MCB Bank Selects Oracle to Consolidate Core Banking Platform

pressMCB Bank, a leading commercial bank in Pakistan, has selected Oracle WebLogic Server, the #1 application server for cloud and conventional environments, to consolidate its core banking platform and standardize its 1200+ branches on top of a single application server to help reduce cost, risk, and complexity.

To meet its growing business requirements, MCB Bank needed to standardize on a highly scalable foundation to support future growth. Additionally, the organization wanted to significantly enhance data security by leveraging single sign-on and strong authentication capabilities at the application platform level, which will incorporate an enhanced layer of security to protect sensitive data.

The bank selected Oracle WebLogic Suite, the most comprehensive offering based on Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, a comprehensive Identity Management solution from Oracle including: Oracle Access Management Suite, Oracle Directory Services, Oracle Identity Governance Suite, Identity Manager Connector and Management Pack.  Oracle Identity Management will enable MCB Bank to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources.  It also delivers a scalable solution for identity governance, access management and directory services, helping the bank to strengthen security, simplify compliance and capture business opportunities around mobile and social access.

Oracle WebLogic Suite will help maximize its ROI from MCB Bank’s core banking application by enabling faster online banking services and supporting future growth. MCB Bank recently upgraded its core banking system in order to help minimize system downtime and support its rapidly growing online business, as it was now processing more than 400,000 daily transactions for retail and corporate banking services which are estimated to grow to 1 million transactions daily over the next few years

Oracle WebLogic Suite is the most reliable and scalable solution for MCB Bank’s core banking platform upgrade because it will enable seamless integration with the database, primarily based on Oracle technologies.

Imtiaz Mahmood, CIO, MCB Bank, said:

We needed to have a highly reliable, available, and robust application platform to support our growing operations besides our increasing information security needs, to ensure that information was being accessed on a need to know basis in order to cater to privacy of our customers’ information.

We are confident that Oracle WebLogic Server and security solution will enable us to address our current needs, simplify our processes, and also address emerging requirements. The security solution will also help us cater to all identity management needs of the organization, thus creating a great user experience while also effectively managing risk for the organization.

Ahsen Javed, Regional Managing Director, Oracle Pakistan and South Asia Growing Economies – West said:

We believe that Oracle’s best-in-class solutions will provide MCB with the centralized architecture needed to meet the business objectives set for MCB’s core banking platform. Oracle WebLogic Suite helps provide the highest performance and scalability, dramatically simplifies deployment and management, and accelerates time to market, while Oracle Identity Management our next-generation identity management platform will help MCB Bank to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources catering to internal and regulatory security compliances which is crucial for any financial institution to keep its competitive edge and help and reduces operational costs.

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