! Perhaps, the reason is that it offers unlimited downloading, doesn’t it?

        • Mudassar

          Aamir, Telenor speed is dead too, it was over 10mbps for months, but suddenly from 1st Ramazan, it hardly goes over 1mbps :( Any news on it?

          Area = G1 Market, Johar Town. Lahore

          • Muhammad Aamir

            Yeah! I’m experiencing it too!!! Shami Road, Lahore :(

            • Mudassar

              This is bad. What speed you are getting? & from how many days you are getting this issue?

              • Muhammad Aamir

                Via IDM 100-120KB/s. I did a package today before that I was using PTCL Wingle!

            • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

              House no?

              • Muhammad Aamir

                It’s hard to explain. First of all, you need a hardcore hacker who must be the ability to hack the Disqus account of @aamir7:disqus in order to get the ip address of my comment then send the IP address to the ISI or any others in order to track me. :D

            • jawadahsen

              Warid is very slow as well, model town, Lahore

          • Greg

            Wow, I live in the same area as you (the international school next to G1 Market). The internet speed has been low ever since I came here and started using the net. PTCL speed – no more than 1,5 Mb… Terrible, back at home (abroad) I have an average speed of 100 Mb and it’s CONSTANT, not inconsistent like here (one time 1 Mb, then all of a sudden 0,1 Mb, then again 1 Mb..).. What’s wrong with the net over here?? :( I’ve been to about 50 countries in the world – the net is slowest here and in West Africa (Togo, Benin)..

        • Jawad Zaib

          bhai 3g har jaga available nahi hai upar se 1 or 2gb packages hain 3g mai affordable wo heavy downloads ke liye acha nahi parta, for example this month i downloaded about 150+gb data,,,no 3g network is offering such packages in 2000 rupees plus we can also use wifi service as well in home so that is why many users are using 3g for lightwieght use and ptcl for heavy downloads like torrents…

          • Muhammad Aamir

            LOL!! The above offer is available on Telenor 3G only at Rs.1500+Rs.400 Tax (Unlimited), don’t you know? You can download unlimited after consuming Rs.50 and Rs.200 daily via Telenor 3G and Warid 4G respectively. Telenor is the best at providing packages to beat PTCL. Here is another how to! You can download 9GB of Data only at Rs.400 for the entire month via Telenor 3G along with Rs.600 free balance. Need more?

            • Zawyar Ur Rehman

              Warid 4g offers unlimited?? Now thats something i just found out!

              • Muhammad Aamir

                Only at Rs.200 per day! :D

                • Zawyar Ur Rehman

                  200 wali cheez dara rahi he XD
                  thora sasta nahi ho skta??? 6000 rupey 4g k liye thora mehenga lgta he XD

                  • Muhammad Aamir

                    Paa G! Wake at 12:01AM and do the package! Make a long list which you want to download on IDM or torrent above 1TB. :D Make use of the IDM scheduler, set it to 3 download at the same time and click on “Start Now” Sleep at 12:10AM :). Take a sleeping pill and wake at 11:59PM. I hope all the stuff will be downloaded before the time :) It’s better do it on laptop, must be on charging!! Got It? :D

                    • Arslan Ejaz

                      Exactly I do the Same ;)

                    • Singer

                      How can i get warid 4g unlimited for 200 ? What is the package for 1 day unlimited? I can’t find one

                    • Muhammad Aamir

                      It’s not a package, brother! Rather it’s called a default package. It means in order to apply the package, Rs.200 must be in your account and consume the money via web surfing on 4G LTE. The package will be applied automatically after consuming! Now, Enjoy! :D

                    • Singer

                      So i have to use rs 200 until balance is zero then i will get unlimited data ? Is that what you saying ?

                    • Muhammad Aamir

                      Warid Unlimited 4G LTE at Rs.200 Per Day’s Method

                      It’s very easy, Man! I’ve described it many times below! First of all, Rs.200 must be in your account. It’s worth mentioning that if you have a thousand rupees in your account after consuming Rs.200 more money will never be deducted, and after consuming Rs.200 you can download unlimited on Warid 4G LTE. Moreover, it’s not a package rather a default package!

                    • Ahmad

                      :D :D :D

                    • PakGeek

                      Amir Brother, can you let me know > How to avail Warid Unlimited 4G bundle in 200 per day ?
                      How to subscribe this package ?

