Succeeding in Your Business With Amer Qureshi [Video Blog]

In this episode of ‘Succeeding in Your Business’, Amer Qureshi talks with Umer Adnan, who heads E4 Technolgies, a startup that specializes in the design and development of Internet of Things and aims to become an end to end IoT solution provider. Later on, he is joined by Bill Morrow, who is the founder of Angels Den, an angel investor firm.

This series will feature detailed talks with young entrepreneurs who are well on their way to making their startups successful businesses. It will also include tips, tricks and talks with experts and business professionals to help aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Engr Atif

    unfortunately what if the startup does not succeed and the investor has equity shares? There is some penalty on entrepreneur or the investor forgo the funding?

    • Amer Qureshi

      If the investment is in the form of equity then the investor loses out. Of course the entrepreneur would also have lost his investment in time and money.

      • Engr Atif

        thanks for replying; I think it is better option than loan.