COMSATS Internet Services Has Successfully Deployed First L-Root Mirror Server in Lahore, Pakistan

COMSATS Internet Services has successfully deployed the first ever L-Root mirror server in Lahore, second by CIS and third in Pakistan overall. This is a joint venture between CIS and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization responsible for administering and coordinating the Domain Name System (DNS) worldwide.

The root-servers are core of the Internet DNS, identified by letters A through M. This new L-Root instance in Pakistan will further strengthen country’s DNS operation, overall fault tolerance and its forbearance against certain types of cyber threats such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The addition of these L-Root mirror servers with RIPE Atlas Anchor hosted by CIS and sponsored by Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) will not only ensure rapid handling DNS queries but also give real-time information about the Internet health across the country. The introduction of the second L-Root mirror will significantly improve the efficiency of Internet in Pakistan. The improved infrastructure not only benefits the Internet users, but also provides a firm basis to various Internet applications

Baher Esmat, ICANN Vice President for the Middle East said:

This is the third L-root instance deployed in Pakistan this year, and the second instance hosted by COMSATS Internet Services. With two instances deployed in Islamabad and Lahore within less than a month, COMSATS Internet Services is clearly serious about delivering high-quality and reliable services to its customers. COMSATS Internet Services’ leadership and vision is to be highly applauded and we look forward to a continued fruitful cooperation with them and other partners in Pakistan.

Internet users in Lahore will now experience a substantially reduced response time for their DNS queries. The L-Root mirror server in Islamabad is currently catering over 300 queries per second. This collaboration by both organizations is a step towards more resilient, stable and secure Internet for Pakistani users.

Upon this collaborated effort Amir Malik, CEO of CIS shared his thoughts:

CIS being the pioneer of Internet service provider in Pakistan has always foresighted the use of internet and has been efficacious in facilitating our users with consistent internet services. CIS is not just an Internet Service Provider but is also spearheading Internet Research and Development to improve our services. This collaboration with ICANN is another effort in which our main aim is to provide instantaneous and unwavering internet services. This will help us in managing a better and more integrated server system. The introduction of the L-Root mirror will significantly increase the inter-networking efficiency of country’s Internet infrastructure. It will not only benefit our Internet users, but also provides a firm basis to promote overall eco-system. This L-root server instance is IPv6-enabled, which will help in maintaining functional DNS service on IPv6 locally. This opportunity holds a vital role in encouraging the local community to yield optimum advantage of this instance by adopting IPv6. Thank you ICANN for trusting COMSATS Internet Services.

  • Mehmood Ali

    Cool! this less down time!!

    • Mehmood Ali

      *MEANS less down time

  • Mustafa Malik

    I just read the press release and it sounds pretty awesome.

  • Mahnur Gul

    This is great news for online pakistani businesses.

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    Aah! Sweet sweet technology!!

  • Sara A. Malik

    Good work comsats isp! we need someone keeping an eye on the network in pakistan,

  • Jz

    Its a good move. Although I noticed that Google’s public dns is still nearer than the l.root deployed in pakistan. 10th hop vs 12th hop respectively. Tested from PTCL DSL connection.

  • Fahad Raees

    Shukar hai! The queries took longer but now technically it should be super fast.