NADRA’s Online CNIC Service: ID Card Delivery Made Convenient

It’s a nightmare every Pakistani knows all too well – waiting in lines for their ID card to get made after God knows how many trips to the local NADRA offices. The process can be cumbersome and hair-splitting as most Pakistanis would attest to. So in light of all the trouble and delays associated with getting your CNIC in Pakistan, what if someone at NADRA realized that it’s the 21st century and things need to be different for the citizens here?

That’s the whole idea behind NADRA’s new scheme – an Online CNIC service that is all about making the process easy and hassle-free. It works like this – you apply for CNIC online from NADRA, and they take care of the rest, delivery included.

No more will you have to bother with the Executive centers, Registration centers and other confusing places that anyone who has applied for an ID card would normally have to go through. No more jumping through the hoops to be precise since now this whole apply for CNIC online service has made distances irrelevant.

Here’s how the whole process of getting an Online CNIC works. Keep in mind thought that the service isn’t live just yet. It will be operational in the very near future.

How to Apply for Online CNIC

The journey starts here – – the starting point for Online CNIC registration.

NADRA has made the portal for all sorts of ID Card issues. Some of which are below:

  • Get a new ID Card (for people who want their ID card for the first time)
  • Renew your ID Card (in case of expiry of current ID card)
  • Reprint your ID Card (Handy for making copies or printing out your ID Card)
  • Get a new Overseas ID Card (for expatriates and oversees Pakistanis)
  • Modifying your ID Card Details (in case you missed a detail or two when you apply for CNIC Online)

Once you have figured out which option of ID Card creation is relevant for your purposes, then its time to proceed forward. Your ‘Application Fee’ and ‘Supporting Documents’ will differ based on the option you choose.

‘Supporting Documents’ when you Apply for Online CNIC

NADRA has made its online portal simple and uncomplicated to use. You choose an option for CNIC that suits your purpose and NADRA will provide you with the list of supporting documents it requires for the next step.

Step 1: Check here to see what supporting documents are required:

Example 1: An Overseas ID Card will require a PASSPORT COPY and CRC.

Example 2: A Renew ID Card will require Scanned Copy of CNIC (if no modifications are required.

It seems NADRA has made the process easier for everyone. In fact, the website is made for mobile too, making use of responsive web design technology to enhance its use. Changes like these are a good sign that NADRA is looking forward to the 21st century.

Please note that NADRA will ask for other documents as per their need and requirements later on, a point they make clear when applying for CNIC online.

Preparing your Documents for Online Processing

NADRA has provided step-by-step guides on preparing all sorts of documents for uploading. Naming conventions, file size limits, picture file formats, etc. You name it, they have clear cut instructions for them, in order to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Suppose that you need to change your picture when your ID card expires or some other situation like that. To upload a proper picture as per NADRA requirements, they got a Photography section detailing the answer to that exact question.

Here are some of the Preparatory Guides NADRA has for supporting documents:

  • Photo Capture
  • Fingerprints Capture
  • Form Filling
  • Document Upload

They even have a video detailing the uploading process for everyone –

Application Fee for Online CNIC

Depending on where you reside and what kind of Online CNIC option you’ve opted for, you will be required to deposit an Application Fee. To know how much it would cost you in processing your Online CNIC application, please refer to the rates here –

NADRA has laid out the rates for NICOP as well as CNIC both, even including the information about modifying the age, as well as delivery rates for CNICs both within Pakistan and Overseas.

Concluding Thoughts

We would like to see an Urdu version of this website too in order to appeal to a greater demographic of internet Pakistani users, especially those from rural and far-flung areas. Nonetheless, this is a good step by NADRA to make e-Governance in Pakistan within the common man’s reach.

Online CNIC registration and delivery is the need of the hour in this nation of 180 million population level. A laudable development indeed that can take care of the bottlenecks associated with Pakistan’s bureaucratic workings.

Samir is the Head of Entertainment at Lens by ProPakistani. You can reach out to him at samir.ya...

  • No option for create new id card. new id option is only for overseas pakistanis

    • You can’t apply for the new CNIC because it require a lot of manual scrutiny of the candidates to ensure maximum transparency and fraud detection. For the NICOP, the scrutiny is already been performed by the MOI for the passport that is why no further investigation is required.

      • When someone is inland and have a valid passport means MOI has completed investigation than online option should be for them too as for the NICOP.

  • They don’t mention when they plan to launch. Soon doesn’t cut it. I will be eagerly waiting for it.

    • Coming soon means 3 months atleast.
      They are saying something for passport renewal website.

  • Online registration is not yet available, it says still in Beta, coming soon… No option for New Card, also No Option for Form B for children.
    Still need lots of improvements.

    • They will never allow to make new first cnic from online portal reason is there are chances that people will make fake ids, they will some one else photo and give the finger prints of some one else,
      only renewal applications will be made online since they NADRA have initial data in their database which can be cross checked when applying for renewal or modification etc

  • No more jumping…!!! LOL…!! You used a great deal of sense of humour in the article as if NADRA is a jangle…!!!

  • I am getting Database error when I click on any of the links referred in this post.

  • one thing to be mentioned that only Executive category will be available for processing of all types of ID documents.

      • Zeshan sahib kia hum apna overseas card original passport company ya agents ke pas hone ki soorat me agar hum us se passport ki colour copy jis paer valid visa printed ho wo copy aur original cnic original father and mother cnic aur brother ke cnic k sath nadra office se CNICOP banwaya ja sakta hai please tell me

  • Good effort, would be nice if they can add other Payment options like Easy Paisa or Bank Challan in addition to Credit Cards. Those who have Credit cards normally don’t stand in the long Queues anyway :). This will open opportunities for small Shop owners to setup a scanner, PC and start charging people for submitting on-line applications.

  • This is a great initiative. I hope more government institutions follow suit. For example, the tedious process of getting your Passport made :S

  • This was much needed. If we can also have other documents like Passport done through internet.

  • Thanks God for this online system but when it’s will start working and government should do also launch online system for passport and arms lisence etc and I think government should provide personal account like Facebook account to every citizens in which he or she can completely check his information for example about property, car and driving licence etc and also could apply for his new passport or identity card through his account.

      • Are you sure? But I listen nearly 1 week ago speech of chaudry nisar, in speech he said we are working on passport online service.

        • May be. That’s why I said I am not sure about passport because I am not involved in that project. Can’t confirm or deny.

          • Dev! can u advise me that how can i change the place of birth of my Mother, as upon Renewal CNIC, officer asked to provide Citizenship Certificate due to having record Indian Birth Place, why they are asking upon renewal time?? as it could be investigate at the time of 1st CNIC application, now all agents also refuses to take this case & saying that the case has marked for verification.

            I have the only proof mentioning place of Birth is Karachi in the Expired Passport , is it valid supporting Document to correct it?

            • Sir, that would still require a valid documented proof. This should have been investigated when you applied initially but since the rules and regulations have been quite tough due to large scale mismanagement in the past, such things are not getting under the carpet now. If you have your father’s CNIC, you can use it as a valid document as well. If not, then a manual verification will be required from the special branch of police. As soon as the case is being processed by the special branch, NADRA will be obliged to take the case for further processing. Unfortunately that is the official policy in such cases now.

            • muhammad iqbal i am having the same problem with my mother and i dono how to handle this situation can you guide me about this did u solve it or still in process.?

  • The next project for NADRA should be identity card linked with the owner of a vehicle so that both are linked.

  • Surprising development. It is unbelievable that an organization which is supposed to verify your data requires you to get your NIC form attested by a gazetted officer is doing this for the convenience of public.

    • No more attestation required from any gazetted officer as well. In the new policy applicable from Nov 23, 2015, anyone who is holding a valid CNIC can attest to the information.

