Adobe Reveals Critical Flash Vulnerability, Only Solution Is To Uninstall

Adobe’s problems are far from over. After officially releasing security patches for various softwares which included Flash Player, the company has confirmed a major security vulnerability that affects software platforms ranging from Windows, Mac and of course, Linux. According to the company, this vulnerability is currently being used by hackers to target a limited number of users and the end result is that the hacker can crash or worst case scenario, take complete control of the computer remotely.

In order to get rid of this vulnerability, the only choice left for users is to completely uninstall Flash Player from their operating system.

Adobe has stated the following in debriefing the public concerning the security threat:

A critical vulnerability (CVE-2015-7645) has been identified in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Successful exploitation could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

As of right now, the company is hoping for a fix to be available next week. However, it is a very ambiguous statement since Adobe has not given an exact release date nor has it specified if all versions running Flash Player will be free of this vulnerability or not.

As stated earlier, every single using Windows, Mac and Linux is vulnerable to this new threat, although Adobe has stated that the attacks are limited. However, looking at the history of previous attacks, it is more than possible that hackers are able to branch out their operation’s proximity and start targeting a large percentage of users, which would put even more pressure on Adobe on sealing the vulnerability.

We will update you on the latest regarding the progress of the security patch.

  • Flash is choice of lazy web developers, no known cure for that (Excluding Developers of 90s and even first decade of this century, since they didn’t have any other option at the time).

    • How are you supposed to play videos on sites that basically use flash? Think before uttering gibberish.

        • Yeah. 2010 called. Because there are sites who still use flash player. By the way no hacker would be interested to break into your PC and steal your non-sense even if you use flash in 2010 aka 2015.

          • Youtube works on HTML5 and not flash anymore. Any site that uses flash needs to die off, the entire tech industry is rooting for it’s death, except Adobe.

            • Great. Are you a persistent moron? Still 90% of web utilizes flash. Youtube is not the only video sharing site out there.

              • Hahah, started to loose an argument, so started hurling abuses, lol, abuses won’t win you an argument, grow up. Then again, it is expected of the typical, self proclaimed, “l know it all.”, let’s discuss this when you grow up, OK?

      • You use a browser plugin that gives you the link to the video file, and then either play the video file directly in the browser (it’s almost always an h.264 encoded MPEG4 file as .mp4 or .flv, which Firefox and Chrome support natively) or use something like VLC.

        There are also offline programs like “youtube-dl” for Linux or OS X that will load the web page, locate the video file, and download it for you.

        I don’t need Flash. YMMV.

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