Kaymu Educates People About Online Shopping at Masala Festival in Lahore

Kaymu opened “Pakistan’s largest shopping mall in your pocket” at the Masala Family Festival held over the weekend in Lahore, an event which had over 400,000 visitors.

The Kaymu team was actively creating awareness of online shopping amongst the thousands of people who visited the Experience Lounge. Tablets and computers were available for people to browse through among the 200,000 products on the website.

Vouchers were distributed to people to further encourage them to partake in the activity, and allow them to have a firsthand experience of online shopping and consequently enhance the level of trust among people.

Along with the Kaymu team, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kaymu, Adam Dawood, was also seen interacting actively with visitors to explain how online shopping works and helping visitors download the Kaymu App on their smartphones.

The team answered various questions posed by visitors which included:

  • Are you sure the purchased product will actually get delivered to my doorstep?
  • Are you sure what I will receive will be the same thing that I have ordered?
  • Will I be allowed to return a product if it is damaged?

These and various other similar queries were actively entertained and answered by the team, consequently inculcating the concept of ecommerce and reducing the element of concern.

Interestingly, also present at the event were top Kaymu sellers – Uzair of City Centre, Usman of Electrotech, Misbah Bhatti of HKT Mobile Accessories and Ubaid of Cosmetics World. This re-emphasized the notion that Kaymu is essentially the platform which enables a buyer to connect with a seller, as well as helps existing sellers expand their reach and increase their customer base.

Of course, new sellers can also easily start a shop on the website with no investment in establishing office or shop space, or hiring employees for marketing one’s products.

It is commendable that players such as Kaymu are actively looking to expand the e-commerce industry and not simply increase understanding and awareness of their own platform but actually contributing to the industry at large.

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