        • The policy is an internal document available to all NADRA employees. The latest policy document approved on Nov 23 2015 no more require the applicant to do attestation from a gazetted 17 grade officer. Applications are processed only in light of this policy now. You can confirm this from every NRC manager you are dealing with.

  • I am quite surprised that ProPakistani didn’t try to hit “Get Started” button while making of this article. The service is not up yet and you will lead to “coming soon” page once try to start the process.

  • Well, a really good start and step in the right direction. However, the site is still half backed but you can’t complain as it says “Beta” :) Hope they fix the remaining issues soon.

  • I have recently sent my son application via pak identity Nadra from the UK. They have emailed me back telling me, the birth certifate needs to be attested by the Pakistani commission embassy. However the Pakistani embassy said they don’t attest birth certificate which are wriiten in UK. Has anyone been in the same situation, any advise would be great.

  • pathetic service, support staff is rude. If you really need to get your card renewed you have to go to a service center. Its all a LIE..

  • 10/11/1999 ki pdash hy kia mera id cord bn jay ga jo ky mujhy bnwana hy please halpe me my number 03086824019

  • Been 2 weeks since our application was accepted and we received notification of card gone for printing. no update since then. no tracking on website at all.

    • I am facing the same situation; notification says card has been dispatached and the TCS tracking number provided in the notification seems to be invalid. Can you please tell me how long it took for your NIC to arrive after the notification?

  • Total waste of Time and money. i submit my application 1 month before. they sms me that application submited successfully. i just waited whole month after that i call them. i informed that you have objection on your name even i wrote name correctly. so no one contact me and even help line operator unable to resolve my issue. i want to file case against Nadra. some one suggest me what to do.

    Application Id: 770000008630

      • Hi abdual wali
        I applied online for POC Nadra its been more then one month i didn’t get reply.
        can you check application 780000017587

        • AoA Dear kya aap se malomat mil sakti hai k aap ne POC card kaha se banya tha bhai..thank you

      • salam bhai purana id card hai merey pass aab ismart card banwana hai kese bane ga

      • Koi solution bata sakta hy ke kia karna hy ??? 1 month se bhi zada hogya hy par abhi tak koi contact nhi kia NADRA ny or na hi koi information di hay sms par bhi tracking id ki info nhi mili na call par :( 770000394796

  • heard the same thing 10 years ago, infact I used online nadra and applied and got 1 card but later on for family it was nothing but troubles after trouble…Nadra is scam to make money.. many top nadra are becoming richer quickly…while who nation suffer, the fees are sky high while our most people in pk do not earn enough. speed of service is very poor, the quality of card is very very poor, Nadra card is not even strong/sturdy enough as a credit card. keep in mind we r support to carry it with us all the time in most cities. are not allowed to laminate it either… why such flimsly weak, fragile card with such high fees so we will keep paying forever…

  • Dear sir i apply online for CNIC receive it. But issue in signature not show in bank record and pass port office please correct that i send email many time and compliant also.

  • پاسپورٹ نادرا کے شناختی کارڈ کی بنیاد پر بنایا جاتا ہے۔ اس لیئے پاسپورٹ جاری کرنا نادرا کے سپرد کرنا چاہیئے۔ آن لائین سہولت سے پاسپورٹ بنوانا بہت آسان ہو جائے گا۔ شناختی کارڈ اور پاسپورٹ ایک ہی ادارہ جاری کرے تو کنٹرول کرنے میں آسانی ہوگی۔

  • Great initiative. I utilized this online service and was really impressed by it. Got the NICOP delivered to my address with in a Week after the submission. Thumbs up for NADRA for doing this. It will help people in the longer run and will also help reduce the lines at the NADRA centres.

    • 2 days after applying online for NICOP. I happen to visit the Govt Protector Office in Satellite Town near Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi. The NADRA branch with in the Protector office denied having any such service and charged me again for the NICOP. I should them the receipt but they refused and denied having any such service from NADRA. I had to pay another NICOP fees for getting the protector. This is the worst part. May NADRA should first check on their centers why the do not know this. I have the records available with me if any NADRA official requires to reimburse my second payment.

    • Assalam-o-alaikum Jawad,

      Can you please help me with the following queries as you have applied for NICOP through this process.

      1- In which format you uploaded the passport scanned copy? In pdf format? They wrote on website they accept only jpg format, please confirm which format you used to upload passport copies? Also tell me the scan was coloured or greyscale?

      2- In which format, you uploaded the cnic copies? jpg or pdf format ? Also tell me the scan was coloured or greyscale ?

      3- In how many days, you got the NICOP card?

      4- Scan copy of finger print has to be scanned in 600 dpi scan and in jpg format, right?

      Please help me with the above questions answers.

      • You need to upload the passport scanned copy in JPEG/JPG format. The scanned copies of all the documents can either be in colored or greyscale. Only photographs need to be in colored format. Scanned finger print copy need to be 600 DPI and in JPG/JPEG format. Hope that clarifies everything.

  • There are no option to go back to edit information or submit additional information.
    I did not download finger print properly, the got my money but no way to correct it.
    If you try to get status it does not work at all.
    Good start but ways to go. Make suggestions please quit being so cynical and negative all the time.

    • The status update is in the pipeline. In a few days you are going to get the status tracking of your application in your Pak-ID inbox. I didn’t understand the other question. You can always go back and edit whatever information you have entered through the back button. Can you be more specific? Thanks for using Pak-ID.

  • Its been 3 months I am waiting for my NICOP… everytime I mail for inquiry.. I get the same reply saying that my card in on hold due to some technical issue.. then how come they claim that they will deliver the card in 7 day?


    • Agree wd u .. Same issue here… Just get visa yaaaar… Nadra is scam. They r collecting money online and no one working there , beleive me.

    • Sohail sb, sorry to hear you didn’t have a smooth ride with the Pak-iD at the moment. Could you mail you tracking ID to [email protected] and I will let you know the exact details why the application hasn’t been processed.

    • Update: Application tracking is in the pipeline as well. After that you will get the latest status of your application in the inbox of your Pak-ID account. No need to ask on the email then. Hopefully things will be ready in a few days.

  • I have submitted an application and its been over 1 month, still not received my card despite website stating 9 days time line for delivery.

    This website is a scam.

    • If someone is NADRA is asking for money, we would really appreciate if you could report it through the whistle blower system on the NADRA website.

  • Guys, i got efrc by email from nadra but i want to know how i can get the hard copy of this FrC nadra will post it or we have to collect manual from nadra centre as i am working abroad

  • i submitted my application 2 weeks ago for modify NICOP. however there is no update. i e-maled and got a reply after 3 days that my card is facing some technical issues. not sure what it means and what is required to resolve it. i need to travel to pakistan and my passport is expiring so my only option is to get this NICOP. is there some one from NADRA who can help? my e-mail is [email protected]

    • Sorry for the late response here. Are you still experiencing the same issue? If yes, leave the tracking ID here and I will check and get back to you

  • Salaam. Can someone help me? Its been 3 months since i applied for a nadra renewal card in an outreach venue: so everything has been approved. I intend to travel end of march, so im getting a little anxious as ive not received a renewed card or contact. Despite contacting the offices and promises of return calls ; nothing tracking id; 503601022342 citizen number 91400-0205200-2 would be grateful for any feedback

    • Your card has been printed on Feb 10 and should have been dispatched. You are going to receive it in a few days (if you haven’t received it already.

  • Hi Sir,

    This is me haroon rashid.i have registered on NADRA online portal,but the problem is ,i got email pin but i did’t recieved sms pin.i have a telenor number.

    i heared from some portal that NADRA currently does not send any sms to zong,telenor numbers,is this issue.?

    my second question is

    my cnic was made in 2004,is there any problem while while applying for online renew registeration.

    plz help me out regarding these two points



    • It is not correct. The SMS is delivered on all mobile networks without any problem. Please email at [email protected], send your user ID there and we will take a look at the issue. Also, make sure you select the correct network while registering.

