Dmail Lets You Send Self Destructing Emails

In the age of short attention spans, firing off an email on a whim has become the norm. Sometimes, just sometimes, the recipient finds themselves wishing that the email they sent with sensitive information would go ‘poof’ after a certain amount of time. Credit card details, home addresses and a lot of information that shouldn’t be out there for posterity.

And then Snapchat came and changed the rules of the game. Messages that auto-destructed after a viewing. And people found themselves wishing if only something like that existed for email.

If only.

This is wishful thing, no longer. Now, thanks to a Google Chrome plugin called DMail, your emails can  now pull a disappearing act like the great Houdini.

Dmail gives complete control over how long a recipient can view your email

Essentially, Dmail gives you complete leeway about how long your email recipient can view your email e.g. for a day, week, month, etc. And its simple enough to use too.

What Dmail does is that it puts a ‘Send with Dmail’ button in your compose email window. Using that button, anyone can specify the time period for auto-destruction of the email.

Another cool thing is that even if the sender sends the email without any timeframe specified, they can, at their own convenience, destroy the email by checking it in their Sent email folder and do so. The only requirement is to send the message via Dmail, and viola, you can pull the trigger on your message anytime you choose.

All messages sent via Dmail are encrypted

Messages sent by Dmail are purported to be encrypted, one of the main reasons why the right of access is controlled by the sender. Dmail also has a feature coming up in the future where even forwarded emails won’t work. Afterall, the sender only meant for the original recipient of the message to view it and no one else.

For now sending Dmails is only possible on Google Chrome, though anybody with any browser or email client can view the emails.

So what do you think? Does this feature make email become interesting again?

You can download Dmail for Chrome here

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  • Now i can send any body a very offensive email and when they come to meet (or rather, beat) me, i’ll ask them to show the email as proof and voila! There wont be any :P

  • What a farce, this ‘service’ is. It moves your mail from GMail to DMail servers. GMail gets only mail notifications. What if an entreprise has banned www internet except a few sites like GMail, Yahoo etc ?
    This misleading ‘concept’ is nothing short of the drama we call cloud computing these days.

  • “Sometimes, just sometimes, the recipient finds themselves wishing that the email they sent ”

    Correction: just sometimes, the SENDER.

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