The Top 10 Coolest Features of Windows 10

The long-awaited Windows 10 has finally arrived and it’s available in over 190 countries worldwide. This update is the result of Microsoft’s efforts to develop an ecosystem where every gadget uses the same OS and has synergy.

If you haven’t installed Windows 10 yet, you might want to read through the following list of coolest Windows 10 features. Even if you have, you might discover something new!

It is Free

The biggest story in the development of Windows 10 is that it will be free to upgrade. Unlike most operating systems that people have to pay for, this one will not cost you anything in the first year. Users running on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will be able to make the upgrade freely. However, be sure to understand how it works and if your laptop or PC will be able to receive Windows 10.

The Start Menu

When it comes to the start menu, Windows 10 atones for the mistakes of Windows 8. The start menu has been returned to its rightful spot. Half of the menu looks exactly like what we see in Windows 7.

windows-10 start menuHowever, the addition of Live Tiles brings in an interesting dimension. There are upgraded graphics that can go full screen if users want to. The Live functionality can be turned on and off and even unpinned. Users have the freedom to change the Start menu into a full sized one or resize the apps to make the experience feel like Windows 8.


This is one feature that has to make the headlines. The digital assistant is offered by Windows Phone 8.1 but now makes a jump to the PC. It will take care of all searches and just like Google, it can use your personal information to customize results, whether they are local or on the web.


It has been beefed up with natural language smarts to bring out filters of what you’re searching. Sitting next to the Start button, Cortana can be personalized by editing what it knows about you. It does almost everything. You can easily type in and say, “Show me photos from December” and it will bring them up. It can create reminders, play music, and even crack jokes.

Xbox App and Streaming

The Xbox app is good news for gamers as it comes with several new features. It has a center point with activity feed and shows numerous Xbox Live Friends Activities. This can be the launch of a Twitch stream or unlocking various achievements.

The list of your friends is found on the right side with the option of viewing their clips, sending an IM and even inviting them to a party. The app can also allow you to manage your time properly while seeing your achievements. The console game bar tool enables users to take videos and screenshots of the game as they play.

Revamped Core Apps

Windows 10 comes with a bundle of apps that are an improvement from Windows 8. These apps include Videos, Music, Maps, People, Photos, Mail, Calendar, and Messaging. Users can expect more features in the future as they enjoy the experience of these apps across different devices.

The Mails apps control your inbox allowing you to quickly sort out your emails with ease. The Pop mail support enables you to know when you have been sent a new email, something that was lacking in Windows 8.

The Edge Browser

Formally known as Project Spartan, the new Web Browser for Windows 8 will be called the Edge Browser. It replaces the the infamous Internet Explorer and comes with several features that won’t make you want to pull your hair out.

edge browserThe brand new browser is built for speed, trawling the modern web with slickness. Cortana can pop up while you’re searching for anything online. Bing maps will offer you directions to restaurants as Yelp reviews help you choose the right restaurants. It has a reading mode and ability to annotate using a keyboard, finger or remote.

Continuum Mode

While bringing a vastly improved PC experience, Microsoft did not neglect touch users. Windows 10 comes with a handy feature that allows users to easily switch their interfaces from PC friendly to a mode better suited for fingers.

Depending on whether or not you are using a keyboard, Hybrids can quickly change between the two modes. Even users with mobile phones using Windows 10 and connected to a PC will have the experience of a full blown PC.

Action Center

Action center is the hub of all notifications in Windows 10. Unlike Windows 8, where notifications disappeared after a bit, in Windows 10 all notifications slide into a view where they are archived. The action center also comes with quick buttons to do things like turn on Bluetooth and connect to a VPN.


This is a futuristic feature but it looks like Windows 10 wants to be the first to offer holographic computing platform. A new set of APIs means developers can now create holographic experiences in the real world. It is interesting and works with the Hololens, something that Microsoft calls the 1st untethered holographic computer experience.

Virtual desktops

windows 10 virtual desktopsWindows 10 finally comes with virtual desktops allowing users to perform several functions on the same monitor. Users can open apps or what we call the virtual desktops and organize them in a manner they like. This feature might not appeal to everybody but provides a new functionality for users. It integrates well with Windows setting making it helpful when performing various functions.


Windows 10 is a must have and if you have not made the upgrade, you better do it now. The new features are all fantastic and with the OS being free, there is no reason not to.

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  • It is definitely not what I was expecting. A lot slower than my windows 8.1 and omission of a few useful key features is really really annoying.

  • How you guys got windows 10? Genuine update or downloaded it from Microsoft website or thru torrent? Coz I have windows 8.1 but still no sign of update?

      • I have a Genuine windows 8.1 Activated version. irony is I have another system which is running windows 7 n there I have update icon but not on this one yet?

  • I dont know but whenever I read an article praising Windows 10, the scene from ‘Terminator – Genysis’ comes in my mind.

    The boy says something like that: ‘My laptop connected with my cell phone, my cell phone connected with my tablet and so on. All of the devices in world are connected!!’

  • Really very impressive window by Microsoft, i personally experience it, One of my favorite feature in Window 10 is to use “The Edge Browser” really fast and stunning browser i have ever experienced.

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