  • Timelines. They say minimum time for overseas processing and shipping will be 12 days. Dont mention about maximum.
    It took over 2 months to get my cards. Not to mention the inflated fee from $80 to $117 plus CC processing fee. Cost almost 500 bucks for 3 cards. Could have been balanced by quick processing and delivery but ….
    What a rip off.

  • how can i change my permanent address? i want domicile of that district in which i lived from 2005 onward on rent and i studying also in that district from Matric and now m in Mphil….

    • I believe your question has already been answered above. Please take a look and if you have any confusion, reply here. Thanks

  • A very much appreciated service. Many thanks. I have one issue if someone can help please.

    When I try to upload the urdu form (greyscale, 600dpi). The scan size is 10mb so it’s not viable. When I put it in Photoshop and save as JPEG (with 600dpi and still greyscale) I can reduce the file size but the uploader tells me the file is not 600dpi. I have verified that the JPEG I am uploading is definitely 600dpi (through file properties).

    What to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • i want to change my permanent address and according to nadra helpline i just require an affidavit from the owner of the property that you live in his property and go to nadra office
    they will change it.But In-charge of Nadra office said its not possible to change your permanent address… whats the controversy among NADRA’s representatives???????

    • That is not correct. The affedevit is required in case of change in temporary address. For permanent address you need the allotment letter of the property on either your own name or that of your parent’s. Please take a look at the supporting document document section at, select the Modify ID card as Application Type and then Change Address. Look at all the documents required for change in modification of address.

  • I need to apply for a renewal of my CNIC, when i apply online and select the country to deliver card, i get error. if i select “United Kingdom” error appears “ERROR : Smart Id can not be delivered outside Pakistan.” If i select “Pakistan” error appears “ERROR : This service is not available in Pakistan. Please visit your nearest NADRA center for assistance.” I am tired trying this many times but still i am unable to pass through this selection. Someone can help me here ?

    • The reason you can’t deliver the smart card outside Pakistan is self explanatory as for outside you need NICOP and not CNIC. However, the service of delivery in Pakistan is temporarily onhold pending an investigation. As soon as it is concluded, the service will be resumed in Pakistan.

  • supporting documents have some options but Nadra says no to citizens they want only that document which they ask at that time… I have witness/Reference I.D with same adress and Rent agreement too but Nadra’s response was like there is no way to change your permanent address.

  • I have been trying to apply for NICOP of my newborn daughter for 3 weeks but while up loading the pic the system does not accept the pic and gives the same error every time and that is ” no eyes detected. I am using google chrome browser and pic size around 100- 150 kb. I have tried more than 50 times with different pics taken at different times but no success. I have taken the pics with my mobile phone which has a camera of 8 MP. Kindly suggest me any solution to cater for this problem?.

    • It happens if the automated face recognition software can’t detect eyes. The only solution is to use a picture where she is looking straight to the camera lens. Picture guide is available on the site.

  • I am trying to modify my NIC card and getting below error. If this service is not available in Pakistan then what is the purpose of this online site and why NADRA is propagating so much about this online service?

    ERROR : This service is not available in Pakistan. Please visit your nearest NADRA center for assistance.

    • The service is not available in Pakistan due to a pending investigation. However people from outside Pakistan can still use it for NICOP/POC and within Pakistan it can be used for FRC. Only CNIC within Pakistan is not available at the moment.

  • dev – can you please give me some advise on the NICOP Verifier form.

    In section 3, the Verifier Information field, does the verifier have to sign the box or just write his name in full? Can’t find any guidance on this anywhere.


    • AOA dev,

      I have submitted my application and it’s been several days and several emails back and forth but don’t know about the status of my NICOP application. Fees paid, all documents submitted but without any progress :-(

      When I contact PAK-ID support team, they ask me to contact and send documents to case officer and when I send mail to case officer then I don’t get any reply or information. Can I reach you by email?

      Thank you

  • Need some advice for nicop supporting documents…. When selecting cnic to nicop…. It say valid copy of passport AND copy of crc….. Is crc needed for adults over 18?…if yes, how to get one while not being in Pakistan

  • ruining behind this almost 3 weeks cannot find any help plz if you can advise will great support want to update nicop and all required infirmation has been done through online system expect money this can not go through i dont why even i am ready to pay cash please advise ……

  • aslamoualikum sir mere walden fout ho gy hen muje un ke id card ka number chahye kia mil jaye ga muj se un ke id card gum hu gy hen.

    • You can apply for the FRC (Family Registration Certificate) in any NRC and it will have the details.

  • Assalam o Alaikum

    Doston mera Smart card thora sa toot gya hai aur mjhy wese bhi picture change krwani thi. Mera account bhi bana hua hai application bhi bni hui hai. Application pending hai payment ke lye hbl card bhi hai. Mene check kiya hai picture modification ke liye scanned id card copies and card ko cut kr ke eski pic le kar upload karni hogi. Mjhy aik baat jan’ni hai ke agr kisi bhai ne picture modification ke lye apply kiya aur ose koi problem ayi ho to please mjhy bhi guide kr dein.

  • I have one question please….I feel almost forms but I stuck in “attester information” form. Now I am in Dubai. I dont have here any attester officer, or may be I dont know.
    Please someone help how to go next page.

  • Good start,
    Help please, , I apparently completed the form 90% as it shows on the website, Last step is to make payment. I am clicking credit card payment button but no thing happens, Is the website not working or some thing wrong with my application ? I am applying for my new born baby,.

    • That is strange. Are you using an adblocker such as ABP or uBlock origin that might be blocking the new window from appearing? If it is not the case, please send a snapshot to [email protected]

  • Whats the average time for receiving the NICOP? My passport is expired and can’t get it renewed until I receive the NICOP card.

    • I applied on May 10th and got the NICOP in my office in Saudi Arabia today may 20th. This is amazingly quick and efficient. The best part is, you get notification emails when it is approved and again when it is sent to you. Simply amazing. thanks to Nadra.

    • Did you select the correct network operator? We haven’t received any SMS related complaint from other quarters so it seems like an isolated issue

  • Dear Dev,
    Thanks for you help. I sent request to support team and they checked the issue and asked me to try again, which worked well. My application was submitted successfully & I received an email yesterday that my applications was approved and NICOP sent for printing.
    This service is amazing.
    Thanks for attending my inquiry.

  • I am applying for CNIC and it is asking me attestor details as you mentioned that i can add any person details who has valid CNIC. But when you print that CNIC form then it is asking now for stamp of attestor as well on the form. So can you please give me more details on what to do?

  • How to pay if I don’t have credit it possible to pay through debit card or ubl wiz internet card.e sahulat franchiser is saying wedon’t have finger print scanner throughout district attock as it is must for payment

    • Other than credit card or E-Sahulat, no other payment option is available at the moment.

  • On 11th of July I applied for POC renewal card
    and on 3rd step it asked me to pay 22,000Rs which I paid through HBL
    gateway they offered on website but on last step where it should have shown me
    the confirmation of the payment, it showed the page 404 error instead.
    Payment has been taken from my account I confirmed with online bank but
    my application is still remained unpaid. Is there any way you can check
    Mr. dev in your system and mark it as payment received? I have been
    emailing Nadra ever since and they are not getting back to me on this.

