Internet Services to Remain Suspended During Ashura: TV Reports

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed Internet Service Providers to suspend their services in Karachi and various other districts of Sindh on 10th of Muharram or October 24th, 2015, local TV channels are reporting.

TV channels said that internet services are directed to remain offline in Karachi and various other cities of Sindh due to security reasons as terrorists are expected to use internet services to communicate among themselves to attack religious activities on 10th of Moharram.



Not to be mentioned, mobile phone services are also going to remain offline in at least 68 districts across Pakistan.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, however, told ProPakistani that it hasn’t issued any order for suspension of internet services. It said that there’s no plan of sending such directive to ISPs relating to 10th of Moharram.

When checked with various ISPs, they hadn’t received any service suspension orders from PTA as of yet.

It is quite possible that TV channels are reporting the service suspension of wireless internet services, such as PTCL EVO, WiMAX and 3G/4G services, which is quite usual as operators are directed to shut down these (data) services along with mobile (voice) services.

It won’t be out of place to mention that fixed internet, such as DSL, Fiber, Cable Net etc. don’t offer portability and there’s apparently no security breach possible due to such internet services. But you never know.

It is seen that PTA sends such suspension directives at the last minute to make sure that anti-state elements aren’t prepared in advance.

If TV reports are to be believed then it would be first time in the history of the country that internet services will get suspended during month of Moharram.

This is a developing story and we will let you know of any updates.

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  • One can’t just rely on JAG TV for any such news! One day or even hours without internet will result in millions if not billions to economy since many businesses rely on internet for their services. I don’t think PTA will take that step!

  • why does the government make shia muharram activity everyone’s problem. last year they shut down wireless internet for 3 friggin days! even one day of internet blackout (what PTCL broadband users call a normal service) is too much of a nuisance. What is the point of biometric registering mobile phones and internet services if the sindh government is still going to make security a problem for everyone who is not even part of the shia community. Are they deliberately making people resent the shia community for getting special treatment? I keep suspecting PTA deliberately bullies private ISP’s with such ad-hoc rules on PTCL’s request. If PTA suspects terrorists of using wireless internet service then what is there to stop them from using wired internet?
    either shutdown all service including PTCL,, and other wired service or don’t shut anyone’s internet!

    • democracy has done no favors to the people of pakistan. every democratically elected government has further disillusioned people and made them favor a dictatorship. strange that a dictator in Pakistan has been a paragon of responsibility to nation of pakistan more then it’s political parties who fervantly defend democracy and use it to line their own pockets!

  • As terrorists use Electricity, Water, Food, Air, ban ALL of them to protect Pakistani people from their terrorism. next year i think they will ban all natural resources too.

    • Fully agreed the ban is stupid, they should move their sorry a#$ and work on catching filth rather than blocking the entire internet. Stupid and arrogant move, people work using the internet in this day and age and these buffoons think they know better.

  • Pute mulk k banks malkasn shia hai to hamari economy shia chala rahe hain that’s why shia are powerful.

  • It is seen that PTA sends such suspension directives at the last minute to make sure that anti-state elements aren’t prepared in advance.

    But propakistani is sharing in advance so that they get themselves prepared in advance.

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