Burraq, A Made in Pakistan Drone, Flies Its First Mission

Burraq, the first Pakistani made armed drone, was used in an operation in Shawal Valley earlier today. The drone strike killed three high profile militants. The information was detailed by DG ISPR Asim Bajwa on Twitter.

Burraq and accompanying Burq laser guided missile were previously tested on March 14. Their development was a result of the United States’ refusal to provide drone technology to Pakistan.

The Shawal Valley in North Waziristan is regarded as the last safe haven for Pakistani militants and a ground offensive was launched there last month by the Pakistan Army. The forested area is a popular smuggling route between Pakistan and Afghanistan and is littered with bases used to launch attacks on our soil.

Shawal Valley is part of NWA and was controlled by the Tehreek-e-Taliban before the Zarb-e-Azb operation in 2014. Officials say more than 3000 militants have been killed since the start of the operation.

Authorities have now stated that the frequency and intensity of operations along the border and across the country is going to increase.

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    • Still Pakistan drones are no match as compared to US MQ 9 reaper which can fly for 49 hours and carry much more advance hell fire missiles. This drone looks like a toy in front of predator.Pakistan has a long way to go in advancement of drone and laser guided missile technology or it can buy rainbow 5 drone from China which is similar to the predator drone

      • Bas bol lia? Ab niklo shabash.
        Chawal awam kabhi khush na hona hmesha ghreebon ki trah dusro ko dekh k rotay rehna.

      • Allah Rabul Izzat Quran main farmata hai “Tum Shukar Karo Main tum ko Aur Donga Aur Agar Na Shukri ki to Sakht Azaab Main Mubtila Karunga.” Understand?

      • At Least not like any other person; you are saying it right, but it is the first step to the advance technology. I am hopeful that we can easily build more advance then US can ever think, because of the talent we have in our country.

        Long Live Pakistan – Ameen

  • Nice tech news by Gprs, a subsidiary of Ispr
    I have bought wall mounted fan (pankha) made by buraq company llc..

      • no bro
        they are equipped with Laser guided missile and gun.
        to kill a from 1 head shot is enough. missile can tear it a part.

        but drone are v much faster in move as compare to fighter jet, because of the weight.

    • It can target drones, along with satellites, space shuttles, ISS, and other planets. Read the manual, bro.

  • Another feet in the technological development. Congratulations to all those who took part in its ideas, financing, manufacturing, testing , guiding, supervising and firing. We are proud of you Nawaz Sharif and Raheel Sharif. God bless you all. Our chests are up. Pakistan is the future super power. Pakistan Zindabad.

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