    • I have been communicating with you else where and we are going to take care of it. You don’t have to worry about the payment as all transactions are logged at our end as well. Please provide the details at and we will sort it out. Thanks

      • Thank you for your quick reply, I wish I receive the reply from Nadra Support team in same pace as you doing here. I did provide all the details twice on Nadra contact form and twice to their support support.pakid email address. Please look for the emails sent on Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 10:02 PM (GMT) and Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 6:04 PM (GMT)

      • Hi Dev I don’t know who you are but it seems like you work for NADRA Online services can you please tell me what happened to I submitted an online renewal application for my wife last month on 25th June 2016 @ website above but have not received passport yet there is no contact number and email I tried to find out the status of passport renewal application but no response and web site is down since 25th June 2016

        I hope to hear from you soon

        • That’s very strange. When the service was online, the Getting Started link was taking the users to the coming soon page. Anyway, if you have done the payment, that is not an issue as we can always look at the transaction logs and recover your payment. However, your application won’t be processed till the service is inaugurated officially. I can’t give you a time frame on this as it needs to be inaugurated by the MoI.

          • On 24 June 2016 coming soon was not there it took me to login/register page
            Which allowed me to use my PAK ID login credentials to start the renewal application process it did give me confirmation letter after hitting submit button i hope they send it before the end of next month

  • Aslamlikum my son is already holding crc and have 13 digit nicop number but we dont hold card for him. We applied card for him under that he having 13 digit number i just hope in sha allah we have applied right form and how long does it take to show that it successfull because it just says in progress. When we applied why does it come under modification we dont have anything to modify but he already holding 13 digit can u help me thanks

  • Me and my wife have applied to renew our overseas pak id card on line on15 th of june its one month ,but when i go to check by my tracking number it says (in Process) any one knows how long it will take we live in Alaska and planning to go Pakistan in two months and they will be mailed in my home address ,i thought it takes 10 days ,i sent an email to them they said its not yet submitted ,once it will be submitted they will send notification



    • Because Pak-ID only generates Smart card. Even if you apply for a duplicate in reprint lost for a normal ID card, you will still get a smart card.

  • Have been trying to fill out an application for more than 5 days. ..first had our pictures taken professionally (spend money)so that we could just scan it and upload but then the helpline person told us no u cannot scan upload directly from a digital cam since then we have tried taking more than 50 pictures but no luck …stuck on one application have to file 3 more …traveling in two months.’s too complicated. ..might just get the visa and travel

    • What do you mean “cannot scan upload directly from a digital cam”? You only have to meet the requirement given at It doesn’t matter how you take the pictures as long as it is meeting the criteria. I am not sure what complications you are encountering.

      • The helpline person told me that you cannot scan a passport size picture and upload it. I have been taking pictures with my digital can with white background but it keeps saying eyes not detected, non uniform background, doesn’t meet the specifications etc etc

        • You have to take the picture in 45 millimeters (mm) high by 35mm wide dimensions. All over the world this is known as the UK passport size dimension. Have it taken (professionally or personally) with white background in sharp focus without any glasses or other obstacles and it should be good to go.

          • Okay. ..I’ll try it again…is the fees for the nicop for kids who is applying for nicop as their first identity same as the adults (11,500)… and how long will it take to get our nicop cards once the application is submitted?

  • Been trying to upload photo Not happening Every time says eye not detected It is urgent Can anyone help please

      • Thanks I am trying I called helpline They gave me some number I will contact on Monday If nothing happen

    • I had the same issue but I resolved it.
      Most probably it is happening bcoz your picture size is too small so that Nadra Software cant read your eyes in your pic. Make the picture size bigger. You can do so by doing the following steps:
      Dont scan on the scanner bcoz it would be too small>>>I took an image of my required photo size with my phone>>> Save the picture on your desktop>>> Right click on it>>>Edit>>>Resize Picture>>>Here you can make the picture bigger and adjust the pixel size to greater then 350×467 pixels.
      It worked for me so I hope it wil work for you as well.
      Hope it works.

  • i lost my id card in pakistan last year but i was in hurry so disnt applied for new and came back to uk but now i am having issue with me Dob cuz they entered a big age on date because that time i needed a nic so urgent but now i am facing a problem
    cuz if i get correct my age on nic what about my passport and my other documents
    can anyone help me on that ??

    • You can apply through either the online Pak ID portal or go to an NRC (NADRA Registration Center).

  • You have already applied for card which is in progress, you can not apply for now.
    any solution?

  • On website it says that poc card is no longer available for foreign spouses ? Could you tell me what’s happening I can’t apply

  • Can you help me to check the progress of the following application? It has been 3 weeks with no status change on the application and I’m getting frustrated because I need the new NICOP to renew my passport for upcoming urgent travel:

    Tracking ID: 770000277871

    I’ve also sent you an email as well with the above details.

    Thank you so much

      • Do you know how long it usually takes and when I should follow up? I am at risk of cancelling all of my travel plans… Feels like I’m in limbo not knowing anything and no status update on the application.

        • NADRA can’t do the verification on its own. Special branch of the police and intelligence agencies will report to NADRA regarding this. Once we receive the verdict, your application will be processed.

  • Does online cnic procedure provide slip
    printing option? As, we all know that in the absence of cnic, the slip that nadra provides works like the cnic.

  • Pathetic process. i applied for renewal on 8th August 2016 with executive fee Rs.1600/- and after a lot of pathetic processes on dated 19th September 2016 my application is rejected due to Address length exceed issue. Staff behavior is very bad they even did not reply any email nor pic the Phone. Now i am preparing my self to apply again with new fee at Executive Center. My advice for peoples who are thinking about applying by Online Process is that, please do not use Online portal. Its just wastage of time and money.

    • That is very strange. Can you share your tracking ID? If address length exceeded is indeed the reason it was rejected than the same issue will occur if applied through an NRC because the backend is the same.

        • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You just need to wait till Friday. Some work needs to be done in the backend since yours is a complete corner case that we didn’t face before. The backend work will be integrated within the application and we will contact you. You will email your address to [email protected] and your application will be processed. You don’t have to pay any extra nor you need to go to NRC.

          • Dear Dev,

            Thanks a lot for your cooperation. i visited the multiple NRC,s NFC’s and Head Office Karachi. and finally reprocess the application from NADRA Awami Markaz Center. The main problem with Online Application is that, in case of any mistake by NADRA no any NRC is willing to take the responsibility of this mistake. they all are afraid of performance issue if they reprocess in Office Mistake Category.


            Atta Ullah
            0333 2817670

            • Ah. That is sad your experience with Pak-ID hasn’t been upto the mark. However, your report did give us an opportunity to improve the application. From Friday onward, the office mistakes category will be handled through the same application. Thanks.

  • Hi Dev, Tracking Id # 770000232264.
    Applied for renewal of my wife’s Smart NICOP. Its under process since last 3 months. They said my wife’s father place of birth is India but the date of birth is 1965 so they have to verify which they are doing since last three months. I need this card because it is mandatory to apply NICOP for my daughter whose passport is due to expire soon. I am in a DEAD END situation. Please help.

  • Hi Dev, Tracking Id # 770000232264. Please also note that my wife’s father has renewed his NIC just 6-8 months back and no faced no issue. Now at the time of my wife’s NICOP, whey are they doing verification ? I have no idea about it.

  • Loved NADRA online services for NICOP. Its been hassle free for me to get my ID card renewed. Secured delivery by DHL in UK. Well done NADRA Team 5 STARS

  • Hi Dev, would you be kind enough to check on my Dad’s application 780000015938 please. Been waiting almost 3 months now and it is still showing in-process.
    Many Thanks.

    • Your father is the foreign spouse of a Pakistani national. According to the SOP, ID card can’t be issued to anyone who don’t have pakistani parents. Is that the case? If yes then I am afraid eventually it is going to be rejected.

      • He had a Valid card already and this was a renewal so he must have met the requirements previously which probably means I’ve filled the form incorrectly.

        I believe he qualifies under the following category as his Parents before being British Citizens originate from the area and he has living relatives (uncle, first cousins) who are currently Pakistani.

        “But who either himself/herself, or any of whose parents or grandparents:

        C. Who acquired the citizenship or nationality of a foreign state or country before the commencement of the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 (II of 1951) i.e. 13th April 1951. Such person shall have to prove that at least one of his/her living relatives is presently a Pakistani citizen.”

