SoloShot Will Let you Record Your Moving Videos Without any Cameraman

What do you call a camera mount that needs no cameraman? That’s the question that the SoloShot answers – a robotic machine that houses a compartment for your camera. This robot can shoot videos, pictures with no need of a person behind the lens. It keeps on rolling the camera with its subject in its sights.

Imagine this. You want to shoot a scene and got no one to shoot it for you. You want a camera that intelligently tracks your movement. You want a sequence where the camera is centrally focused on you, no matter where you are on the set.

These are just a few of the things the autonomous and independent robot from SoloShot Inc. can do for you. It also features DSLR and timelapse capabilities to further enhance its already impressive array of features.

Here are some of the main features of the SoloShot:

Intelligent Tracking

Here’s the main beauty that makes the SoloShot so effective – tracking tags. These Tags make the camera locked on you at all times and it pans and tilts to keep its focus on you. And if you are worried about distances for this tracking mechanism to work, then fret no more – the SoloShot comes with 1—2000 ft tracking support.

Automatic Zoom

With the Tag with Camera Controller accessory, you can control when the camera zooms onto an object in the scene. There are three presets to make the most of its cinematic appeal – Wide, Medium and Tight zoom. Movie makers won’t be constrained by limited zoom capabilities since they can use from a list of compatible cameras that work with SoloShot.


DSLR Support

If you got a camera with DSLR capabilities, the tracking Tag can also enable you to take photo bursts from it. You can even control the duration of the bursts in 15, 30 and 45 second intervals. Again, for the best results, a list of compatible DSLR cameras should be looked at to ensure that it works with SoloShot out of the box.


Here’s how you can go Hollywood with the SoloShot – Multi Mode! This mode gives you access to networked cameras at different angles, all of whom can film multiple individuals or objects simultaneously. Talk about having an army of robotic cameras and production crew.


The SoloShot shoots timelapses set to any pre-configured period. Working autonomously and capturing footage for what is bound to be an awesome timelapse video. This can work with supported DSLRs too.


Here are the pricing details for Soloshot.

  • Soloshot2 Base and Tag – $399
  • Camera Bundle (includes a Sony camera, tripod and Soloshot Base and tag)- $649
  • Soloshot2 + Camera Controller – $498
  • Soloshot claims to ship its products to Pakistan for $55 (but we haven’t tested it)

For more details, check out the Soloshot site here.

So what do you think of this gadget that can make the camera crew non-existent? Can it work in Pakistan? Sound off below.

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