Microsoft Begins ‘#Upgrade Your World’ Campaign in Pakistani Schools

Microsoft has launched the ‘Upgrade Your World’ campaign’ in Pakistan, to create awareness among the school children, about the benefits of upgrading your computers to the latest Microsoft ‘Windows 10’. This series of Road shows will showcase the latest Windows10 along with detailed insight about different programs of Microsoft for young students and opportunity to meet with Microsoft team.

Beginning from the city of Bahawalpur in southern Punjab on the 10th of November 2015, a team of Microsoft professionals will visit numerous schools and colleges to inform and guide the students about the powerful features of ‘Windows 10’. This initiative will later proceed northwards, through 10 major cities of Pakistan, visiting the prominent academic institutions in each city and conclude in Islamabad on the 20th of November, 2015. The activity is being supported by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

As a part of this campaign, an enlightening ‘Bloggers Evening’ will also be conducted in Lahore, on the 15th November, 2015. A large number of bloggers will be invited to the event, where the team of Microsoft experts will disseminate valuable information to enhance the skills, knowledge and outreach of the participating bloggers, besides lauding the performance of the outstanding bloggers.

The Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan – Mr. Nadeem Malik stated that:

Today marks a real milestone in our “Upgrade Your World” initiative in Pakistan. We are fortunate enough to see the real impact this organization is making and will make first-hand impressions at different schools. We will be providing children with a Windows10 upgrade, so they can learn more and create more impact, around the world.

This has truly been an inspiring way to launch a new generation of Windows and we look forward to sharing and creating greater momentum. We hope that the children in Pakistan will derive maximum benefits from these roadshows.

Microsoft is making fast progress on a broader goal of celebrating people and organizations showing commendable performance. It has been truly exciting to see how Microsoft’s employees and general public around the world have been mobilized for action, since the launch of the campaign to #Upgrade Your World. Whether sharing a meal with less fortunate individuals, donating items to those in need or visiting a secondary schools to create awareness among the students, people all over the world have embraced the movement and joined in to make a difference –big or small.

  • After reading the title, i thought.. A bunch of techies going to a school in some far flung area villages with students not even knowing what a computer is…. and telling them the “powerful features of Windows 10”, boy.. wouldn’t that be a sight! :D
    But then I read “prominent education institutes in major cities..”, that just kills the purpose i guess.. ofcourse the students of prominent institutes are going to know already what a windows 10 is and more or less what is changed in it.
    Still, nothing against the campaign but I guess the only useful thing they can tell them is to first crack your old windows 7/8s in order to get free “activated Windows 10”, if you update over a trial version of windows, your windows 10 won’t be activated. For the good word of mouth, distribute the working activator as well :P
    Jokes aside, they should also focus on the basic IT education in less prominent areas/institutes..

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