PTCL Introduces CharJi EVO Services in Peshawar

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has expanded its CharJi EVO wireless broadband services to Peshawar.

The introduction of CharJi EVO will enable residents of Peshawar to experience Charji EVO wireless broadband service at speed upto 36Mbps.

PTCL had introduced its CharJi EVO services back in 2014, which is an addition to the 3G EVO range of services already serving the residents of Peshawar and customers nationwide.

The launch ceremony of CharJi EVO services was attended by a large audience of business community, senior government officials, media personalities as well as representatives of IT and education sector. Muzafar Said, Minister of Finance, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) was the Chief Guest at the occasion.

Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer, PTCL, while speaking at the launch ceremony said, “PTCL has always been at the forefront in introducing innovative technologies and services in the country and our fixed and wireless broadband services are acting as a catalyst in transforming the socio-economic landscape of Pakistan.”

“PTCL has always introduced technologies that have helped people improve their lives. Peshawar is a historic city and a strong business hub and CharJi wireless broadband services will open new possibilities of growth and development in the area,” he added further.

CharJi EVO service is available in dongles, Mi-Fi clouds and tablet, providing a powerful internet experience, faster web browsing, HD video streaming, downloads, uploads and low latency (ping) rates for online gaming. The ease and comfort of CharJi EVO cloud devices with its state of the art Wi-Fi capability and fast internet browsing brings an unparalleled experience, connecting up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.

PTCL has launched Pakistan’s first 4G LTE tablet ‘ CHARJI EVO TAB’ which provides built-in CharJi connectivity and voice calling feature.

PTCL’s CharJi Packages:

Device Price (One Time)


Monthly Charges (Recurring)


  • Additional Charji Bucket at Rs.500 for 5GB
  • Monthly line rents are inclusive of taxes across Pakistan
  • *Fair Usage Policy of 100 GB applies
  • 14% WHT Applies

  • “PTCL has always been at the forefront in introducing innovative technologies”

  • You cannot call it a 4g LTE tab as it delivers only a fraction of what’s acheivable through “true” 4g LTE. Its more of a HSPA+ Tab ……

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    • It is a viable website. I have shopped numerous times with them. However, as most of the times the shipping is free so the sellers usually ship through very slow methods. In my experience most products arrive within 18-28 days max. However, if your product doesn’t arrive you can easily claim a refund by opening a dispute. You have 60 days buyer protection as per the website guidelines.

      On a note of caution, don’t order genuine brand things from them. Like Apple or Samsung phones and tabs, Nike apparel, Citizen watches etc. You are going to get cheated this way. Buy generic Chinese stuff instead.

    • A reliable online market in many countries and way better than our local online stores like daraz darwaza kundi etc
      kundi sy yaad aya … kundi na kharka sohnya sidda andar aa

    • its better to buy locally.

      aliexpress & dx (dot) COM mostly cheap quality things. if you buy tab / phone Pak post wly tang karna shuru kar dein gay. give them bribe & they will relese the product. else you have to paid high non-sense undefined customs fee

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        • aliexpress has many products as a+ copy so it not guaranteed that you will get this as original/genuine product.

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  • 4G, chaargi, whatever you wanna call it, fine. But why are they branding it as LTE? LTE or Long Term Evolution is a mobile telephony protocol, with only Warid and Zong licensed to venture into that technology. I think they are still using CDMA channels, which in no way can be equated with LTE, or even considered 4th generation broadband service. Honestly don’t know what PTA is regulating.

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