  • I wanted to apply for Renewal of CNIC. I am filled up the form for sign in. i have received email pin but i am not getting sms on my cell#. this number is converted from ufone to telenor. i again reset my cell# but i am unable to get the sms. What is the solution ?

    • What carrier you chose when registering? Make sure you enter your number without the leading zero. So if your number is 03001234567, select Pakistan, +92 will be autofilled, then enter 3001234567 and choose Telenor as your carrier. Let me know if you still didn’t receive the SMS and I will take a closer look.

  • NADRA & DGIP Websites are working very well and taking online applications for CNIC, NICOP, FRC and passport. This is really a great start.

  • Hi Dev,

    I have been trying to upload my picture and it gives me an error “image with non uniform background”. I’ve tried couple of times but failed. Please let me know if I need to change something.

  • Hello Dev.

    If you could clarify the need for Attestation requirement for RENEWAL of CNIC.

    Why it is required when NADRA has our information?
    Also can any CNIC user attest it now or does it still require Grade officer?

    Thank you for your help in advanced.

  • How long is it taking right now to process a new NICOP application from usa? Is 7 days really true?

  • Now that they’ve redesigned the Nadra website, the tracking tool is no longer there :(

    It has been almost 3 months and no update on my NICOP application status. Still in the ‘submitted’ status.

    Can anyone help? Need to renew my residency visa and I won’t be able to do it without a valid passport… and I can’t renew my passport without NICOP….

    Tracking ID: 770000277871

    any help is much appreciated

  • Hello dev, i lost the reciept given by NRC now what is the way of getting NIC from NRC, because they’re asking about receipt but i lost it.? But i have tracking ID which was sent by NADRA via message on phone.

    • Get a report registered in your local police station regarding the misplacement of the receipt, take its copy to the NRC and receive your card.

  • I have registered my account on nadra website but it is requiring sms pin and email pin code. email pin has recieved but sms pin is not coming on my number. can any one tell me about this please.

      • Hello Dev.

        If you could clarify the need for Attestation requirement for RENEWAL of S/CNIC.

        Why it is required when NADRA has our information?
        Also can any S/CNIC user attest it now or does it still require Grade officer?

        As the Urdu form asks for a stamp from the attester.

        Also as now when you go to make a new S/CNIC if a parent is with the child they can attest the application at the NRC, as on the nadra website.

        Thank you for your help in advanced

  • Is there an online tracking system for a NICOP application made online from outside Pakistan? If not, can you check the status for me please? Tracking number: 770000276571.

      • Hi @Dev
        Can you please clarify for all about attestation. Do we still need to visit a gazette offover for smart card attestation. Or anyone can do it.
        Becuse on attestation form it still require attester stamp and grade?

  • Hi Dev,

    We have been struggling to get our dad POC renewed. My dad is a foreigner, married to a Pakistani national (my mother).We have been told by the case officer that POC’s are banned for foreign nationals with no Pakistani ties. I’m not sure who takes such decisions as it has been an agonizing situation for us. My Mom and Dad are in their 60’s and my mom is completely dependent on my dad.My sisters carrying foreign passport are also married to Pakistani national not sure what’s the fault of my dad here that too making him to go through all this at this elderly age and after this many years. He has been renewing this card since 2002 and has properties and children living in Pakistan. His app tracking #780000025233.
    You are doing an amazing job here answering people with their question. I’m sure not much can be offered by you in our case , but if u could provide us the details where we could raise this issue to a higher level or to a concerned person that can see this on case to case basis. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Sorry to hear the ordeal you are going through. This decision was taken by the Ministry of Interior and came into force after 2014. Unfortunately we at NADRA or any other department can’t do anything about it. You will have to take it up directly with the MOI. The policy which stands right now is to issue POC only to the people who have Pakistani parents. I would suggest you talk to the Pakistani Ambassador/Counselor General and they are going to take up your case. That is the fastest method of getting your issue resolved right now. Sorry once again for the trouble.

  • Hi Dev, I have applied for passport renewal online, on 30th October 2016, it’s been more than 10 days But i haven’t received any update so far. only email i got is that application submitted, showing in-process on e-portal. Helpline number is not working, complaint system is not working, online tracking system is not working nobody is replying to emails, no updates on SMS. what kind of blind system is this?

    I need to know where is my passport.

    • Same issue with me

      @dev please updatebwith passport status and or give as a active number

      • As much as I would like to help you guys out, as I mentioned on these pages earlier the operational part of the online passport is purely the DG&IP people. I don’t even have the access to figure out why it is getting delayed. We at NADRA are responsible for the technical part of the application and if you or anyone else face any technical difficulty, always feel free to ping me any time. Still I am going to talk to the DG&IP people and get an update why passports are getting delayed. Thank you for understanding.

  • 3 months and still haven’t received my NIC. My NIC has been stolen and i have to wait for this bullshit service.

    • What is your tracking ID? Stolen means you would have applied in the re-print lost category and it shouldn’t have taken so long.

      • Hi Dev, I am new user on disqus I just came accross the discussion board about CNIC. I reside in USA. I applied to modify my Id. Its been 4 months but never get update. Every time i get the same response its in verification. My passport is expired since nov 2015 i need NIC to to renew it. Please can you help me out in this matter. My tracking id is 770000263862. I am a born pakistani citizen my parents are pakistani. My spouse is Indian. I just want to modify the name as i was having my father name in my first NIC. My case is very simple but i dnt know what kind of verification is going on last 4 months. I applied in month of Aug 2016, but thers is no update. please help me out i need to renew my passport for travel but before it needs to modify my Nic. Your reply is much appreciated.

        • Sorry about the trouble you are going through. Verification is conducted by the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan and unless we get a clearance from their end, unfortunately we won’t be able to proceed with your application. Thanks for understanding.

          • Dev, I just called Nadra i came to know they have blocked my account. Im calling to the department but no one is picking up the phone. Please can you give any option through which i can contact.

  • I have lost my nicop card and want to get a duplicate one ? They are asking for the 13 digit nicop number when I don’t have cause I have lost the card . When I go to the form to ask for duplicate card they ask for the 13 digit nicop . Where can I find it ?

  • I am applying for an ID Renewal and just wanted to mention that the picture was not getting accepted no matter what I did. The failure notice was wrongfully telling me that “Failure Unable To Detect Eyes”.

    The real issues were the size and dimensions of the image. I solved this issue by uploading an image with 596×795 pixels that had 360 ppi resolutions, with size less than 60KB i.e. 26KB. and it got accepted.

    • The error message isn’t wrong. The real issue is the failure of detecting the eyes by the AFIS system. As you might have guessed, high resolution pictures for an automated system doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that it can process it without any problem. When the resolution is right, it is able to detect the facial structures.

    • Hello Ahmed I have tried all your techniques but still nothing is working. Is it possible that I will send you my new born daughter picture and you can modify it. My email address is [email protected] can you please send anyemail on it so I will send you picture.

  • Tracking ID: 790000010262

    I created and saved the an application for Family Registration Certificate.

    The application suddenly disappeared from my account as I was updating it. Moreover, the system is not allowing to raise a new one, saying that there is already one application in progress.

    Now I am stuck, system doesn’t permit to raise a new one and not displaying the one which I created.

    Dev, Kindly help me out with this issue.

    • Dear Dev,

      I am have sent two emails on NADRA support email address, but haven’t got any response yet.

      Could you please support, possibly delete my old application which is not visible?

        • The reason you are not able to see the application is you might not be in the right context. First login into your Pak-ID account, select the “Click here to start application” in the Family Registration Certificate box and then select Existing Applications on the menu. It should be visible there. Note that when you login into the application, you are in the /e-id/ context not /e-frc/. You need to be in the /e-frc/ context and then choose the Existing Applications. Hope that helps.

