Adobe Releases Illustrator Draw and Capture CC Apps for Smartphones

Adobe has released a couple of new apps for the photo perfectionists among you. Illustrator Draw and Capture CC both apps improve upon the previously removed apps from the app stores and merge them for a better experience.

Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw can be used to create illustrations with vectors. It is possible to draw freehand using five different pen tips, each having the option to change the size, color and opacity. You can add multiple layers allowing for depth and distribution, with the maximum limited to ten layers. You also have the standard options like duplicating, merging, flipping or adjusting multiple layers.

One of the best features of Illustrator Draw is that you can send a native file from the app straight to Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC so you can continue your work in more detail on a desktop. High resolution images are searchable in the app itself.

You can download Illustrator Draw for Android and iOS from Play Store and iTunes.


Capture CC

Capture CC, on the other hand, has all the features of Brush CC, Color CC and Shape CC all in one. You can capture, share and edit created designs and even use them in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC. If If you like any photo, you can extract the color themes and edit using the available pre-sets.

It also has features like a color wheel and RGB sliders for more manual control. You can quickly convert what you have created into vector graphics and later edit the contrast or create fills, and also toggle the details on or off.

You can grab Capture CC from both the Play Store and iTunes.

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