7 Companies That Raised $1 Billion Or More In A Single Funding Round

While there are companies that are proud of being valued among the list of billion dollar companies. There are a few that have reached that amount in just one round of fundraising. Know your unicorns so here they are!


Coupang can be called Korea’s Amazon. It’s a similar retailer that provides the best of deals and received great acceptance from Korean consumers. The company’s app was downloaded 25 million times (half of Korea’s population), managed 75 percent revenue retrieval and 85 percent of total traffic from mobile platforms, exceptional customer engagement and its very own logistics network. The company raised a lot of money last year when Sequoia invested a $100 million to help it reach $1 billion valuation followed by Blackrock’s investment of $300 million to boost the investment even more.

Investments: SoftBank funded $1 billion in Coupang this year after seeing the potential that the company offers in the Asian market.

Valuation: Coupang is currently valued at $5 billion.


Uber is a private car, taxi and ridesharing service. Its staff are the people themselves who register for the Uber service to become a freelance driver. The service was such a big hit that it received the award of Best Overall Startup in 2014 at the TechCrunch 8th Annual Crunchies Awards. It didn’t take the company long to go global with its reach expanding with huge amounts of funding.

Investments: Uber scored about $1 billion in a single round of funding from Microsoft and Bennett Coleman & Co.’s. Uber has managed billion dollar investments a stunning four times since its inception.

Valuation: Uber is currently valued at $50 billion. It’s the only company, after Facebook, to have a valuation of over $50 billion before going public.


SpaceX is an American aerospace manufacturer. The company develops its own advanced rockets. Founded in 2002, SpaceX aims to revolutionize space technology by allowing people to live on other planets. The company holds the record for being the only private company that has had its spacecraft make a trip to low-orbit space and return. SpaceX has also managed to attach its spacecraft to the International Space Station and return. The company plans several new spacecrafts and trips to the International Space Station in the coming years.

Investments: SpaceX received investments of about $1 billion from Google and Fidelity.

Valuation: SpaceX is currently valued at $12 billion.


Who doesn’t know about Xiaomi? The company began as a smartphone manufacturer in China but now manufacturers everything from TVs to internet routers. Xiaomi started just five years ago and has already become a competitor to giants like Samsung and has even held the third spot for a while in global smartphone shipments. Xiaomi smartphones and accessories are now available in several countries around the world as the company rises by leaps and bounds every year.

Investments: Xiaomi scored about $1.1 billion in one round of funding in 2014 from All-Stars Investment, Digital Sky Technologies, GIC Special Investments, and Yunfeng Capital.

Valuation: Xiaomi is currently valued at $46 billion and is still owned privately.


Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company founded in 2007. While it is registered in Singapore, the company works in India. The e-commerce company retails exclusive products from international vendors like Motorola while also retailing its own brands of products in the Indian market.

Investments: FlipKart managed to score about $1 billion in 2014 from Accel Partners, Digital Sky Technologies, GIC Special Investments, and Tiger Global Management.

Valuation: FlipKart is currently valued at $15 billion.


Facebook is the social network known to kids and adults from around the world. The social platform boasts 1.5 billion users, several times more than any of its competitors. Facebook has also ventured into several other markets like Virtual Reality and software development. The company also boasts an advertising platform that could soon match Google.

Investments: Facebook managed to score about $1.5 billion in 2011 from Digital Sky Technologies, Goldman Sachs.

Valuation: It is currently valued at more than $245 billion.


JD is a Chinese retailer and comes second in the e-commerce industry in China. The retailer was previously known as 360buy Jingdong Inc. and was founded in 1998. The company managed to hold initial public offering internationally before the Alibaba group and has therefore been able to expand its internal growth in the Chinese market as well as international retail in Europe. JD has its own warehouses and courier services and that differentiates it from its Chinese rivals.

Investments: JD.com managed to score about $1.5 billion in 2011 from Digital Sky Technologies, Tiger Fund and Walmart.

Valuation: JD.com valued at $25 billion after the investment.

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