Google Aims to Supercharge Mobile Web with Accelerated Mobile Pages Initiative

Google has been aware of slow browsing problems faced by mobile users due to slow internet speeds or slow devices. To resolve the issue completely, Google has announced a new initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages. The search giant is aiming to drastically improve the website loading times using the new tech. If the project completes successfully, webpages will load much faster and still contain rich content including videos and animations.

The project is based upon AMP HTML which is a new open framework built upon existing web technologies but is much faster in loading speeds. What makes the new initiative big, is the involvement of big names. Adobe Analytics, Chartbeat, LinkedIn,, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress and about 20 other big names are already on board. Google says that it will work with its partners to bring more functionality to the project.

Web admins rely heavily on rich content like carousels, maps, animations and graphics, social plugins and videos to make their websites more interactive and user friendly. Ads are also something that is used on website to gain income from the readers. The new initiative will employ an open source approach which in-turn will let web developers make use of the same effects and features without relying on shared components and plugins. The initial technical specification has been released on GitHub with input and code from Google’s partners.

google amp projectWebsites that run on a server in one country take time to load when accessed from somewhere else around the world. Distribution is a key aspect across all devices and platforms across the world. To speed up connection (ping) times between websites and users, Google has taken another step to improve the caching speeds. Publishers can host their websites wherever they want while Google will make use of its high performance global cache to speed up load times. All of which will be free of charge.

Ads will also see an improvement with the new open source framework. Accelerated Web Pages will support a much more broad range of ad formats, networks and technologies. Using AMP HTML will not limit the websites to Google’s ad platform and they will be free to choose the network they desire and employ any format as long as it won’t affect the user experience. Subscriptions and paywalls will still be supported. Google will work with its partners to refine ad experience to perform as fast as Google wants with AMP HTML.

By making the project open source, Google expects the project to have a free flow of information. Google anticipates that this will make the web a lot faster for everyone everywhere. More details can be viewed on the AMPProject site here.

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