          • Dear Dev, I am in the right context, i.e., e-frc. Sill application is not appearing.

            My application used to appear there. But I got an error while updating it and since then it has vanished :(

            kindly delete this application from backend so that I can raise a new one.

            Note: Really appreciate your efforts in providing support to users through this forum :)

            • I will only attempt to delete this application if you haven’t done your payment otherwise the payment will go wasted because it is tied to the tracking ID issued to you. Please confirm you haven’t done your payment as yet.

    • Hi @Dev
      Who can attest the new smart ID card application. Can anyone attest or do we need to visit gazette/ grade officer?

      • I have asked this question twice from Dev. I have still to get a reply from him.

        Anyway this service is either going through growing pains or the service is not fit for what it is meant to do..

          • @Dev. Someone attested my application he had smart ID card as you said anyone could attest but I received an email saying that my application he’s been deferred because I need to get my application attested by 16 or above scale gazetted officer.

  • Trying to apply for new NICOP for my wife but get an error message when try to upload documents. All documents I am trying to upload are in Jpeg format and largest file is 4.75 MB, smallest being 1.2MB. But for each file i get the error message: Invalid file size. Anyone has any idea what is going on? Sent an email to NADRA but don’t know when, or if, they will reply.

  • Thanks for ur reply. I need an urgent reply. if am applying for NIC modification online for updating marital status, what are the documents i have to attach apart from marriage certificate.
    Should i attach apicture of my current NIC in shredded form.
    Appreciate you qick response.

  • hi, i need your urgent help for my NICOP card, i call nadra office many time even CM Nadra in FB account. last five month card status show verification complete card inprocess, two time they call to my mother for get help still five month card no get pls. check its online no. ZU279180.

  • dear Dev ,i want to delete my application . due to wrong category select . my tracking id is 770000353056 .

  • Dear Dev,

    I was applying for my kid’s nicop renewal but the application somehow disappeared in the middle. It’s not even showing in Existing Applications, I cannot delete it. The system doesn’t proceed for new application as it says that an application has already been started with this citizen number. Please delete the application so that I may proceed with a new one. TIA!! The tracking ID is: 770000240618

  • Hi everyone. I am trying to upload the image of my newborn son but it is giving me an error that face not detected. I tried 100 times now. Anyone had this issue in the past and how to solve it. Thank you

    • That’s true. Only smart cards (CNIC/NICOP/POC etc.) can be applied online. If you want a normal card, you can apply in an NRC. BTW even NRCs are issuing only smart cards now (chip based cards). However, they will charge Rs 400 while online smart CNIC is going to cost Rs 1600.

  • I want apply for N.I.Card but i found some difficuties .Tell me what i do which several options are there but f no clear option for new id card no .Its my first time.plzz guide me.

  • i have lost my NICOP card and i do not know my 13 digit number. I do not have Pakistani passport only British passport. How do i find my 13 digit number.

  • My CNIC returned from my address, now TCS said contact to NADRA head office, can anybody tells my what is the procedure in that case

    • You mean it wasn’t delivered to your address? Any particular reason why it wan’st delivered? Also let me know your tracking ID.


  • My application for renewal is still pending after more than 5 months. Any chance I can get status, 770000225746

  • Hi Dev,
    First of all – fantastic effort from your end! Great customer service!

    I also need some help with a NICOP application. I’m in the process of applying online for my wife’s first NICOP (expired CNIC holder). Now – we want to change her surname to mine (currently not mine). The Pakistan High Commission in London’s website clearly states that “NICOP will be issued with same particulars as mentioned in CNIC or CRC existing data”. Does this mean that her first NICOP will be issued exactly as per her particulars in her CNIC or is it possible to make changes to her name in this current application with proof of name change? If its the former – does it mean that we first will have to apply for her NICOP; wait for it arrive; and then make another application for modification? I hope this is not the case as will be such a great waste of time and money!

    Your reply and any help with this will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    • Thanks for your reply dev. I have already done what you have suggested. However – could you please tell me what documents I need to attach to prove change of name please?
      Thanks again for your help.

      • Thanks for your help so far dev. Just one more question – what does the affidavit need to declare??


  • hi can someone please tell me i am on working visa in australia and i have a simple cnic and now i wanna make some modifications in my data when i am applying online it is asking smary id or NICOP which one should i select is it necessary if i am overseas and wants to make modifications from here online ao i have to go for NICOP or i can go for smart id??

  • Having issue with #7700 0000 3797, want to upload the last document but the webpage is almost blank. I only see application summary and some buttons. Cannot navigate to attestation and picture upload tab.

    • Buddy I was able to “trick” the website into displaying the information, forms, fields, buttons and etc. There is probably a bug in your application. I think you have removed the fingerprints tab and existing applications will not load if the user left off the previous session on the fingerprint tab.

      I’ll try to upload the attestation form today and let you know if there is still any problem.

      PS: can I check / confirm the delivery address at the end?

  • Hi Dev, I have just submitted my daughters smart nicop application online. But i notice i have selected the wrong gender. How can i update this before card being printed out. Please can you help.

  • Hi Dev, i have a Tracking ID can you please check what wrong with my application. this was last sent at 17/02/2016. my tracking id is 503501095082

  • Hi Dev
    I live in Gernany and want to apply for a new NICOP card, but I got this error, when putting in my citizenship number: Unfortunately you are not eligible to apply from this system. Please visit nearest NADRA center for processing your application.
    What does that mean and what do I need to do?
    Thanks for your support!

  • Hi Dev, I want to change the present address on my already issued smart ID card, after my family has moved to Islamabad. I will leave for abroad on Feb 23, 2017, I am applying online and I have following concerns:

    1. I must upload shredded card photo, my friends told me it is rare if NADRA delivers card on time and I would left with no option if I don`t receive card within these 20 days if it is delayed and my previous ID card would be already shredded.

    2. My apology for unfamiliarity with the NADRA online application system. After downloading the form in the modification category, attestation and finger printing will cost me one more day, can I continue and complete my application at a later time in the system after having attestation done?

    • Thank you very much Dev for you prompt reply. Just a small clarification is required as I mentioned that our whole family has been moved to Islamabad from Quetta since 2010. I just want to want to change the present address to Islamabad but not the permanent address. Is there any extra document required for changing the present address in this case? because its changing the present address to other city.
      As I receive your reply, I will start application procedure as I am already running short of time.

      • My sincere gratitude for your kind response and helpful information. Stay blessed Dev.I will file my online application today.

      • @dev_nadra:disqus

        Sorry for interference here:
        I have a misprinting on my received Smart ID.

        Provided data is correct.
        Tracking ID: 770000003892

        Appreciate your support.

          • @dev_nadra:disqus it seems that there is some complication now.
            Waiting for the response from your side.
            Appreciate your support.

            • @dev_nadra:disqus May Allah Bless you.
              Thanks for your help.
              No response since two months now.
              I have done the complaint at NADRA already.

        • @dev_nadra:disqus thanks for your efforts.
          I have received email for printing with new tracking number.

          Tracking ID 779900000380
          Application Type OFFICE MISTAKE

      • Hi Dev, I already have launched application and paid the fee for the modify (present address) with the application ID: 770000439907.
        I have updated the present address and same permanent address as before in the address section. But when I reach to Supporting Documents Section, it is asking me to upload the photograph of Head`s ID card with the same address. Please help me with the issues:

        1. For present address no document is required, how the system asking me now the head`s ID card photograph with the same address.
        2. My Parents don`t have present address the same with mine new present address. Only permanent address is same.
        3. In NADRA record, my family head is my my mother, and her ID card is expired.

        Please clarify my this confusion.

    • Is there any particular guideline of howto shred the card and take photo? Or you just need the evidence?
      Also, I already submitted an application for smart CNIC but forgot to attach shredded card photo, is there a way now to send the missing document?

