Standard Chartered Receives Digital Bank Award

Standard Chartered Pakistan has received Global Finance Magazine’s 2015 Best Consumer Digital Bank Award.

Shezad Arif, Head of Retail Clients, Standard Chartered Pakistan said:

We are delighted that Global Finance has recognised our industry-leading digital banking capabilities. What is central to our efforts is creating convenience for our clients, so that they have access to banking anytime, anywhere and using any channels they prefer.

We have invested heavily in technology in order to enable clients to interact with us digitally as well as enable staff to fulfill the client’s needs by digitising internal processes and procedures. By being digital by design, we want our clients to have access to a seamless experience and high quality of service, whether they engage with us through mobile, online, phone banking, at the branches, or ATMs.

In Pakistan, Standard Chartered has invested aggressively to enhance capabilities on online banking and Breeze – Standard Chartered’s flagship mobile banking application. The launch of our digital branch earlier this year at Dolmen mall in Karachi has been a pioneering concept in the industry which has been well received. We are also leveraging our Transaction Banking Virtual Account solutions which clients can use for collections from multiple sub-accounts. This particular feature enhances our Bill Payment capability on alternate channels where we have an extensive biller suite including utility companies, telecoms, schools, colleges etc.

Global Finance selected winning banks based on the following criteria: strength of strategy for attracting and servicing digital customers, success in getting clients to use digital offerings, growth of digital customers, breadth of product offerings, evidence of tangible benefits gained from digital initiatives, and web/mobile site design and functionality.

Standard Chartered’s retail banking business serves the banking needs of over 9 million individual and business clients across more than 30 markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, through almost 1,200 branches and 5,000 ATMS, as well as digital channels.

  • Dont know what criteria was used for awarding Standard Chartered. For a bank from which one cant even get account balance if one uses another bank’s ATM machine, one doesnt expect such awards. Even a bank like Alfalah has that capability.

  • SCB has most pathetic customer service among all the banks of Pakistan, they are the most rudest of alls. and if you happen to visit there as a customer (for any financial transaction) with out an account they would literally treat you like you are some goat or lamb. I really give back the cheque to my customer if it is from SCB

  • WOW! I am not able to change my password for online banking from last 3 months. I am not receiving SMS pin code to change password. I am not able to make online payment due to problem in their SMS pin code sending service. LOL. Most secure and reliable bank.

    “Global Finance Magazine” waley bhi rishwat letay hein kya?

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