Rivo Launches Rhythm RX100 With 5.5” Screen and 4000 mAh Battery

Meet the latest edition to the Rivo Mobile Rhythm range of smartphones, the Rhythm RX100.

Whilst it’s true that the Rhythm range caters mostly to younger or first-time Smartphone users, the RX100 is proof that the Rhythm range is not all just fun and games.

The RX100 has a 1.3 GHz quad core processor. It’s also running Android’s latest OS Lollipop 5.0. To enjoy all this power, is a huge 5.5 inch HD IPS display that looks as good as it shows. The phone has a proficient 1 GB of RAM and 8 GBs of built-in storage space. As standard, this is expandable up to 32 GB through microSD card.

The rear camera is 8 MP auto focus with LED flash. The front camera is 5 MP auto focus again with LED flash, ideal for selfies. You can also expect 3G connectivity and finally, to make sure the phone stays on as long as you do, it’s got a colossal 4000 mAh battery that lasts and lasts.

rivo rx100

Rhythm RX100 Specifications:

  • 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Android OS 5.0 lollipop
  • 5.5’’ HD IPS Display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB Internal Memory
  • Up to 32 GB microSD Card Support
  • 8 MP Auto Focus Rear Camera with LED Flash Light
  • 5 MP Auto Focus Front Camera with LED Flash Light
  • 4000 mAh Powerful Battery
  • BT / WiFi / EDGE
  • 3G Enabled
  • Price: Rs. 14,900/-

  • Nice Phone but You can get infinix hot note pro with octa-core processor and 2 gb Ram, 720p HD 5.5 Screen, great battery (4000 mAh) and pretty nice cameras in 13900 .. this rivo’s price should be 13000 max …

        • i never asked about the phone … was inquiring your whereabouts :)

          anyways … not too thrilled about this , but i am looking at cheezmall with a skeptic’s viewpoint…. the very least they can do atm is bring MOST if not ALL chinese phone Brands to Pak and on sane rates !

          • I am a bit skeptical about cheezmall .I am not sure how much extra they will charge. And they have been delaying their launch for such a long time.

            • a bit ?!
              oh , ima HELL lot skeptical …. for all we know , they might turn out to be d o u c h e w a d s in their pricing schemes !

              the only thing im rooting for is the INFLUX of ALOT of chinese phone brands … they cant limit the catalog to just meizu , xiaomi and Oneplus …

              all the other fish in the pond need to be taken in as well !
              this will automatically reduce prices and help people realise what they’ve been missing in the form of chinese phones !

              • The point is that you are mistaken if you think that all Chinese phones are awesome, or all phones available on aliexpress are awesome. Chinese don’t trust much their brands. Only brands like xiaomi ,meizu ,huawei ,zte ,oneplus ,coolpad ,letv,red pepper are Worth while other’s are mostly useless.

                • naah… man i din’t even kno aliexpress much … and when i did i kinda loathe them for all the scammers prevalent there !

                  and you just killed off your own doubt about my mistake …. !
                  look closely what you wrote :)

                  “brands like xiaomi ,meizu ,huawei ,zte ,oneplus ,coolpad ,letv,red pepper”

                  what im talking about … altho u shudnt forget others like elephone ,
                  umi , Bluboo (go see the x touch) , Gionee and VIVO (how could u forget
                  vivo?!) , Oukitel , Siswoo , Leagoo (who are somewhat here already) ,
                  TCL , Jiayu (top quality phones , as rated by westerners) , ulefone and
                  Doogee (go look at their latest upcoming models!)

                  (oh and btw , Red Pepper is generally not well taken in China :p )

                  and , Technically , you kinda Wrong Quoted me by saying

                  “you think that all Chinese phones are awesome, or all phones available on aliexpress are awesome”

                  u don’t mind , go trawl through my posts about chinese phones on Propk
                  … i NEVER EVER said ALL of them are great … but i always used the
                  general expression , as appropriately used in English , THAT ‘The
                  Chinese Phone’ or ‘The Chinese Phones’ are is loads better than
                  what blind d u m b w i t s blabber on here … NEVER said ALL of them are
                  good/great. I have always been General in my advocacy.

                  anyways … lets stop bickering like small children and see what cheezmall can bring us !

                  • see taobao they just buy good brand phones in China. They have 2 year warranty. Claiming warranty from aliexpress is totally different thing sadly.