  • Dear Dev
    Its good to see your response to solve the problems.

    My Smart ID has misprinting errors although the data provided during application submission were correct. This is confirmed through the support call center. Unfortunately, since the last response from support on November 29th 2016 to provide the evidence there is a complete silence.
    I have send all the information.

    Here are details:
    Tracking ID: 770000003892
    NIC: 4210116895171
    Case Officer: Syed Aqif Hussain (30910)

    Appreciate your support.

  • Dear @dev_nadra:disqus
    Its good to see your response to solve the problems.
    My Smart ID has misprinting errors although the data provided during application submission were correct. This is confirmed through the support call center. Unfortunately, since the last response from support on November 29th 2016 to provide the evidence there is a complete silence.
    I have send all the information.
    Here are details:
    Tracking ID: 770000003892
    NIC: 4210116895171
    Case Officer: Syed Aqif Hussain (30910)
    Appreciate your support.

  • Hi Dev,
    I’ve done modification of my CNIC, will appreciate if you pls advise how many time its require to deliver?

  • hi Dev,

    I have almost completed New NICOP online application for my three months old daughter. Can you or someone help me as i got few confusions. She is British citizen and i am Dual national , Can you please look in to this

    1- Relatives ?? i entered mine and Mrs details as parents but there is another section of relatives, i left it blank should i just leave that blank or do i need to re enter my details again ?(she is only child)

    2- Most important where i am stuck !
    last step of priniting and signing verification form which is in urdu, i printed the form and it has two verifier details and a box for signature, who should sign in the box??? I just put the date and left the signature box blank is that ok ????
    fingerprint boxes come up as not required so thats not an issue but i dont know what to do with this signature ??

    Can you please help me I would really appreciate.

    • @azim: To the best of my knowledge, based on experience for my newborn daughter, here are my response that might help you:

      I am not sure about the 1st Question.
      2- Verifier can be anyone who has NIC/NICOP. Just add their details.
      Yes, fingerprints for the newborns are not required.

      You can clarify these concerns on their helpline also.

  • Hi Dev,

    Could you please give me an update on the following tracking number:
    770000429377: – Had a email stating that it is approved and sent for printing on the 02/02/2017 but no news on delivery.
    770000431000: – Had a email stating that it is approved and sent for printing on the 02/02/2017 but no news on delivery.
    770000424832- Had a email stating that it is approved and sent for printing on the 02/02/2017 but no news on delivery.

    You are doing excellent service.

  • I have all my documents except my mothers c.n.i.c and b form because of some issues my mothers c.n.i.c has blocked but i’ve my father c.n.i.c can i get my i.d card because now i’m 19 and c.n.i.c is as must in Pakistan as breathing :'( what to do plz help me plz

    • what the massive thing is that how can it be my fault you people knows that in PAK for breathing too c.n.i.c is must and you people made all the ways difficult to get it ! the condition is that if my mothers c.n.i.c won’t be cleared then what will i do ?????? either plz give me my c.n.i.c or hang me :@ :@ its out of justice :@

  • Why has it been rejected the mother card was update at the same time. The mother tracking number is:

  • hi dev, i have looked at the application for tracking number 770000429265. When i filled in the form the system had the wrong mother nic number in. i did correct this and it seem that the system did not update this. The mother correct number is: 1720111316848. please can you update the system

  • Tried to apply for NICOP but can’t receive the SMS for verification. I guess their system doesn’t work properly.

  • I need help. I have returned from abroad and dont have plan to go back. How can i change NICOP to normal CNIC?

  • Hi Dev,

    Could you please give me an update on the following tracking number:
    770000414439 . date of applied 13.01.2017, date of submission 15.02.2017. i did not get any email of approal yet.

  • I applied for a urgent renewal on Feb 16th and still my application in not in progress. Please let me know what is the issue. Tracking number is 770000449902

  • Is there any particular guideline of howto shred the card and take photo? Or you just need the evidence?
    I already submitted an application for smart CNIC but forgot to attach
    shredded card photo, is there a way now to send the missing document?

    • thank you so much for prompt response. Still first part of question remains unanswered. Should i simply cut it in half and take a picture of it?

    • Salam to everyone i appied online for modify of smart id but now i am outside of my town can someone take the id card on my behalf

  • @dev_nadra


    You are doing an excellent job here mate!

    I would be grateful if you could check this tracking ID and let me know its status. 770000408127

  • I am filing for Smart ID for my mother. In Relatives
    tab under Household Head Information, since my mother is housewife and
    my father is alive. I am giving Relationship with head as Spouse
    considering my father heads the family, and am also giving CNIC number
    of my father. In return, it throws error that ”
    ERROR:You can not make your spouse Head. You can make Yourself your Head

  • AOA,
    kindly solve my unique problem, my father not support for renewal my id card, he did not give me his id.Now what should i do.


  • Salam to everyone i appied online for modify of smart id but now i am outside of my town can someone take the id card on my behalf

    • dear Dev , i am trying to pay for renewal my MRP online from saudi arabia, with HBL debit card ( ATM card) , there is error “Payment not accepted” could you help me please

  • Dev can you check this tracking ID (770000459768) as already received email from Nadra that sent for printing, when it will reach and what is current status. and when application was submitted, in reply email in the box, application category it was mentioned ‘modification” as i applied for modification/update in maritul status with supporting documents. But when i received email that your card sent for printing it was showing “New” under category. Will it be any issue that New Smart id will be printed without updating nadra records of my maritul status or it has nothing to do with it as previously I have normal CNIC. Help will be appreciated

  • salam how they are delivering the card in Pakistan and can anybody takes form courier on my side

  • @dev_nadra:disqus:
    Thanks for your support.

    770000094754, the application rejected saying that:
    “Applicant Is Applying For Smart Id From Abroad Without Attester, Also Changing P.address Without Documented Proof”

    This is not true.

    Applicant is residing in Pakistan and I have provided the fingerprint form attested by BPS-16.
    In addition, for changing P.address I have provided house possession letter and also Mother’s NIC with same P.address.

    Unfortunately, when I am contacting sending email to support team the same text is coming. It seems it is automated message.

    Kindly resolve this issue for me.

    Thanks for your usual response.

        • @dev_nadra:disqus I request your kind support and followup to resolve this issue.

          As mentioned, I have send complaints. Unfortunately, the system seems to be stuck on the same error “Applicant Is Applying For Smart Id From Abroad Without Attester, Also Changing P.address Without Documented Proof” as received by Mr. Malik Aqeel.

          Is there any solution to refresh this error and to resolve this issue?
          Appreciate your support.

  • Dear Dev,
    Could you found out when the following cards will be sent out for delivery:

    It has been over a week since i received an email stating that it has been approve and sent for printing. recently you have slowed down on printing and sent cards out. Lat time i did a card it took 9 days to arrive but now it has been over 14 days and still not received. I thought that it should of arrived in 14 days as the fees was for 14 days executive service. There was no problem with the application as it was approved within 3 days. What is the hold up of the printing side?

    • Greetings Dev,
      My Tracking ID:770000495207.I have applied my NICOP on 04th April and still waiting for the progress. I need this card urgent due to planned journey.
      Waiting for your kind support.

  • Dear Dev,

    Thanks for your help earlier with my wife’s application. All went smoothly and we received the card by DHL last week!
    I have now applied for my daughter’s POC. Application was submitted on 22 March. Haven’t heard anything after that. Would you be able to provide a status update please? Tracking # 780000031014. We are planning to travel to Pakistan in the near future and really need to get the POC as soon as possible.

    Kind regards
    Muhammad Ali

    • Thanks for your message Dev. Excellent work as always.

