Hackers Deface Hum TV Website In Protest Against Vulgar Dramas

A group of hackers, called Pakistani Cyber Attackers, have defaced HUM TV’s official website in protest against what they call “Vulgar Dramas” that are being aired by HUM TV.

Hackers, in the greeting message on defaced homepage of HUM TV, said that vulgarity in HUM TV’s dramas is increasing with time and in fact nudity scenes have made to mainstream Pakistani dramas. They said that each and every drama, now a days, has some kind of vulgarity or even nudity, which is totally unacceptable for a Muslim country like Pakistan.

Hacked on defense day, Hackers started their greeting message with Defense Day wishes and said that PEMRA isn’t playing its due role in regulating TV shows. They said that Pakistani TV channels are spreading anti-Pakistan sentiments that also contain vulgarity. They said that morning shows have become immoral, vulgar and semi-nude.

Hackers said that such kind of vulgarity in dramas and other TV shows is responsible for recent suicide of two young teenagers who killed each other in school premises as their parents were not allowing their marriage. Hackers warned that such incidents will only increase if this vulgarity and immorality isn’t stopped.

Hackers even included three clips of HUM TV dramas, which — according to them — are vulgar enough to be played on mainstream TV channel.

Vulgar Scenes from HUM TV

Here are clips that are shown on defaced Home Page of HUM TV — to prove a point and not to promote them — that are classified as vulgar by hackers.

We are reproducing them for our readers to view and decide if they vulgar or not and if hackers’ protest make a point or not.

Below is the defaced page of HUM TV, which wasn’t restored till the time of this report is published.


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • The irony: The “hackers” themselves have posted all the scenes they’re protesting against, right on the defaced page, and so did ProPakistani. Way to go, people! :D

    • you are either very stupid or ……
      what do you expect them to do?
      to make people aware, they cant even show them?

      someone did a good job, and you are like “baal ki khal utarna”… world has people like you,due to which,it has become so corrupted and evil.

      • A little use of brain (if you have been blessed with one, that is) will tell you the flaw in their strategy and your thinking. How can you claim something to be immoral if you yourself are propagating it? You are showing the whole world one thing and asking for a ban on the same, how does that strategy work from a person’s perspective who has never seen that stuff before?

        Remember the time Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons were being circulated? What if, at that time, I had attached a cartoon with my post condemning it at the same time and asking for a ban on it? What would you have said to that?

        Accusing me of “baal ki khaal utaarna” and then going on make assumptions that the world is “corrupted and evil” because of me and others like me doesn’t really help your point, either. It only makes you come across as a partial, delusional nit, trust me.

        Think, genius. Think!

          • I know very well what an exception is, and I am sorry to report that no, it will not work for you now; especially not for this argument. You just can’t cherry-pick elements for situations you see fit.

            Still, since my point has evaded your grasp-span, I’ll reiterate it with another example: You want a ban on porn. You arrange a rally to protest against it in your city. Will you, or will you not, put pornographic pictures next to your banners? Will you, or will you not, post links to pornographic sites on the social media next to your condemning posts, telling people that “Hey, LOOK at this stuff. I want THIS stuff banned!” How well do you think that will work for you or your cause? Or is this case also an “exception” for you?

            All this discussion reminds me of a quote I read a while ago: “Nowadays we can send a message around the world in one-seventh of a second, but it takes years to drive an idea through a quarter-inch of human skull.”

        • Bhai English se kuch nahi hoga uss ne sirf aik saboot k taur par woh videos post ki hain. Bagair saboot k tum log tou bolte na k saboot dikhao aur boltay ilzam laga rahe ho.

          • proof would have been given only to people who demanded it, most are already watching these channels and know what they meant. But the way that was presented, people who never saw these channels / dramas are not getting to see this via that defaced web site temporarily and via this propakistani portal permanently. And daily motion is taking more advantage of this situation and suggesting more and more vulgar videos once any of above video ends… So you have started a chain of vulgarity… It’s though negative marketing but yes, more successful type of marketing then normal one.
            How will you stop this medium?

