Bilal Munir Sheikh Resigns from Mobilink

Bilal Munir Sheikh, a long serving veteran at Mobilink, has just resigned from his position at the company. A Mobilink spokesperson confirmed ProPakistani about Bilal’s resignation.

He has previously held various top level positions and was serving as head of mobile financial services at Mobilink.

Prior to his current portfolio, Bilal has headed the sales and marketing departments and also served as the company CCO at one point in time.

We are still unclear about future endeavors of Bilal, however, the word is that he is most likely to go get settled abroad.

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  • It was very much expected and good for Mobilink. Mobilink is under a restructuring aimed for betterment. Hopefully it will be good for company.

  • Jaga khali hai main apni cv na bhej dun.
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  • Departure of Bilal was long overdue. It was all good when people were lining up to get mobile connections, but when the competition struck, he was unable to generate growth. Also, except for Telenor and Zong to a certain degree who shuffle their executive team every 2-3 years, rest of the operators are stuck in status quo and the results are evident by way of lack of growth. Examples being UFone, PTCL, Warid, etc., where the same management team has been in office for last 8-10 years and subsequently, the companies are stuck in a time warp. Zong needs to also look beyond China to diversify its management team.

    • Not true! Bilal is one of the reasons why Mobilink is a market leader today. He set up the most powerful brand of the country, and he steered the company through multiple shareholders (Saif Group, Orascom, VimpelCom). Let us not trivialize the man’s contributions to the company and to the industry. A leader of his stature is sure to bounce back hard!

  • Poor Guy was given a lot of time for a graceful exit by the new management… Even tried getting into Zong and CCO and Ufone as CEO but failed. I guess the “Excess baggage” he wants to take with him was holding him down… Now one of the faithful musketeers is already gone and exploring his own avenues while the other has started following the new management and trying to please them in all ways possible… Lets see who goes next… Its like a whole GoT sequel… :D

    • It baffles me as to why these people cannot function with an existing team and insist that they bring their own staff. This shows their inability to hire & groom talent, and their past colleagues probably provide comfort of a safety net. Aamir Ibrahim is doing the same thing by bringing Khalid Shehzad back from DTEC as its CTO. It shows weakness on Jeffrey’s part in being unable to pick his own team and is letting Aamir to do that. I have no doubt that Jeffery will fail — he has failed everywhere he has been — and Aamir is trying to position himself as his replacement.

      • Aamir is already the appointed successor to Jeffrey being the Deputy CEO. And i think Khalid Shehzad coming to Mobilink was not Aamirs Decision as such. It was the CTO’s personal interest.

    • I believe he was loyal to every single person he worked with. I think he would have stood up for every single colleague, irrespective of their rank. It is difficult to find loyal friends and mentors in today’s corporate culture.

  • Cell market success is not at all possible with out excellent engineering. Anybody can generate a brand and call himself a leader once you have great product. Innovation is name of the game. I can’t see anything been done on any plateform in Pakistan as far as innovation is concerned. Many goals are unachieved though mobile communication is now a necessity.

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