Whatsapp Urdu Is Going to Be Available Very Soon

We have some great news for those of you who prefer communication in our national language.

An Urdu version of Whatsapp will very soon be available in the iOS and Android App stores.

The translation couldn’t have come at a better time. Mobile penetration rates are increasing at a steady pace and Whatsapp has more or less replaced SMS.

11813483_932347733473616_3560410219246862411_nWhile most of us have resorted to Roman Urdu as a stop gap measure, a dedicated Urdu version of Whatsapp could be very welcome news for people who don’t know English. Rural areas could particularly benefit from it.

Ahsan Saeed, who was the translator administrator for the project, said:

”I translated 753 strings and moderated 2089 strings in less than 3 months and made Urdu 18th language in which WhatsApp for Android has been fully translated.

It was impossible without help of volunteer translators who put their efforts just for the love of Urdu.”

This move could increase Whatsapp’s already stellar market share and will surely have the telcos scratching their heads at how to irrigate the once fertile lands of SMS. Recently, messaging numbers decreased for the first time in history at Eid.

If SMS wasn’t dead already, it surely is on its way there now.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • OMG Whatsapp in Urdu?? Now whole problems of this country will be solved. Electricity and Gas problem will be resolved. People will use whatsapp rather than making efforts for food and pure water and most of all Govt. Will withdraws all taxes on IT sector. Thank you Zuckerburg

  • nah telcos will not scratch their Heads .. rather they will simply follow into footsteps of Ufone and gradually ban whatsapp on 3g

  • احسن سعید آپ ہیرہ ہو۔ پہلے دن ہی نیا ورژن انسٹال کرو گا

  • When I first installed CM12.1 urdu operating system appeared on my xperia sp. I was very happy to see English blended urdu everywhere. In less than one day I got fed up with non urdu non english version of Android and changed language to English. At least it’s pure English.
    Same will be the case with Whatsapp, at least for me.

  • They must include built in urdu keyboard, because uneducated people dont know how to install urdu keyboard even some educated people dont no that.

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