      I’m surprised that my marital status is unmarried in NADRA records! Mine and my then 6 month old son’s details for NICOP were captured live at Birmingham in Nov 2011. So how and why could I have been entered as unmarried in the system? Also, if I am indeed still shown as unmarried on the system – then how come the system was able to correctly pick up my details, as the husband of my wife, when we recently applied for and subsequently got her NICOP? Could you please shed some light on this?

      Muhammad Ali

  • Your card against tracking id 770000485447 has been printed and dispatched to NADRA office in box number . The card will be received at center in 1 working days

    Could you tell me which nadra office is this??

    • Hi.i have applied for my nicop, after completing my application and all the requirements needed, after struggling so hard,and I got an email.within few days stating that it has been deferred due to lack of some documents ( which I still don’t understand why they need my educational certificate.i am not applying for job). So now I am trying to send those documents in pdf. but it says that email has been blocked and I am unable to send it. Can you please let me know the email address,I am supposed to send it?? I’ll be very grateful.
      Thanking you

  • Salam,
    Can anyone help please with the photo issue on a NICOP renewal ? I was successful in getting 2 family members NICOP renewed and it was delivered. However, when renewing my father’s card, I keep getting “cannot recognize face” message. I have tried many different pictures for my father. He is 82 years old so I am not sure if the software is unable to work with the edge cases of the images.
    I have also emailed Nadra support and called the call center as well. Not sure what to try next as I am out of country and cannot visit a local Nadra office.

    • Greetings Dev,
      Please can you update the status of My Tracking ID:770000495207.I have applied my NICOP on 04th April and still waiting for the progress. I need this card urgent due to planned journey.
      Waiting for your kind support.

  • Please can you update the status of My Tracking ID:770000495207.I have applied my NICOP on 04th April and still waiting for the progress. I need this card urgent due to planned journey.
    Waiting for your kind support.

    • Greeting Dev,

      Had a email stating that it is approved and sent for printing on the 27/04/2017 but no news on delivery.

      • Greeting Dev,
        Had an email stating ID card printed and dispatch .Thanks Nadra

  • @dev_nadra:disqus Just have a few quick questions regarding NICOP. I currently have the old NICOP and want to upgrade to the chip based NICOP (Smart-NICOP). My old NICOP has not expired yet and I have gone to the online NADRA website and used the modify option as recommended to convert my NICOP to Smart-NICOP.

    My question is what documents do I need to provide? Is Pakistani passport and old NICOP photocopy enough?

    Furthermore, I have been told by someone that I have to upload a picture of my old NICOP cut in half. Is the required? I do not see it anywhere on the website.

    Last question, how long should it take for NICOP to be delivered to USA? If I submit my application today, should I have it may May 17?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hey – Did you get a reply for this yet?

      I am also in the same process and just wanted some clarity on the documents required.

      Also – if I change my present address which is outside Pakistan (not permanent address) – Do I need to give any additional documents?

      Thanks in advance.

  • Another fraud, deposited 1600 twice time for same card filled up applications twice time no response from NADRA. 9 month passed and they are replying only that application is under consideration.

    • Application no 770000222903 is pending 9 months and Application no 770000491946 pending 2 months now.

      • Sorry but this consignment has been booked on Booking Date : 12-MAY-17 not on 10th June 2017 and I have received the card with same mistake for what I have submitted fee for twice time. Now Mr. Kashif is dealing with this matter and he is coordinating very well I am waiting for next dispatch after few days as he promised. Application # 770000491946 & Application # 770000222903. Fee submitted for both as Rs. 1600 each and both time I have received the card with mistake. So actually I have aid Rs. 3200 for 01 card which is still with me twice a time with mistake so currently I am holding 2 ID Cards. Which is also a crime, and I do not know how to return them back.

  • Dear Dev,

    I am applying for a renewal of my NICOP card. I am based outside Pakistan. I had a few questions I hope you can help me with:

    – It says that a Verfier should not be among parents or spouse or head of relatives. I have put one of the verifiers as my father and the other as my sister. I do not know any other people who are Pak citizens – How can I get through this?

    – If I would like to change my present address on my NICOP card which is out side Pakistan (not my permanent address) – Do I need to upload any special supporting documents?

    – For a NICOP renewal, are there any other special documents required. So far I only attached Passport copy, copy of old NICOP card and Birth Certificate. Please could you recommend any other docs if required?

    Your help would be highly appreciated.
    Best Regards,

  • hey did anyone try changing name online in CNIC ?
    can you tell me what supporting document do i need for name spelling changing?
    and what is this attester detail ? can i write my friends name here ? also attester sign and stamp is also required , can i leave it blank because my friend dont have stamp ?

  • assalam o alekom sir mene apni waif ka nic Renew banwaya he 20 din hugaye he me kese malom karo ke nic bangaya he sir plz meri help kare konsi sait pe malom karna parta he

  • HI, Dev, I’m trying to send some additional supporting documents but unable to. Can you please kindly give me the email address,I’m supposed to send it to ? The guy who asked me for an additional documents.his name is Adnan Ammar. Is it possible for me to talk with him so I can explain him my situation? I would be very grateful.

  • Dear Sir,

    Kindly Check status for the following

    Thanks in advance


  • Mainy Smart Card ki Application 13.05.2017 ko Jama Karwayee thi ,Age Modification Karwayah hai . Mainy Apna tracking ID sms Kiya tou Reply Ayah 8400 se your Request against this tracking id Is Hold Please kuch Sugesstion dein Mera Normal Process Main Hai Id Card

    • Hi Dev
      Hope you doing well.
      I have applied for card modification on 17-06-2017. But my card status is still INPROGRESS and when I send my tracking id to 8400. I am getting the the message “The requested tracking id 70000562615 is still not received at NADARA HQs, Please check again after two working days.”. Is it normal? as I need the card urgently.
      Please help me in this regard

  • Hi Dev
    Hope you doing well.
    I have applied for card modification on 17-06-2017. But my card status is still INPROGRESS and when I send my tracking id to 8400. I am getting the the message “The requested tracking id 70000562615 is still not received at NADARA HQs, Please check again after two working days.”. Is it normal? as I need the card urgently.
    Please help me in this regard

  • I am not getting email or SMS needed for completing online registration, I am a resident in Saudia, please anyone can help its very urgent!!!

  • Not been able to verify my phone them means not able to get verification text on my number. Does any one experience this problem or have same issue in the past if yes then please tell me how did you resolved it

  • AoA!
    Friends koi information about how to create a card orphan person, father and mother both died parents i.d card and son birth certificate is available…………………

  • This service is useless. I made a card and now I am stucked. They dont verify biometrics and for that when I went to NADRA’s office to update, they said you address is longer than 42 characters and you must apply for a new card. Wasted 15000 rupees on this online service which has loop holes. Please avoid using it. Its not trustable.

  • I received an email notification from NADRA on December 19, 2017 that my NICOP has been dispatched but the TCS tracking number provided in the notification seems to be invalid when I track it on TCS website. Please help.

  • nadara ko chaheye hy k NIC may DNA bhe indaraj kary ta k pata chal jay k mujrim koun hy foran pata chal jay dhundna na pary k ye ho ga wo ho ga

  • sir i am applying a modification card but i got a mail.According to mail my card is deferred but how i solve my case can you please tell me

  • ASA,
    CAn you kindly advise whether one needs to upload photo of shredded ID card when applying for modification (photograph)?
    Thanks in advance.
    [email protected]

  • What if you want to renew your POC because it has expired while also wanting to modify the permanent and present address. The delivery address is asked in Step 2 but payment in Step 3 but both addresses are wrong. It would have been better if we could type the delivery address instead. Or ask the address after letting us modify the information. Asking us to pay such a big sum and we might not even get it due to the address issue is ridiculous!

  • This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    Search Google for nadra gov pk fee details cnic

  • This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    Search Google for nadra gov pk download guides

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    Search Google for nadra gov pk

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