Live Traffic Feature on Google Maps is Finally Enabled for Pakistan

The long awaited feature of “Live Traffic” details in Google Maps for Pakistani cities was something that we all wanted so badly, especially because we never know about Pakistani roads and traffic and often end up on a route to discover that its jam packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic.


The news is that Live Traffic for Pakistani cities is now enabled, for selected routes for now. But since “live traffic” details are being rolled out in phases, you can expect more cities and routes to show “live traffic” details very soon.

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For now we can confirm you that live traffic is enabled for Islamabad and Lahore, while usual traffic details — such as traffic situation on a route for specific time — is enabled for more cities, almost for every city that we checked.



As you can note, along with live traffic you can also see traffic incident details, such as if road is closed or if there’s an accident, construction going on or any other incident on road for which traffic might be slow.

You can enable “Live Traffic” feature by clicking menu and clicking on “Traffic” button.


Live traffic details can be viewed both on mobile app and desktop.


For cities where live traffic is enabled, reporting was found to be quite accurate. However, it is observed that yellow lines shouldn’t be worried about much, unless routes are red that one must avoid.

Do let us know your experience and if you found the live traffic reporting accurate or not. Happy Driving.

Thanks Atif Farrukh for Tipping.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


    • It sucks but you can make a free US apple account and login with that to get maps then re login with previous account

    • Its due to disagreement of terms and conditions between Apple and Google over local version of store.

      Tip: Switch to US AppStore and install Google Maps

      • its not that easy sir.even if you change country to us.your home adress and phone number will be it wont have to go through a whole fake process of US name,home adress,zip code and a local phone number then you will be able to switch to us store.try it

    • there are plenty of ways to get google maps from you can get US or CANADA id and phone number via some websites.and then in app store settings change your location to US.and you will get google maps.i have done it and using google maps

  • Waze has a good crowdsourced traffic alert (which is used by Google as well) and is available for both iPhone and Android in Pakistan while google maps for iPhone doesn’t show in Pakistani App Store

    • Waze is not just used by Google, but owned by it. But keep in mind that Waze was developed in Israel by former Israeli soldiers (just like Viber) so boycott is recommended as far as possible.

      • Jis computer se tum post kar rahe ho woh kis Maulana ne banaya tha? Is your computer Halaal Certified?

        • there is no other way .. All computers, Camera(s) are made by them but when we have alternative its best to use that…..

          • The problem with pakistanis we push religion into every single thing and it makes my brain hurt so bad you have no idea. If you don’t want to be stereotyped as a muslim terrorist don’t stereotype Israelians and child murderers

          • Don’t make excuses. If you’re a true Muslim you will stop using your computer. Come on. Do it.

          • You see the thing is the media is owned by the rothschild family.
            They also set the prices for the world’s gold as they own aobut 50 % of the world’s mines so there is no way you can stay alive if you just go against all the jews and also I thought as a muslim you have to defend christians and jews too?
            Keyboard jihadi much.

  • good feature, the problem is how it works actually Google is monitoring the movement of every gps capable smartphone

  • Well, i guess it not for karachi as option is still not available. However, it is working in Lahore and Isalamabad.
    This feature can help terrorists for planning scap road. Government must act and stop this now!

    • Lolz
      Its already avilable in uk etc. Phir wahan kyu nahi kich faida hota terrorists ko live traffic se??

    • Sorry but this comment was so stupid and dumb. Esay excuses he rkho gy toh bas phir Pakistan nahi taraki kr skta :/
      ek feature agr as gae hai itnay wait k baad toh usay bhe band krdo ?

      • This feature cannot work in offline mode cause the application has to download traffic data from its servers in order to show you traffic information.

  • The App is amazing and accurate.The red lines are there also when cars are stopped on a traffic light. So the trick is to see the length of the road that is red and see the criss cross roads next to the red lines.

  • I believe it has been rolling out from past 6 months. The live traffic maps worked for me even 4,5 months back when i used to navigate b/w Islamabad to RWP.

    • Yes it would be nice if they bring up the street view (photo spheres) photos at least inside the google maps app, which people are contributing for, its hard to open a seperate street view app and search for views ..

  • can you please give any update on when Google will enable side turn by turn NAVIGATION support for Pakistan?

  • I’ve tried this, it works so fine in Lahore.
    Also if you can’t see Google Maps in iOS Appstore. Simply open appstore, in first tab scroll to bottom, tap your apple id, there view account, and change your country to US, you can use address as “state: NY” city as east elmhurst, phone number any random u like, and postal code 10001 ! Its easy. if you feel it difficult, then install vshare app from safari browser (google vshare install) once installed open the app and u can search for “google maps” download this. And if you are jailbroken, then simply install appcake and appsync unified from cydia. And from appcake u can install the google maps.
    hope it helps. Let me know if u have any questions.

    • I am unable to see any start NAVIGATION button. is it not enabled yet? (turn by turn navigation)

      • its enabled already, last time i reach a place in the center of city by using this navigation

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