University of Lahore Becomes First Pakistani Institute to Go Live on SAP Completely

The University of Lahore (UOL) has successfully completed implementation of SAP ERP with help of Excellence Delivered (ExD) PVT Ltd. To celebrate this achievement, UOL will be holding “SAP ERP Go-Live Ceremony” on Friday 30th October 2015 at its Defence Road Campus, Lahore. Honorable Chairman PEC, Engr Javed Salim Qureshi will be presiding the event while Chairman UOL Mr. Awais Raoof, Pro-Rector Academics Mr. Nasir Mahmood and CEO ExD Mr. Sajjad Mustafa Syed will be guests of honor at the event.

University of Lahore prides itself for being at the forefront of many innovations and feats in the field of Higher Education in Pakistan. Starting from a humble beginning 14 years ago, UOL now has become one of the largest Private Sector Universities in Pakistan. In line with the vision of founding fathers of the University, UOL has been able to achieve all this success and aiming to achieve even further milestones. UOL has continuously invested in state-of-the-art technology and signed up with SAP AG and ExD for rollout of SAP ERP and Student Lifecycle Management System. SAP is one of the largest technology companies in the world and ExD is the leading implementer company of ERP in Pakistan and MENA.

With the completion Implementing SAP ERP, University of Lahore will not only be able to function more transparently and effectively in structured manner with lower operational cost but also be able to provide improved service delivery to its students and faculty and will become Pakistan’s first Institution to have such an implementation.

Chairman UOL, Mr. Awais Raoof appreciated Exd and UOL teams who oversaw the deployment of SAP ERP. He said “With your support and understanding in this process, this implementation is made in short timeframe and in the best possible manner”. Pro-Rector Academics, Mr. Nasir Mahmood added “SAP ERP makes us the first Pakistani University to deploy complete SAP system, This made UOL unique not only in Pakistan but the entire South Asian region”.

    • As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. Its innovations enable more than 296,000 customers worldwide to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively.

      More than 296,000 customers in 190 countries

    • Bruuhh, obsolete? What zone you living in? Step in the market and you will realize the value of SAP in Pakistan and worldwide

    • What a Stupid comment by Mr. Mutafvi. . .Do you know that SAP is. . .
      Wait, I don’t wanna waste my comment.

  • Misleading title! It’s just an ERP implementation, almost every university I know of, has one. That could be from a different vendor, or some use Open source and the rest build their own.

    • Hi Awais,
      How can we compare SAP with customized ERPs and any otehr local ERP. SAP is you know market leader in its field.

      • Hey, Syed!

        I see where are you coming from to this point of view. I have nothing against SAP. Let’s review what I wrote:

        “Misleading title!”
        Getting started with an ERP and “Becomes The First University to Go Live ON SAP” doesn’t really fit. Does it?

        “It’s just an ERP implementation, almost every university I know of, has one. That could be from a different vendor, or some use Open source and the rest build their own.”
        You are telling me, that SAP is the best ERP solution ever? There can be no different vendor or competition out there. And for what’s it worth I never mentioned “local”. Open source? Eh?

        • I understand, actually no one has gone for SLCM completely, they use it at Harvard or MIT so that’s why it is a big step. Even i was surprised that an educational institute in Pakistan is implementing SLCM and SAP with all modules. Public sector Unis should do it especially COMSATS so we can keep a check on financials :-p

  • Misleading title, LUMS has SAP and is soon becoming the only Higher Availability R/3 SAP architecture in Pakistan with each and every requirment being met with international standards. Please AGAIN get ur facts straight. Plus get the audit report done on SAP ERP in UOL and lets see where there ERP stands

    • Actually LUMS used some modules, UOL adapted complete SLCM module and is completely on SAP now. LUMS use one of their own customized erp and some modules of SAP so that’s why title says “completely” in the end :-)

    • Bilal, if you work with LUMS, you are most welcome to visit us and see how we are doing things at UOL.

      Best of luck!

  • Other universities should also follow introduction of SAP. This step will render our universities at par with the international ones.

  • I studied in Uni of Lahore, its a ghatia and baqwas university that mis-guide the students at every stage. Lalchi loog is University ko run ker rahe han.

  • In Education Industry, Oracle’s “People Soft” is the most popular ERP solution. The second most popular in the world and first in North America is “Banner”…so SAP is behind them in the race of Education ERP solutions. LUMS is using People Soft ERP solution in Pakistan.

    • Majority of Pakistani Universities started using PeopleSoft because “HEC” bought it for them at exuberant cost. We did a complete evaluation of the Pakistani eco-system to see how it is working out for them. Unfortunately it isn’t.

      When we compared SAP’s SLCM it definitely has lesser reach than Banner (which has us K12 ecosystem, not HEI), and PeopleSoft which was so good that Oracle bought it outright but you will be surprised that it does not necessarily work for Pakistan. We are definitely going through a massive experiment and inherent risks but as per our calculation they are very much worth it at the moment.

      LUMS is using PeopleSoft for now, rumours are abound that they are waiting for UOL to roll out so they can also make the transition. Which by the way makes sense given their foundation is on SAP ECC and integration with SLCM will make good sense for them.

      • LUMS is also using customized “Zanbeel” they are on couple of modules of SAP too but trying too many things, different for every department! UOL is first one to implement SAP SLCM

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