Mobilink Releases Newer Version of Mobitunes Mobile App

Mobilink today announced the availability of Version 2.0 of Mobitunes mobile app, available for free download on the Google Play Store.

This upgraded version of the Mobitunes Mobile App comes with new features, with ‘Status Mobitunes’ and ‘Personalized Mobitunes’ being the key additions. Mobitunes, a popular value added service of Mobilink, allows subscribers to greet incoming callers with the tune of their choice from over 150,000 Mobitunes instead of the conventional ringing tone.

Speaking about the launch of the App’s latest version, Kamran Moeen, Head of VAS, Mobilink commented, “Mobilink is focused on making our customers’ lives simpler by empowering them through cutting-edge technological solutions. Our Mobitunes Mobile Application is such an initiative, where we combined our famous value added service with a technologically forward platform leading to digitization of traditional Mobitunes content. The App allows customers great flexibility and convenience in searching and setting Mobitunes with a simple tap of the screen rather than having to use traditional mediums of SMS or dialing the IVR.”

The Mobitunes Mobile App not only offers users entertainment but utility for call management with the ‘Status Mobitunes’. Status Mobitunes is another market first in the industry introduced by Mobilink by which users can set different Status Mobitunes such as ‘I am busy’ or ‘I am at the gym’ for a specified time duration on their mobile phones.

Users can also select Special Personalized Mobitunes for their friends so that different callers can listen to different Mobitunes giving people freedom and personalization to express themselves.

Mobitune downloads from the App are free of cost so that customers can enjoy content and experiment with the App. With a 4.4 star rating on Google Play Store, the Mobitunes Mobile App version 2.0 provides greater freedom to customers by not just allowing them to choose the right Mobitune with just a touch of their finger, but by connecting them with friends and family through a personalized App experience.

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