TCS Passport Express Service Announced for Home Delivery of Passports

Government of Pakistan has announced a new service which will let citizens have their new passports delivered straight to their homes. The new service has been launched in collaboration with TCS. Chaudhary Nisar, Minister of Interior Affairs, announced the new project at the NADRA headquarters in Islamabad. The minister had previously stated that the service would launch by June 2015 but got delayed due to unspecified reasons.

The new service will make the process of getting new passports much more convenient and economical. The option of having home delivery of passports will only be available for the latest Machine Readable Passports (MRP). MRP is a relatively new Public Sector Development Program from the Government of Pakistan which requires manually issued passports and visas to be converted to machine readable and printable ones. Validity of Passports has also been increased to 10 years.

TCS will manage the whole home delivery process. The postal company will retrieve passports from the Passport Office and deliver them to the address registered at the time of application by the applicants. To ensure security and reliability of the service, only the applicant or their authorized representative will be able to receive the passports. TCS states that passports will be delivered within the time frame quoted by the Passport Office. The new service will called TCS Passport Express.

Available Districts for TCS Passport Express Service:

The swift and reliable passport home delivery service will only be available in 7 districts during the first few months. The districts covered under the new project are Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi. Delivery service will begin with Islamabad and Rawalpindi and then expand to the rest of the five districts. The fee for Passport application can now be submitted at more than 380 National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) branches.

Another Step Towards A Modern Government:

The Minister also revealed new Online Pakistan Origin Card (POC) and Online Family Registration Certificate services offered by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). He also mentioned that SMS complaint and feedback services for the issuance of Passports and NADRA documents were already active. Ch. Nisar added that the ministry is trying its level best to end corruption in NADRA and Passport offices and that online services will help in reducing this nuisance.

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    • POC is issued to those people who have surrendered Pak. Nationality and living in abroad.. Or they are born in foreign country with their nationality but have blood/ close relatives in Pakistan… They don’t have right of vote but visa free entry to pakistan + business etc. Nicop+ cnic are for pak citizens..

    • Same here and the passport validity is still 5 years by default, not 10. Total waste of time and the SMS service does not seem to work either. Sent an SMS to 9988 for status update, a system generated SMS was sent back without any update and their emails bounce back!

  • lol Wrong Status update grin emoticon actually you must update.
    after getting hectic and worst experience in Passport Office now you can receive your passport in home.

    this is only home delivery service and this is not like applying from home

    • Dear Hamid,
      I need to discuss something regarding changing name on passport after Iqama issued. Can you please contact me on whatsapp, call, facebook anything convenient to you my cell number is 0538426529.

      • Sorry I am not agent but I can share with you my personal experience for changing name on iqama after passport.

        • I know you are not an agent what I meant was to have discussion on it as I recently moved in to KSA. Name on my entry visa and Iqama was according to previous passport which infact was wrong. I have recently changed my passport and corrected name on it but my Iqama is still with old (Wrong) name. My company GRO went to jawazat the updated everything on the system but not the name. Is there any procedure to correct it? Will it have any effect on my entry exit?

    • Dear Hamid,
      Please share with me your contact whatsapp, facebook or anything convenient to you i need to discuss something related to changing name on iqama after changing it on passport. My contact is 0538426529 same on whatsapp.

  • A step in right direction. Very rare to see something good from this government to praise and this is one such.

  • Good initiative but does it solve the real problem that the masses face? The hassles of going to a Passport Office, standing in long queues, having to go to a Bank branch to submit your challan, etc?

    380 National Bank of Pakistan branches are never going to be enough for 200 million people in this country! Then limited branch working hours and bank holidays.

    Why can’t they open payments to any and all bank branches? Why can’t I make the payments from my online banking from any branchless banking service?

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