Android One to be Introduced in Pakistan within a Week

Nine months back, Google announced its plans to flood markets with cheap Smartphones with guaranteed software support with Android One. Today, that dream has been realized in Pakistan with the arrival of the first Android One smartphone in the country, the QMobile A1.

To make the dream a possibility, Google and Pakistan’s largest smartphone company got together to make the first ever Android One phone which will be available in retail as opposed to e-commerce in order to achieve more success.

QMobile comes with a guaranteed smooth experience and a price tag of Rs. 11,500

But before going headfirst into the features, lets discuss the most notable aspect: the price. At 11,500 PKR, it is not only one of the most-affordable smartphones out there, but also among the most usable and smooth in its price range.

The phone itself is pretty standard affair. The specs are almost the same as those found in the first batch of Android One smartphones. You get a 4.5” IPS capacitive display at the front, boasting FWGA (854 x 480) resolution with 218 ppi. Underneath, you get a 1.3 Ghz quad-core processor of unspecified SoC (most probably MediaTek MT6582 with Cortex-A7 CPU) with 1 GB RAM (thankfully) and 8 GB internal storage, expandable by up to 32 GB.


At the back lies a 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash, along with a 2 megapixel shooter at the front. 3G and Dual-SIM support comes by default on the A1, which is powered by a 1,700 mAh battery.

The highlight of the initiative is the OS itself. The phone runs on stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop straight from the box, with software updates for at least 2 years guaranteed, including the upcoming Android version M.

QMobile A1 will have 2 years of support which means it will promptly be updated to Android M

Google’s Material Design comes with a better-looking interface and comes with up to twice as much performance, battery saver mode, smarter notifications and quick access to data controls with Lollipop.

The phone follows the minimum hardware requirements set by Google itself. Costing just 11,500 PKR, the phone is in the reach of most people and provides an experience which is comparable with much higher-end handsets. That too, manufactured by a company with a history of bloated software and archaic Android versions.

Here are specs again:

  • OS: Android Lollipop 5.1.1
  • 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • 4.5 inch IPS FWVGA Display
  • 8GB ROM
  • 1GB RAM
  • Upto 32GB External Memory Supported
  • 1700 mAh battery
  • Dual SIM, 3G Enabled
  • WiFi , GPS , Bluetooth
  • 5MP AF Camera with LED Flash and 2MP Rear Camera
  • Price of Android One: Rs. 11,500

If you’re interested, it’s going to hit the store shelves within a week.

  • The last sentence is kind of a deal breaker, reminding of Google’s black side.

    Anyway, in specs it doesn’t compete with Microsoft’s Lumia 535. But for Android lovers, eager to keep their phones updated, it sure is affordable.

    • lumia dunya ka sb sy fazool tareen mobile hai mere pas hai or nafrat ho gae hai bhai Android is best or ab to google launche kr rha hai bhai ab mzaay lo

      • may lumia 535 use ker reha ho or ya Android say acha ha Smooth secure and stable and can be ugradeable to windows 10 when its available

      • @disqus_maYPXfxXlY:disqus don’t forgot there is no other OS secure than Windows Phone series.
        Android users don’t even know what app is using what part of there phone. :D

  • looks like it is same as Karbonn Sparkle V which was launched in India and now priced round 4k inr, considering that its a little overpriced

    • These phones aren’t manufactured locally instead they are imported from China whereas in India they only assemble kits from China, further more we have 30 percent tax on all mobile phones (in total) ,so obviously its expected it wont be cheap here.

      • So AB, if we are talking about international Device then we should have the same International Price Tag like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Motorolla, LG and the Nexus Itself.
        Keeping in mind, if Google have claimed to be under $90 (i think), and in India the price is $65 for first Gen Android One (where no control of Hardware and Software is available and the same case in Pakistan), and if we add 30% TAX (so Price $65=~7000+30%TAX => 7000+2100 => 9100) MAX price should be around Rs 9500
        Waiting for your positive understanding over this :-)

        • Do you know anything about minimum wage in China? Do you know anything about how much it costs to transport a phone from China to Pakistan via airmail? Furthermore those brands sold to consumers via internet without any shopkeeper involved etc. And do you know anything about red tape in Pakistan involved(detention of goods by customs due to PTA even not allowing anything with bluetooth or wifi without certification)?

