Entrepreneurship as a Career in Pakistan [Video Blog]

Today, we have something very special for our readers. ProPakistani has partnered with Amer Qureshi, who is a business adviser, leadership expert, trainer, author and a chartered accountant, to bring you video blogs here on ProPAkistani.

With this, you can expect a lot of video content on variety of topics with special focus on startups and entrepreneurship. More specifically, what you need to know and do if you want to start a business or want your current business to succeed.

As a result of this partnership, we are glad to present you the first video blog of Amer Qureshi, here you go:

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Wajahat

    Nice message and good advise. Be genuinely creative and if Allah willing no one can separate you from success.

  • nabeel

    lovely effort Aamir

  • Mani

    Great idea Amir

  • Guest

    I like that painting.

  • Sajeel Aqdas

    I learned a lot. Looking forward for the next video

  • Saqib

    waiting for the next video!

  • Shah

    Waiting for the next video …. Thanks Mr. Amer Qureshi :)

  • Jahangir

    Nice painting… on the wall :)

    • Faisal Iqbal

      Hopefully she is not doing the artistic facepalm on his advise -;)

  • Fasih Ali Khan

    Great Work Indeed!

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    I am noticing that nowadays, propak really has a bit of a business touch.. quite a lot of business advice lately… still, it isnt bad to know a bit more so keep it coming!

  • Naseema Perveen Sheen

    entrepreneurship is the future..loved that idea!

  • Thank you for the wonderful feedback people. Lots more content coming your way!

  • Ali

    good to see propakistani launch this type of progrm it is very helpful and very informative for a common pakistani man. waiting for next video tnks

  • Arslan Nazeer

    getting motivation to start a business, but i want to know, how to analyze what business to start, suppose i have investment of 200k so in this investment which business i can start.