      • “someone did a good job”.

        So much for the freedom of speech. Why can’t people just stop watching HumTV instead of going bananas over it?

        If you don’t like what you see, just don’t tune that channel on your TV.

        • Curse on your idea of Freedom of speech..
          every single secular following this sick ideology must be beaten till all his bones are broken for rest of his life but he does not die..

  • mene ye 3 scene abi dekhay hain propaki pay.
    isko bhi hack kerna chahye
    vulgarity is every where nowadays.
    our tv industry is way better, what destroying the society is movies in cenimas and pirated on torrents.
    hardly people watch tv and dramas but movies most of them do.

    • Amir Liaquat tum jaise khod sakhta molviyon ne hi religion ka ghalat istimaal kar k bigaar paida kiya hai society main. Na sirf yeh channels aur har kism ki vulgarity ban honi chahiye balkey tum jaisey naam nihaad molvi bhi ban hone chahiye.

    • Amir Bhai Amir Bhai Mein kuch kahon?
      Rs 500 ka Ticket ly k Movies dekhny waly yahan bht km hain.
      Cable Py Movies zyada dekhi jati hain which means k agr vulgarity hai tou TV is a bigger source of it.
      Ghr ki khawateen mostly TV he dekhti hain as compare to Guys jo k Torrents waghera ka sahara lety hain.
      Pakistani TV Channels, Drama industry aur 8 to 11 k Pointless current affairs k shows k dam sy khary hain.. These dramas has huge audience aur movies k sath sath yeh bhe 50 50 k partner hain vulgarity phelany main…

    • Thief of a grain or thief or a train, Islam does not distinguish between big and small thief, once proven to be a thief without dire need, punishment is equal.

      Ye to waise he hua k ‘diluted’ sharab pe sakte hain magar ‘pure’ nahe !

      Bhai dono he haram hain… Nashe ki shurawaat aksar chalia se hoti hay aur limit koi nahe, isi tarha ye sab be-hayai ki shurawaat hain, jis ka koi had nahe! bus ek bar ise maashra qabool kar le….

  • No body has the right to be the moral police. Tv channel only show the things what the general public wants, If they start show things which people dislike nobody would watch that channel. Looking at these scenes I have noticed they are still more modest than stuff shown in saudi Arabia by Orbit channels ( Mawarid holdings )

    • then who gave you right to judge the hackers?
      just shut your mouth if you cannot praise a good act..
      seems like you love to watch their Filth, thats why you are burning …

    • Idiot dani nobody has right to show vulgarity.These vulgar Dramas depraving our society
      Didn’t you see two student suicide because of these type Dramas.What happened if that case happened in your family?Tell me how would you feel?

    • یہ تو مادر پدر آزاد معاشرے کی سوچ ہے بھائی- اگرہم مسلمان ہیں اور جو کہ ہم ہیں ہمیں برائی کو ہاتھ سے زبان سے روکنایا پھر دل سے برا جاننا چاہیے جو کہ ہم پہ فرض عین ہے

  • Yes not only Hum TV but every second channel is crossing their limits.

    They all are following Indian traditions and forget that its an Islamic State.

    I think Government should take notice and instruct PEMRA to strictly follow censorship and fine or ban all those channels who don’t follow these censorship.

    And what about Indian contents showing on every second channel even today where we are celebrating defense day and on other hand Indian ads, dramas, shows, movies showing on every second channel.

    Indian’s mus be laughing on us that what kind of defense celebrations are these, on same channels at one hand we are roaring on India and their artists freely dancing on other hand.

      • @dramir20:disqus People are following Indian culture cause channels showing and promoting them. If channels stop these then no one will be able to see them and follow.

        • I agree with you Hackers should show mirror to these madar pidar azaad media. Not only Hum Geo ARY all these channels website should be hacked so Government and PEMRA can take notice and tighten censor policy.

          • @zaid Well I don’t support hacking of sites or giving threats to anyone but Govt. Policies should be so tight that no media group ever cross their limits
            and policies imposed.