                    • Guest

                      Your question has already been answered answer, see above!

                    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

                      Lol nice strategy… will use it once i buy a laptop with the required 1 TB hard drive XD

                    • Naseer

                      Can you please explain the warid package. How can we avail unlimited internet 200rs/day?

                    • Guest

                      See above comments brother!

            • Hamza Khan

              any unlimited package from mobilink??

            • KMQ

              Bhai thoda sa is ko describe karainge, this looks really interesting to me, yeh kaunsa package hai?

              Here is another how to! You can download 9GB of Data only at Rs.400 for the entire month via Telenor 3G along with Rs.600 free balance. Need more?

              • Muhammad Aamir

                First of all I want to tell you, Aap Ki Har Baat Dil Ko Lagti Hai, Masoon Sa Andaaz!! Mosoom Si Baatain!! Hye Hye!!! :D So, the package is available on Telenor 3G at Rs.75 which offers 3GB data, 150 free balance. For the whole month, it becomes 75*4=300 Plus Rs.100 Tax=Rs.400, 3×4=12GB data (I know it made a type above), 150×4=Rs.600 free balance which you can use for all the networks for calling. The package code is *345*75#. Aap A Jayain, Baryani Intizar Kar Rhi Hai :P

                • Habib

                  Muhammad Aamir, I ll opt for above package, I would like to use on my laptop, therefore what the best option for instance is it possible & feasible to get Third party USB Dongle and install telenor sim and plug into laptop usb and use internet? If that possible please suggest best third party usb dongle.


                  • Muhammad Aamir

                    Yes! I’m using a 3G Dongle that I bought at Rs2700 in which you can use all the networks’ SIM. I’m selling it if you’re interested at Rs.2500, I want to buy a 4G Dongle!

                    • waseem

                      sir i asked u already have u tried warid 200 Rupees default offer which u decribed?
                      as i consult warid customer are they said there is no such offer

                    • Waqas

                      Hey, Aamir! I’m looking for a 4G Wingle/MiFi device on which I could use Zong 4G, Warid 4G and Telenor 3G. Thus, 4G/LTE/3G/2G fallback option must be available in the device. Have you used any such device which you would suggest/recommend me? Thank you for your time.

                    • Muhammad Aamir

                      You can buy the Mifi of Warid 4G LTE, unlock it and enjoy all the SIMS. :D

                    • Waqas

                      Isn’t there any unlocked device in the market? I don’t understand the unlocking procedure. :(

                      Also, if I have to unlock the device then wouldn’t Zong 4G MiFi be a better choice because it’s cheaper?

                    • Muhammad Aamir

                      If you live in Lahore, the device can be unlocked at Rs.1000 at Hafeez Center. Sorry, I don’t know which would be the best :)

                    • Waqas

                      Hmm. Ok. Thanks.

            • Sohail Mirza

              Where can I see the details of this package? 75 a day ?

              • Muhammad Aamir

                It’s weekly!

            • waseem

              sir have u tried all these offers?

          • Vigorous Mel

            There is any problem in downloading torrents through ptcl?

        • Zawyar Ur Rehman

          EXACTLY, the unlimited option…. i need unlimited data as i surf a LOT every month, download quite many games, videos etc. And also use skype a lot…

        • Its 3G with better speed and better packages.
          #Mobilink with full signals

          • BadarUI

            yeah same here in karachi from last 48 hours.

        • raja riaz

          3g not covered whole areas of each cities. they covered only city face areas , related integrated areas of same cities are without 3g coverage, as example Mobilink launched 3g in Lalamusa last month but it is covering only main areas of city, even beginning areas are without 3g signals

    • Mohammad Sharif

      maza aadha par bill pora ?

    • Bill poora mery bhai

  • Mudassar

    Telenor effected too? I was getting over 10mbps from telenor for months, but now, it’s just ~1mbps from 1st Ramazan :( Any idea?

    • Faisal

      It is special ramadan package from Telenor.

      • Mudassar

        Are you facing same issue? :( your area??

    • koolliver

      I am also facing same issue… from 1st ramadan speed is not constant at all. Before that i am getting 1 mbps ..