          • Hi AB,
            May be your observations are correct, but what I know is that:
            1> If UFone is able to launch the same (or slight high) specs within Rs7500 (like U5 3G phone)
            2> Infinix is able to launch HOTNOTE of much more higher hardware specifications in Rs12999
            3> Microsoft is able to launch same hardware specification Lumia under Rs7000

            Then what the hell that Google is not able to launch its mobile in international Price TAG

            The very first reason of birth for Android One is to make a great mobile within $100 Price Tag, that Google is able to fulfill everywhere but not in Pakistan?

            About the Bluetooth and WiFi certification, do you agree that Google Phone is unable to meet IT Standards?

            Common man, don’t give shitty reasons like you are giving for $1000Cror Metro (that is again gone to hell due to heavy rain and flood and I already know that about the damage you’ll blame Rain and Flood not the Government for creating Infrastructure first and start the lavish transportation in second phase)
            Although I want to say many more things but hope you and other people will get out of the well and see the ground reality.

  • Ugly Phone Agar is phone ka Procesoor Qualcomm 410 2Gb Ram and 8Mp camera nd Batttery 2500MaH se Above hoti to acha hota

  • Same like qmobile i7… battery is nightmare @ 1700 mah only… was attractive 9 months ago but currently not…

  • apart from the software nothing is affordable
    its too much late
    jab announce hua tha tab aa jata to kuch behtar deal thi lekin ab nai
    i am using x400 and is cheaper than this

  • i think there’s nothing wrong with the price !! the specs are pretty decent and guaranteed update for 2 years !! better than what Q and others actually offer !!

    • I disagree, India proce is $65, here it is getting to be sale about $111
      its double price, international products INR and PKR me nahi bal k over the globe ek hi price tag k sath sale hoty hain like $100, $80 rest exchange rate k hisab se price very hoti hy lekin yahan international price se double price per diya hy

      Sorry to say bro, lekin apko to budget bhi sahi laga hoga jis me hum sabko mobile card per 24% tax dena parta hy or jisko initially punjab me 42% karny ki koshish ho rahi hy

      Agay kia bolon yar, aqalmand ho khud samajh sakty ho

  • The price is really high for the specs. I can buy an S3 or put some more money and buy an S4 which is a lot better than this piece of crap, and I can even update it with CM.

  • Well i would like to say it is another QMobile Noir X300 set. X300 is a nice phone from QMobile. The only difference is Android 4.4.2 and 5.1.1 OS. But QMobile is working hard. That’s a good sign.

  • Battery 1700 mAh is still very low to carry on the day with it… should be minimum 2500 to have peace of mind …

  • Only price is a plus point for an upgraded OS, otherwise very low specs. A typical Qmobile phone.

  • give the credit to androidauthority, kahan se khabar li ye bhi bataya karo sath mein.

  • Yup, Google will launch a LAVA manufactured Android One device on July 14th, for a price of Rs. 12,000 (INR).
    The Lava Android One smartphone will be featuring a 5-inch display and will be powered by a MediaTek chipset coupled with 2GB of RAM.

    Google unveiled the first three Android One devices in India last year, these three were — Micromax Canvas A1, Karbonn Sparkle V & Spice Dream UNO. Although these companies simply imported the devices from the original device makers (ODMs) based in China and had no control over the hardware and software of the devices. The new Android One will be under the command of Lava and will be aimed at providing better performance, this step might also increase the sale of Android One devices in India.

  • Once again it seems to be fake news because there is no update regarding Android One on QMobile website or TVC
    Hope to get only authentic news in future…

  • Well no country in the world stops wifi or bluetooth devices for NOC or certification even for self import .wifi and bluetooth does not have enough range so they should not have interference problem. And to get approved you need time,time is money no one is willing to wait 1 month after ordering 1000 pcs from factory. regarding ufone’s 3g phone i am not sure is it network locked or not. I dont trust infix brand as i never heard of it in china. Most probably these are so substandard chinese import that you wont find any chinese using it. I dont know which nokia phone are u talkin about which cost 7k. And regarding metro lol I have seen real metro’s and subways in China. The one in Lahore and Islamabad is a local city bus.

    • I also have seen Subway and Metro in chine when visited Shenzhen for whole 1 month in 2014.
      As far as chines peoples, frankly I have meet many persons and I even did not find Samsung, Sony and other well known brands here but yes I found some iPhone, ZTE and others locally made handsets.

      • it depends whom you meet. Most Chinese like Apple. But many are happy with oppo ,huawei ,lenovo ,zte. I have never seen chinese buy cottage brands which are sold in Pakistan ,7 years ago you might have seen it in the hands of construction worker but now no more, even a bus driver got metal body xiaomi.

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