PTCL to Increase Freedom Package Charges to Rs. 599 Per Month

PTCL has decided to increase (single play) freedom package charges from current rate of Rs. 499 per month to Rs. 599 per month starting right from next month.

PTCL, with a note posted on its website, said that Freedom Package for landline only customers, the charges will be deducted at Rs. 599 per month from December 1st, 2015 onwards.

New charging rates come with unlimited on-net calling both local and nation-wide, while 100 free PTCL to Ufone minutes are also being offered.


PTCL Broadband Packages

PTCL also notified its freedom package customers about the price increase through monthly bills that were sent to customers this months.

Offer Details:

  • Package charges: Rs. 599 per month (effective 1 December 2015)
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls (local and long distance)
  • No Line Rent
  • Mandatory for NTCs
  • Standard Off-Net, Mobile and International Calling Charges will apply
  • Also available on Opt In basis for existing customers
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls
  • 100 Minutes to Ufone
  • Free CLI

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  • Please correct the post
    The package charges are currently 499 not 250…
    250 waala package alag he aur 499 waala alag he

  • just because this is the only land line service available.. they have starting miss using this advantage… now the irony is this is the minimum price package they are offering for the customers who are not using their useless internet package…so now u have to pay 600 without taxes even if u do not make a single call…..

  • Please next time you write something make sure you’re writing complete information. I litarelly called 1218 to unsubscribe from freedom package. While I am currently paying 299 Rs + bb charges and I never made a single call to anyone via landline. luckily my call didn’t go throw. Then I came back and checked your (attached picture) And noticed (landline Only) but I’m not landline only customer. That’s why I’m not paying 499/month. landline only customers are subject to pay 499rs monthly. And landline + BB customers are paying 299 for freedom package. Get your mind right and next time if your write something. Write it with complete knowledge/awareness. Do not waste our time. Thank you!

  • How ignorant the author is!!! Single play freedom package currentlyis 499 and not 250. double play ffreedom is rs. 250. Ptcl is only increasing 100 rs and they are now also giving 100 free ufone minutes (worth rs. 250) and CLI(worth rs. 30).

    • I was shocked too. When I saw 250 to 599 per month. I almost ended up unsubscribing from freedom package. Then I realised it was not for broadband customers. @Amir Atta got me at 250 to 599.

    • Because you don’t have other options. Just like me. Using its landline phone since 1992. BB since it launched in my city. Still BB dies for up to 15 days straight. No one from exchange bothers to solve my connectivity issue. Mostly I figure out problems myself. Why I am stuck with them because no other options :(

    • Unless you are living abroad, or in United States of Islamabad, you don’t have many options other than using Broadband. 3G/4G at this point is too expensive, and with its limits, its basically useless for an average person who regularly uses internet, or for downloaders etc. Not to mention, online gaming on a Wireless connection is a pain given the extremely high latencies.

      • United States of Islamabad? O_o

        High speed fibre connections are also available in parts of Karachi, Lahore and Pindi.

  • *** Landline Broadband users will continue to pay only Rs. 250/month for Freedom Package ***

    I called PTCL 0800-80800 to unsubscribe for Freedom Package. The PTCL representative told me that this package CANNOT be unsubscribed because it is the default package. It has also become the default package for all new connections (existing connections may apply to get its subscription).

    She also told me that the landline connection subscribers that have internet service too (like broadband) will continue to pay 250 for freedom package.

    Rs. 599/month will be charged for those connection that do not have internet on landline.

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