Solar Systems Provider Brighterlite Conducts Franchise & Retail Convention

Brighterlite Pakistan has recently conducted its first Franchise & Retail Convention in Islamabad.

Brighterlite Pakistan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brighterlite AS, a Norwegian Group, commencing business in Pakistan since year 2015 with a team of highly motivated professionals each having an extensive experience in different fields. The company’s business is to bring urban living standards to rural population around the globe by delivering state of the art Solar Systems to the people with lower incomes.

The systems are a combination of excellent thoroughly tested solar and battery technologies with advanced electronic payment systems. With a prior focus on healthy environment, Brighterlite assists subscribers to produce green energy at the lowest cost imaginable.

They provide systems on perpetuity basis, letting subscribers have the ease of no maintenance of the equipment, while charging extremely low monthly subscription fees starting from only Rs.490 per month, round the clock call centre support and convenient methods of payments.

This is why Brighterlite Pakistan is at its pace of development and has been able to stand serving around 6,000 individuals within 9 districts in a very short time. The company is keen to serve as many families as possibly by upholding our corporate values of being honest, making it easy and keeping our word to our subscribers.

  • While not being a participant at the Islamabad convention Brighterline A.S., is a good example for assistance to the low income group with PV Panel and already satisfied customer of 6000 are good example. Important thing is the yield from the PV Panel/Cell which is output of Watts/KWH in order to see the output being the benchmark. This is the great diversion from the friendly Chinese where the same is the issue which is Quality, QOS being un-answered. Yes we see some attractive prices not the real bench mark. Governmental controls/regulation resulted in one of the highest prices in the world. Suggest to pleae organise a similar event in Karachi with participation from urban/rural sector.

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