Kinnect2 Is A New Social Media Platform for Brand Consumer Engagement

British Pakistani entrepreneur Amina Nabi has launched a new social media platform for brand consumer engagement, Kinnect2 at the Kalvingore Art Gallery and Museum Glasgow. Speaking on the occasion Amina Nabi CEO and founder of Kinnect2 said that identifying the shift of social media and the requirements of brands and businesses evolving are need of time, there are failing results from current social media platforms, where engagement has fallen to below one percent.

“Kinnect2 was founded in Scotland in 2013 as a private limited company and aims to fill a gap in the market by allowing brands to retain data, which permits the creation and development of products and services that are truly needed and desired by consumers,” Amina Nabi said.

“This is first for a Pakistani entrepreneur to launch a social media platform of this scale,” said Amina.

“Kinnect2 will change the way marketing is done on social media, it will allow for consumer and brands to really engage and give brands the ability to gain feedback at the cost of just a click,” Nabi said, adding Kinnect2 is committed to connecting brands with interested consumers, and that the platform will offer rewards to users and allow brands to conduct influencer marketing and research, and behavioural studies, giving them control of what they wish to learn about consumers through the social media space.

Amina Nabi added that the platform allows consumers to influence brands that matter to them, on a global scale. It also offers brands market research tools, which allow them to have focus groups on the platform, and provides them with insight into consumer analytics.

Social media marketing is a necessity for any organisation in today’s information age. Currently, however, we are in a world of information overload, where it is difficult to hear a lone voice. Kinnect2 will give brands and consumers the opportunity to work together through co-creation, marketing, and development, thus influencing the market.

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