Facebook Reaches Milestone of 1 Billion Active Users in 24 Hours

Someone once remarked that all the worlds a stage and we are all merely players in it.

If Shakespeare was alive today, he’d have to amend his quote for the smartphone and tablet totting generation of today. He’d have said that we’re all merely players in Facebook’s world.

After all, yesterday Facebook broke a significant record – 1 billion people were using the service on a single day! That’s from the 1.49 billion registered users that Facebook currently has.

This development has thrown into sharp focus how much Facebook is a part of everyone’s life. Facebook caters to a userbase that’s a little more than China’s entire population.

If one was to put into financial terms what this development means, think 1 user = $4 that the company makes off a user per quarter via adverts, etc.

Some Milestones the Social Giant has achieved in 2015 alone

One would think that Facebook breaking the 1-billion-users-in-a-day might be the only thing of significant import that the California-based tech giant has achieved this year. But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Here are 3 things that Facebook has made the news for in 2015 so far:

Facebook finally introduces the Pakistani emoticon on Whatsapp

Lets take a look at a development that is of significant interest to local Whatsapp users. Following the 14th August Independence Day celebrations here, a Pakistani user directly contacted Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) about the glaring omission of the Pakistani flag from its list of emoticons. The request was accepted and now Pakistani users can have their national colors via an emoticon.

Granted that this ones not a milestone for the company as much as the local Whatsapp users here, but it’s a significant development no less. Other countries might follow our example too.

Facebook rolls out disaster-relief focused features

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal earlier this year, Facebook came up with a feature where survivors could alert their kin and friends about them. This feature helped reunited families and friends who would’ve otherwise spent weeks in panic, especially with communication networks being down in disaster-hit zones.

More so, Facebook also rolled out the ‘Donate’ feature/button for some social pages so that people could easily support any cause or disaster relief effort . In cases of Nepal and its rebuilding efforts, people from all around the world would donate from Facebook.

Facebook Mobile Payments Solution

Imagine using only Facebook and your Debit card to send money to your family/friends/business associates. Imagine doing that with minimal fees, not like those charged by wire services like Western Union or others. Imagine saving a great deal from taxation related issues that currently dog remittances.

Facebook is currently testing such a service in the USA. If successful, this can become the next big thing in the e-commerce space.  Granted that there are privacy issues involved, but with the way Facebook is becoming a near ubiquitous aspect of our lives, it is only a matter of time before users open up to this, especially if it takes care of money transfer woes.

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