Mobicash to Provide Billing Solutions to Customers of COMSATS Internet Services

Mobicash and COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) have signed an agreement whereby Mobicash will provide bill payment solutions to the customers of the internet service provider.

Through this agreement, CIS’ customers will have the option of making payments through their mobile account and Mobicash outlets located close to their homes.  This initiative provides payment flexibility and ease of access to CIS’s customers, which is one of the prime benefits of Mobile Financial Services.

Payments through Mobicash mobile account can be made by the users through their phones by just feeding in their CIS customer ID. For making payments through Mobicash outlets located across the country, customers will have to provide their CIS customer ID to the retailer for real time processing of the bill. The payment will be instantly marked against customer ID directly into CIS’ account.

For ensuring transparency, a confirmation message will be sent immediately to the customer once the bill is processed. Payments can be made at any of the 55,000 Mobicash outlets across Pakistan even during non-banking hours.  CIS and Mobicash will also set-up a 24 hours help-line support to assist customers with their queries.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Mobilink said:

Mobicash is continuously expanding its footprint in terms of outreach as well as services that we offer to bring convenience to our customers’ lives. Partnering with COMSATS Internet Services, the pioneer ISP of Pakistan, for bill payment solutions is another step towards enhancing customer experience in urban parts of the country and our continued endeavor to bridge the financial gap in the under and unbanked areas of Pakistan. We shall continue to develop similar relations to maximize the benefits available through the usage of our extensive branchless banking network.

Mr. Amir Malik, CEO COMSATS Internet Services expressed his views by saying:

Signing this document will facilitate CIS customers in their payments, especially for customers in remote areas where banks are not available in their vicinity. This will promote the growth of our organization and give us an edge over our competitors. We are proud of our partnership with mobicash for payment collection. This is a big step towards the future and we are very proud to be a part of it.

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    This is very good taken by COMSATS isp because since they’re reaching in remote areas and finding banks is a problem then there is also an issue of office timings but this way its very convenient.

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