Internet Users to Get Slow Speeds Due to Submarine Cable Fault

Today is one of those days when submarine cables get a fault and internet speeds plunge across the country. Reportedly more than one of submarine back-haul fiber optic cables that connect Pakistan with rest of the world are facing some issues and hence the internet speeds, particularly for PTCL customers, are below normal.

While details are coming, it is said that west bound traffic to and from Pakistan is going to get impacted, however, back-up arrangements have been made and put in place to counter the damage.

Early reports claims that more than one submarine cables are at fault, hence estimated time required for full recovery may get longer than usual.

With growing internet population of the country and the demand, there is a serious work required to make sure that such faults in submarine cables — that happen every other month — don’t impact the end-user.

While private companies are putting their efforts and money to feed the bandwidth needs of the country, one may wonder if government could play a role to make back-haul connectivity more redundant than what we have today.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Submarine cable na ho gai, PTCL ki copper wire ho gai jo ghar k bahir se bara truck guzzarnay se toot jati ha :D

  • Still my PeeTCL Wingle is working like normal days. Yesterday, I faced bad browsing temporarily for few hours but everything went back to normal.

    • you are checking speed against a server in pakistan but the issue is connection outside pakistan it slows down data coming from eu and usa servers

  • Most you are checking speed against a server in pakistan on speedtest but the issue is in
    connection outside pakistan with traffic coming and going in EU and USA

  • PCCW of Hong Kong was trying to sell international bandwidth to LDI operators but thanks to efforts of Transworld in connivance with PTA this has been stopped. TW was scared prices of bandwidth would fall to lowest levels and it would be over for them.

    • Not entirely correct. There are many in PTA who support this but PTA DG Tariq Sultan is the culprit. He has alliance with TW and is using his influence to block cheap bandwidth to Pakistan and holding whole country hostage. Must be stopped.

        • Don’t worry when China will complete it’s fibre optic connectivity with Pakistan it won’t remain this much problematic.

    • You are connected to a Pakistani server. As the article states, an underwater cable carrying traffic from Pakistan to the West (EU, ME,USA etc) and vice versa was affected. As most of the websites are hosted in EU, USA; there are going to be slowdowns.

  • Facing slow internet since I am ? using Ptcl broadband service disappointment internet service by Ptcl all the time ? I am blogger and my works stuck off by slow internet or its not working all a time shame on ptcl

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