Anusha Rehman Hints for Another 3G/4G Auction in Near Future

Anusha Rehman, Minister for State for Telecom and IT, has hinted another round of 3G/4G spectrum auction in near future during her meeting with Turkish Ambassador H.E S. Babur Girgin yesterday.

This marked as first official attempt from the minister for next potential spectrum auction that Pakistan may undergo in next six to twelve months.

Anusha Rehman briefed the Turkish Ambassador about the successful 3G/4G spectrum auction by government in 2014. She emphasized about the tremendous uptake of next-gen services by masses and — like we just noted yesterday — operators are already eyeing for more spectrum due to increased demand.

Anusha, at this point, reveled that government is now intending for another round of spectrum auction in coming months.

“As market forces have already expressed their appetite for more spectrum, we intend to hold a next round of Spectrum auction in near future”, noted Ms. Rehman.

Sensing the opportunity and with an urge to invite Turkish telecom operators to Pakistan, Anusha also briefed the ambassador about one special lot of 850Mhz spectrum that government intends to sell to a new operator, which — according to Minister — is going to be a golden opportunity for new entrant to step into lucrative Pakistani market.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is seeking consultants for next round of spectrum auction, however, no one was selected in response to an advertisement that PTA published earlier this year.

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  • Lucrative Pakistan market? Lucrative only for the PTA maybe, not for the operator. Advice to a potential new entrant. Enter Pakistan sure, but do it through buying exciting operator and then add spectrum. Don’t be 6th operator, you will lose money hand over fist.

  • Increase in current spectrum is good..Zong is still considerd as Late and can not match others who captured the market earlier…

  • More spectrum = more speed = more urge to leave ptcl = more taxes to make ptcl happy = people protest against ptcl = ptcl finished = no monopoly = cheap internet due to competition for monopoly. :P

  • Aur ab pehle se bata dain kon se cordless phones disallow ho jaen ge takay loge sukoon se khareed sakain aur traders stock rakh sakain!

  • Abi 3g and 4G ki service inside home ke liye 700mhz frequency ki zaroorat he I think low frequency can go through walls .

  • Ahmad PTCL ko apna aap theek krna hoga ab aur han agree with you jald e aap ko sb k 3G ya 4G mill jay gi

  • Can anybody let me know, What bands are being used by Warid and Zong for 4G LTE Services in Pakistan LTE Band 3 (1800) / LTE Band 9 (1800) ??? Are we using CAT 3 LTE Services in Pakistan ? JazakAllah

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