                    • i see … thanks for adding to my info :)

                      hope the we’re clear and past the previous confusion b/w us :)

    • Bro hot note pro ki price fix hai 13900
      Bt ye ap ko market se 13000 se bhi km main mil jaye ga
      Btw hot note pro online mil raha hai
      Jb mobile local market se milta hai to market taxes or shopkeeper ka apna profit bhi hota hai
      To agar hot note pro bhi locally mily ga to price 6000 mazeed barh jaye gi

    • none as of yet … except for maybe an odd , under-powered gizmo you may find…

      lets see if there’s an influx of Chinese phones thorough Cheezmall … which will give u access to phones with MONSTER Batteries … like Oukitel k4000 (4k mah) or the Ulefone Power (6k mah)

    • Lenovo A-5000, P-70 are among good names. If you are on atight budget, also check Rivo Rhythm RX-75. You are definitely going to like it for its specs especially its battery capacity.

  • looks good on renders… but the phone is HORRIBLY outdated and pakistanis have GOT to stop being so dumb… 1 GB ram ?! 720 P ?! 8 GB rom ?! 32 bit proc ?! single flash ?! 8mp ?!

    come on people … do i have to be your tutor each time a PATHETIC phone is given coverage here.

    just go read on how CHEAP the LATEST 64 bit MTK chipsets are …
    while all phones being sold in pakistan are based on OUTDATED 32 bit cpus … which means corporations are making big bucks while openly scamming YOU mindless
    d o u c he s belonging to pak by selling outdated tech to you at a premium price !

    and MTK is Taiwanese , a developing country which NEEDS to sell in bulk
    to stay afloat , which means it’ll be more than happy to sell their
    chipsets to us at a cheaper rate if we ever were to think about
    assembling phones here… so there’s no argument for phones with 64 bit being scandalously expensive here … they should start from 10 k and onward

    STOP being the brainless d u m b w i t s you are and start demanding newer hardware on phones in the BUDGET category !

    • 64 bit processor with 1gb ram whats the benifts of having it, well i agree this is out dated phone with high price don’t know from where they earn with these type of phones

        • that’s reserved for mid-range angry young men. For this price and the specs it offers, it can be at least called decent. Infinix Hot Note may be a good buy but that is an online bargain, and Pakistani online portals are still not on the satisfactory level to be trusted for anything above 10,000 PKR

          • angry ?! da hel u talking about … im making my point
            and men ? i thought u were referring to just me …

            anyhow , this is all a scam … all u people do is buy outdated hardware at a premium. If a large part of the customer market would boycott this , im sure they’ll take the hint and stop scamming

            • Well to tell u a short story. I was once searching for a screen protector for my Lumia 720. I searched almost ALL the Hafeez Centre Lahore, and couldn’t find a single one. At the same time, there were all the accessories available there for almost each and every Q-Mobile crap model. I was amazed by a shopkeeper’s reply,” bhai jo set koi magta hi nahi hy uska saaman kyun rakehin” (about my Lumia 720). So yes, you have a point there that all Pakistani customers really should boycott these cheap brands. But here, IMHO, I think the big brands are to be blamed. As none of them, including the lucky bitch Samsung is taking this market seriously. It is only now that we are seeing Huawei doing some really aggressive campaign with their recent models. Otherwise, tell me honestly, how much promotion and publicity have you seen off late of the popular brands among which some actually have official distributors here (Inovi for Sony)? Even, Microsoft, whose most recent models have all based on this region (Pak-India) really didn’t put any serious effort. And once I was standing ina mobile store getting matte protector for my S3-Neo, when a well dressed Hi-Fi girl entered and asked the shopkeepr, “Bhai Qmobile ka wo wala model de dein jisky ad mein Sonam Kapoor aati hy” (she was actually talking about Z-6). I was really amazed by how she didn’t even know the model name but remembered it by its advertisement. And that was the day my bro, when I realized that “Jo dikta hai, wo bikta hai”. Peace!

              • peace out bro !
                good to hear your side :)

                BUt u should take a look at my profile and see some of the posts i made at propk about chinese mobile phones and the D U M B N E S S of the paki consumer who buys blindly (just like the hi-fi chick u mentioned) without even so much as looking at the specs !

                to be honest , everyone shoulders the blame. WE , the customers … the shopkeepers and even the stakeholders , i.e investors and all other big-wigs … who are literally blind in seeing the potential impact that cheaper and better things could bring to the society.

  • Review kab dikhayengy?
    Also why are you posting it now when it has been in the market for almost a month? Rivo should be talking about PZ-18 now which they just launched in the market.
    Yahan ki market bhi ajeeb hy, phones launch pehly hotay hein aur announce baad mein.

  • Assalam Ul Alaikum sir.i want to ask u a question about mobile.Which One Should I Buy nfinix Hot Note Pro Or Rivo Rythm Rx100.
    Confused Because Rythm Rx100 used Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 While Infinix Hot Note Pro Used MT6592M.

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