  • Zaki Uddin


  • Khurram Shahbaz

    PTCL performance is always so poor and ugly….either there is issue with SEA-MEA-4 or not…

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman


    • Harry

      PTCL Speed In My Area Multan Cantt

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        You have not noticed i guess, that the server which is being used in this speed test is placed in Lahore, when you will access webservices/websites from outside pakistan, you will get pathetic speeds.

        • Harry

          Yeah Ii Know But Speed Is Same I Check It On Torrent Also Down Speed Is 450kb/s So PTCL Is Best Idk Why People Hate PTCL ?

          • Khurram ShahzAd

            There is another thing, in torrent also, any peer you are connected may be a local, (pakistani) than you will not feel that cable cut affect.

  • Jahangir

    My internet is working fine, Thank God :)

    • Muhammad Yasir

      i envy u :p

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Godzilla strikes again!

    • Muhammad Yasir

      lel… more like shark zilla :p !
      those knuckleheads try chewing cable at times :/

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Even before this fault, internet speed remained dead-slow in Pakistan.

    • Muhammad Aamir

      No Brother! The game only happens with the ruthless PTCL only!! 3G and 4G and others are providing the best!!! Pakistan Ao Na Khushboo Lga Ky Zara :P

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        Bhai ye ‘Khuboo’ kya cheez he ? XD

        • Muhammad Aamir

          I’m not an elite at typing :P

        • Muhammad Yasir

          ah… don’t bother with that , friend :)

      • Muhammad Yasir

        thats a really cheap reply… BUT PTCL are actually good in my area…

        at 2mbps i get 200 kbps on torrents … which is what i should be getting ..
        dunno how is it bad on other sides ?

        • Muhammad Aamir

          Then you’re a lucky one :D

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ikr … BUT on these bad days.. with all this cable problems … its slow , but on a regular day its just fine , apart from the odd couple o’ days a month…

      • Patendo

        This outage is affecting all operators…. Its the damage on the submarine cables….

  • Arslan Ejaz

    Telenor Current Speed :( …

  • Zahid Iqbal

    yah. my 3G speed for Telenor and Mobilink very slow from some time

  • AtiRiz

    is Warid 4G LTE working now a days? I am thinking to switch :/


    Outage has nothing to do with PTCL network.. Its internal submarine cable outage on SWM4 and IMEWE network. which are maintained by international Consortium’s. Fresh IMEWE Outage : 110 Gbps
    Ongoing SMW4 outage : 178 Gbps
    Total Unavailable Bandwidth : 288 Gbps

    Out of total bandwidth 360 G we have only 72 G
    is available

    • Muhammad Aamir

      From where you got the data? Do you know when the problem will be solved?


      As international bandwidth costs huge amount of money so no operator can be expected to come up with unlimited bandwidth.

      You only get international bandwidth from 3 submarine cable SMW3,SMW4 and
      IMEWE,. When 2/3 cable are cut under sea its not PTCL scope to resolve.
      International Consortium responsible will send repair ships.

      Peak Load observed on all international routes is 280 – 290 Gpbs
      which implies sufficient reserve in case of minor outages on any single

      FOR SMW4 outage Alcatel submarine betworks ASN has declared cable fault inside sea at 18 Km from Karachi. International Permit being issued for repair

      FOR IMEWE double failure in Seg-2 (Egypt). Further investigation is in progress by relevant consortium/Cable station

      • Muhammad Aamir

        Brother! What about the Mobilink deployment of 100Gbps? They can provide high speed perhaps with an unlimited package!!

  • Engineer

    Dear , we are facing the same problem in PTCL office as you guys. It is not the fault of PTCL. PTCL Engineers are trying their best to resolve the issue. Hope soon will be resolved.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      i know right … BUT why do these cables develop faults so regularly ?
      any idea who controls the upkeep of these ?

      Maybe PTCL should take up the issue with them …

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        These are the undersea cables which circle around whole world. If cut or damaged from any where it causes issues for all the countries relying on them. For cable so long periodic issues must not be a big thing. What PTCL must look for is alternatives, like satellite connections etc. Plus gov must allow private investors to build their own communication mediam to connect internet other than relying on PTCL,

        I have used all the ptcl products right from dialup, vfone, dsl, evo, evo nitro they are just good at introducing products but very very bad at providing value/after sales service or customer service. Currently I am using LinkDotNet dsl which as well gets slow periodically due to faults in PTCL’s pathetic (beyond imagination) land line network.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          hmm…. agreed !

          so basically all the other providers have to rely on PTCL to provide them the telecom facilities for their Services ???