      • If you allure a person (say, You) with something specific again n again, that is your weakness too, then you can’t resist long enough. Like the real Dr. Designer Liaquat is not able to restrain himself from “bongi marna”.

  • ugh annoying hackers, why do they think that everything needs to be censored. If someone does not like the “vulgar” content then don’t watch it, it’s not like someone is forcing you to watch it. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that others can’t enjoy it and also it’s just a tv show for crying out loud, it’s just a form of entertainment, these hackers are overly sensitive.

  • HUM TV are like slow poison to our society. these dramas depicts like these stories are found in our daily family life.

  • Mashas & jazaks brothers!! God almighty is totally awarding janna for this philanthropic effort of imposing “ASLI ISLAM” to rest of the nation!! Ummah is so proud of you. Now go & watch “Katrina Kaif raunchy videos” & “Mia Khalifa shake ’em” videos until the Janna departure time comes.. :D

  • Somebody needs to standup against this growing vulgarity & indecency on our TV channels, when the governing body PEMRA due to some unknown reasons is closing their eyes and not taking the needed action.

    • Are you sure you do not know the REASONS for PEMRA’s sleepy attitude ?
      One major reason is they are bribed to keep their mouth shut … Evil always has monitory power, once moral power is deprived, Evil wins, this is what you are currently observing.

  • Nice Work, as PEMRA is doing nothing. Pakistani channels are displaying all the Indian channels why is this the entertainment Alas Alas

  • that’s not Vulgarity at all in my view point thats very far behind for Vulgarity but if u want to close our media industrious then you will say this is Vulgarity….. if u think this is Vulgarity then you don’t watch that channel but u have no right to hack website …… pakistan aik azaad country hai and every one have right to do what they want to doo….. if he or she want to wear swimming costumes then no there people have right to say any think .. its him or her decision … and please don’t say a Muslim country like Pakistan. you can’t see or wear. what you like to see or wear…. buz there is lot of other Muslim country in world that they give freedom to doo any thinks like ( Algeria, Albania, Indonesia, jordan, Kosovo, Turkey ) why don’t we see this country,, they all are Muslim but not extremist like us ….. last word…..

    Vulgarity Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

    • your statements of freedom gives me memory of USA’s laws !!! which is obviously not a Islamic country. Can’t you refer to Quran for the guidance ?

      • bro S78 Islam is all about peace, love and humanity, if u don’t like drama or any other content you can close your tv but u don’t have right to tell other people you r wrong and force him / her to close the Chanel.. Islam always say don’t use force…..

  • Khakwani, – you are certified idiot, this is show what TV is doing.

    TV in Pakistan are copying what is shown on Indian Channels.

    I want to ask Where are the good story drama that people remember ??? why thier is no originality in their work why r people copying from other channels.

    The problem is with TV and also with parents ho let their children see.as most of the parents are far far away from Islam. these parents think that Islam starts in Mosque and finishes their.

    Congrats to hackers

    • The problem is when people act as moral police but everything is going on at their homes. The same moral police will be watching it all but they don’t want others to watch it i.e. some lady would go haey Allah ye kaise kapre pehne hain, eski tou aise ki taisee while watching morning show she never misses.

    • congratulations from us too… they did a very nice job
      Pakistani TV presented dramas in past were excellent and all family members can sit and enjoy together.
      La’anat ho Allah ki in logo per jo is qisam k dramay banatay hein

      agar in logo ne show kiya hai sample k tor per to koi ghalat kaam nahi kya kyun keh jo kuch kya hai us ko justify bhi to kerna hai keh hum ne Sahih qadam utthaya hai hukumati idaaray to sirf rishwatein wusool kerne mein expert hein or censor hone walay scene bhi ghar lay jatay honge … ” hum ghor se 4-5 martaba dekh ker hi kuch keh sakeinge “

