Get Voting Details for Local Government Elections 2015 with ECP’s Android App

Election Commission of Pakistan has launched an Android application for smartphone users called LGE 2015. The aim of this application  is to educate and inform people on how to cast your vote in local bodies elections being currently held in Sindh and Punjab.

Since KPK and Balochistan have already completed their local bodies elections, only Sindh and Punjab are left. The first phase of polling has been completed. Here are the remaining phases left:

  • Second Phase: November 19, 2015
  • Third and Last Phase: December 5, 2015

You can download the Android application from here to get voting details for the remaining phases for Local Government Elections 2015.

For now, the functionality is only limited to these options:

You will see ‘ELECTION COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN’ and its Logo and following menu:-


Some Notes for Improvement

Right now the app only features some barebones functionality for the stil-ongoing local bodies elections. In order for voters to get more out of this application, in future updates, people can view their registration and voting eligibility details and see if any changes are required. This can help in fixing the issue of outdated voters list. Also, the app needs geo-location capabilities in order to pinpoint the nearest polling station near you. Features like these can go a long way in enhancing voter participation in local elections and it can also represent a new milestone for how technology can help usher in a new era for participatory politics. Mobilizing voters and making the process of voting convenient is in the interests of everybody involved.

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