          • Khurram ShahzAd

            Yes exactly

            • Muhammad Yasir

              aint that a tad bit unfair ?!

              all providers should have their OWN , PRIVATE facilities !

  • sohail

    IMEWE Outage : 110 Gbps

    Ongoing SMW4 outage : 178 Gbps

    Total Unavailable Bandwidth : 288 Gbps

    Out of total bandwidth 360 G we have only 72 G is available

  • aasim

    i think ptcl is good broadband dsl in pakistan. but prices should be decreased …

    • Tnt4ever

      if you think PeeTCL is good then definitely you have not test any other service.

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        100% correct

      • Mohsin Mustufa

        aXact ly :p

  • Yellow

    “while unnecessary high-rate data consumption is also not recommended.”
    acha ab me roz 200 200 GB Download karunga :/
    Girti hui Dewaro ko ek Dhakka or Do

    • hewhadden

      2 GB krlo bri baat ha :P

  • Zaki Uddin

    FML -.-

  • Telenor .26MB and Mobilink .06MB since 1.24PM 25 June

  • عام آدمی

    Amir bhai, please recommend a reliable option during the SEAMEWE outage

  • Adil

    Just got my speed back and ping is right too probably its fixed

    • عام آدمی


    • Which network

    • Zaki Uddin

      network, location?

    • Guest

      Ptcl lahore (mughalpura)

  • Rashid

    gas, electricity, water then petrol, now even internet shortage in the country -__-

  • عام آدمی

    any ISP working fine at the moment?

    • BadarUI

      Zong 3G

  • BadarUI

    bad news but tell me why 3G is also down? Zong 3G is on its best but Mobilink is down.

    • Arslan Ejaz

      Yeah Zong 3G is flying as usual

  • Haseeb

    guys facebook also down please tell me what to do??

  • Abbas

    TW1 (Transworld) services are up & stable. 3g operators who is taking tier1 bandwidth from PTCL is affected however 3G operators who is taking bandwidth from TW1 (Transworld) have no issue in connectivity.

    • Abu Zaid

      Looks like, have Nayatel, and it is going over TW1 without any problems.

    • Shoaib

      I think majority of 3G operators are taking bandwidth from Transworld so they should not have any issue.

  • Tnt4ever

    that why mine LinkdotNet DSL is working on 50% speed

    • Abbas

      LinkdotNet connectivity via PTCL might be down

  • Angry Bird

    These idiots cant even put IMEWE some distance away from SMW4. How can second failure happens unless they are total stupid.

  • AbdulBaqi1

    When they are going to use cables which link to India? And when they are going to complete cable to China?

  • Facebook is also not working, is this because of this downfall?

  • sherkhan

    my wi tribe works fine :)

  • sherkhan

    i thought i am uploading the title picture “Lame”

  • #Telenor now good again

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    Internet speed on ptcl is still unbearably slow… i’m gonna use warid lte tonight (ramadan budle) fingers crossed to see if the speeds are good….

  • H M Arshad

    Warid LTE speed

  • Mohsin Mustufa

    PTCL+ ZONG 3G/LTE all dead :(

  • Qaisar Khan

    Please keep updating
    Thanks PPakistani …. :)

  • Osama

    I think problem is solved Amir Bhai………

  • Mohammad Kalim

    Still no update !! kindly update on daily bases !! we have checked it on daily bases … !!

  • Junaid Ahmed Shaikh

    when it will be fixed as my speed is still slow ???/

  • Rafaqat Hayat

    in which will be repair??

  • Ch Adeel

    bhai mi vehari gao mi evo antena ki sat use kata ho or us ki speed 30% 90 ate hi pleez hilp me

  • jawad

    is it been 4 months? ptcl people are still giving me this cable reason??????????????? WTF

  • Vigorous Mel

    Ab problem solve ho gayi hy?

  • Cruise


  • Haider Imtiaz

    apna internet name batye plz sary mey internet connection engneeer hun thanks
    modem name konsa use kary hai internet