  • Vulgarity is something that one’s mind tends it to be. Today’s world is about being realistic. Adult content is for adults & not for kids. If parents are letting their kids watching such stuff than it’s not the responsibility of Govt., electronic or print media or any social websites. Propakistani is a news forum. So it will depict the happening as it had happened. Banning everything in the sake of vulgarity is nonsense. if you don’t have ample time to watch out your kids than don’t complain porn industry to be responsible for it. Parents provide their kids with smart phone, tabs, PC & laptops with internet connection & than cry after telcos for the spoilage. One should watch out their own actions before accusing others. If there is a rape incident media will elobrate it as a rape incident & one cannot claim it to be vulgar. Healthy minds will extract precautions from it & ill minds will consider it a sexual exploitation. So one has to purify his preceptions of mind before accusing every one of being vulgar

    • But Islam says to hide bad news, only the relevant law enforcement people should be informed of such incidences (like rape) to take action, not the whole nation …

      Most of the channels are only showing bad news (which should not be displayed at all). Good news is very very rare to find on TV channels …
      This results in negative mind and starts chain reaction of hyper tension, anger, blaming and lots of negative stuff to follow…

      • According to Islamic Law the one found guilty should be punished publicly. What’s your take on this? I don’t understand why you guys relate everything as Islamic or non-islamic. There should be a balance in between deen & duniya. Extremism in either way is harmful

  • Simply wow @ the hackers. All the ads these days on every Pakistani channel have got more than these little clips. The society as a whole is changing, look at the way people are dressing so what is next please??? You are going to stalk people and hack them to change the way they think?

  • That’s great my boy, GREAT work. This is the cause our Hackers should struggle for. 5+ rating Dear Hacker.

  • & the most interesting thing is that the owner is 70 years old aunty… Koe Sharam Hoi Hay Koe Haya Hoti Hay

    • agar ye vulgarity hai to pehle aap apne ghar mai dekho k aapki amma aur behen kya pehan kr ghr se bahar jaati hain?

      grow up people! jaise tum log to indian movies aur item numbers dekhte hi nahi alongwith hbo shows hollywood movies with tons of real nudity !!!

      yha pr agar shamoon mehwish hayat ko pakar le to tauba tauba aur aik aurat bed pr laiti hai to ye vulgarity hai bcdo!

  • OH PLEASE , so called ‘Ethical’ Hackers !

    like you don’t watch p o r n and cwap like that :D

    stop being the ethics police and go do something better with your abilities and time ….

  • vulgarity ki waja say hi to pakistan mein corruption milawat, poverty, low tax collection hai? pakistan qaum aisi hi rhay gi humesha

  • This is surprising that most of the educated and professionals blogging on this site are in favor of hacking such businesses / TV Channels that spread vulgarity, I agree that these TV channels should not cross their limits but threatening them in this way will not create any difference on the ground. What do you think that these companies will stop airing their millions of rupees programs just because a certain group of people is not happy? Harming any legal business in a state in any way is not at all a good practice.

    I agree with the hackers intentions to eliminate vulgarity but the method they have chosen is not correct. Are you guys only finding vulgarity in HUM TV dramas and not around you when you go out in the markets? Not in a elite class parties? Not in the indian ads being played on all Tv channels? Not in turkish dramas on Urdu1? Not in the billboard selling vulgarities instead of LAWN prints? and thousand of other places and websites full of vulgarity. After hacking such business websites, do you have any plans to harm individuals because they are not wearing clothes as per the standards? I am again saying, the intentions are right but the way of protest is wrong.

  • Now we are criticizing Hackers..!
    Now we are criticizing HumTV..!
    Now we are criticizing Pemra..!
    Now we are criticizing Govt..!
    Now we are criticizing Each Other..!

    Aren’t we the ones who watch and promote. Not a single Pakistani channel is productive for any entity associated either from production, direction, casting perspective or from viewer perspective. You, We, Us are doing what Satan wants most from us.

    Waste our time by any means possible……….

    either its facebook, mobile, tv, movies, games or whatsoever..We are forgetting the most important reason of our temporary presence in this world, our testification of soul..! Testification of soul by our Deeds..!

  • The ” hacker ” to protest at the scene themselves as being to the right of the page defaced , and he did so ProPakistani . Way to go , people ! : D

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