Transpay: Making Payments for Pakistani Freelancers Easier

Transpay might not be a familiar name to many freelancers but if you’ve used Upwork for work, you’ve probably used their services to get payments from clients. Operational in Pakistan for the past three years through that collaboration, Transpay is looking to dig deeper into the lucrative local freelancing market.

The timing seems astute. We’ve previously talked about how freelancing is a popular revenue stream for many developers, designers and content creators in Pakistan and its popularity is only increasing. This year, Pakistani freelancers could hit the $1 billion dollars revenue mark and that’s turned a few heads.

However, there are challenges associated with freelancing. Pakistanis often don’t get equal footing on many platforms when it comes to payments. Withdrawals sometimes get very tricky and there’s a certain hesitancy when it comes to making freelancing a full time gig. That is where Transpay is hoping to help.

A division of Transfast Remittance LLC. Transpay is a cross border payments platform with the world’s largest, independent payment network worldwide. The platform uses end-to-end technology to enable instant transfers across a global proprietary network. Funds are delivered in the recipient’s local currency.

ProPakistani got in touch with Mohsin Mehmood, the Transpay country manager for Pakistan, and asked him more about the service he represents. Here’s what he had to say:

Transpay is a B2B and B2P service provider so our existing customers are freelancers who work for international employers and then get paid by them on Upwork.

However, Transpay is looking to help everybody who is working with foreign employers or business partners. Transpay can help freelancers, small to medium businesses and individuals requiring foreign payments.

Mohsin is a former freelancer himself and is passionate about making the payments part of freelancing as hassle free as possible. The way he describes his experience and requirements from a payments solution as a freelancer will ring true for a lot of you out there. He says:

I worked as a freelancer for many years and my biggest worries with the international payments were;

  • Quick payments
  • Simplicity while setting up withdrawals
  • Great customer service in case something goes wrong
  • No hidden fees or extra charges

Keeping these metrics in mind, I can safely and confidently say that Transpay is by far the best withdrawal service available for Upwork freelancers right now. In Upwork’s very own help center, recommended payment method for Pakistani freelancers is ‘Local Funds transfers’ and LFT is carried out using Transpay.

Transpay as a Service:

Transpay is billed as a simple, fast and secure end to end solution that’s connected to your banks. On Upwork, you just enter simple information about your bank account and SWIFT code and that’s pretty much it.

Most of the times funds are transferred within the same day, however it may take up to 3 business days.

More importantly, Transpay has local help available in Pakistan, in case you have questions or suggestions. They are also setting up a forum for easier access. In case you have any questions or need help, you can contact Mohsin directly via email at mohsin[email protected]global.

What Are Transpay’s Plans for the Future?

Transpay is looking to establish a long standing relation with freelancers and business owners in Pakistan. Among other plans in the pipeline is collaboration with other major freelancing platforms to offer their payment service.

In addition, Transpay is also offering cash pick up point concept for freelancers. Those who don’t have bank accounts will be able to choose to receive their payments on cash pick up points.

If you don’t use Upwork, Transpay can still be used seperately albeit it’s in a beta invitation phase right now. Mohsin assures us that it’ll be available for all very soon.


Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

    • Usama, the best thing about Transpay is that it is absolutely free for receivers. That means if you are receiving money, Transpay won’t charge anything from you. The fee charged on Upwork is charged by Upwork. Transpay doesn’t charge anything from you.

      Paypal integration is not possible yet.

      • Mohsin can you please drop an email at azeem[dot]yaseen[at]monet-online[dot]com

        Need to discuss about this initiative

  • I don’t get it. How is it possible for Transpay to not charge us anything, while providing us a service, for which they should be charging us?

  • Thanks for initiating Transpay. Just on the charges : So upwork states that it charges $4.99 on LFT.But it doesnt mention how much will it charge on Transpay?

  • When i use to Direct Bank Transfer/Local Funds Transfer fee 4.99$ for withdraw so $ Automatically change into Pkr without problem & which bank is best or account can help me???

    • Local bank transfer works with almost all major banks in Pakistan. I think you can choose the bank depending upon their set of services like Internet banking, customer services etc.

  • Yeah Good Luck with that, I got this reply from them “Thank you for your interest in getting paid with Transpay, we will review your request and notify you once a decision has been made. Please note that due to the high volume of requests we receive daily, it may take up to a few months before a final decision can be made.”

    Well i can mange solution for “Months” then i can mange after that too!!

    This is a Joke

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