Indian Hackers Crush Mega.PK by Hacking and Deleting all Their Data

Mega.PK, one of the oldest and premium online stores that specializes in laptops, smartphones, Cameras and accessories, was hacked by Indian hackers a few days ago and reportedly they have lost all the data and are unable to get back online.

Initially we thought that it was a routine hacking activity and that Mega.PK will be back online soon, however, they have been offline for over a week now and we are hearing that all their data was deleted, leaving the company empty handed with no option but to remain offline for an extended duration.

Our sources tell that Indian hackers are behind the incident.

Mega.PK, an online company from old days, was best known for its prices for laptops. They also used to deal in Smartphones, Cameras and other electronic devices.

For now we aren’t sure if they have any back-up data available with them or not. But with over one week of down-time, they are not only going to lose customers but search engine’s love in terms of ranking too.

Currently is showing a blank page, and there’s no sign of their returning back.

This incident should act as a lesson, for Mega.PK and other online businesses, to stay vigilant in safe-guarding their online properties and more importantly, keeping a secure back-up of whatever you do online.


Mega.PK approached us to tell that they were maintaining back-ups with GoDaddy, however, when needed GoDaddy is taking forever to restore the back-up data.

Mega said that its been over a week now that GoDaddy has failed to restore the back-ups and they have no option but to restore a local back-up which is few weeks old. It said that they are considering to file lawsuit against GoDaddy for charging them for a service and not delivering it when required, causing them unrecoverable losses in terms of business and search engine rankings.

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  • At least Indian Hackers have given them good lesson to learn that is always have additional backup in case of attack and invest some money in securing your website.If they had these safety measures in place then this would not have happened.

  • Don’t they have any backups? I mean weekly backup of data is a routine in all ecommerce stores?

    • It depends upon whether you subscribed for a backup service from or not when opting for hosting services. If you had then is liable to return the backups, but I, too, have a bad experience with godaddy in terms of backups. They take lots of time.

  • Great indians. As a Pakistani i love my Rival country and i must say they should attack us more and more.
    we both fool countries deserve war.

  • Sad thing is this, when I get access to Indian sites, I don’t delete their data, I just email the admin regarding the loop holes and I think this is what professionals do and I am proud we have ethics in our blood. Though we have a number of Pakistanis here in our country who deface the webpages and consider themselves heroes. These script kiddies need to learn some ethics now.

  • Never forget to backup data frequently. One should never trust host for backups unless you are paying them money for premium backup service.

  • What could have gone wrong? And what is the most secure CMS to use? I don’t know whether they were using WordPress, Prestashop or Open Cart, but I want to know which is the most secure platform to use, if you are building an online store?

    • Every CMS has its own +ive and -ive. None of them is more secure than other. It all depends on how you set thing up and what effort you put in securing it.
      That being said, I don’t think they were running WordPress.

  • I really hope they have backups or they are screwed … :(
    Not many “local companies” have decent hosting setup or security for their server and certainly not backups. I hope they learn the lesson this time ..

  • develop your site in php and word press which 90% Pakistani companies do and open it to thousands of vulnerabilities. I get that these are quick development options i will not say cheap because their are other cheap alternatives but two things, first a site the scale of got to be developed in java or c# or atleast ruby, 2nd please don’t use cms for big projects like this one especially word press or jumla.

    • Are you telling me PHP is not secure and C# Java and Ruby are ? Companies of the size of should get rid of developers who know nothing but WordPress and get some real programmers and system Administrators, after all there whole business stands on these two pillars.

  • it’s all mistake of IT Manager or whoever is managing the website. A Developer should get the backup of website database & order & product picture after every 2 hours.if they are making money and running good business through, then i dont think it will take minimum 6 hours to restore their website again after it hack.

    if i am managing 5 companies websites . out of 5 if 3 websites daily getting 1,000 Visitors, then surely i will put the CuteFTP on auto download Time after 120 Minutes…it will get the back up of one website after every 120 minutes……but i dont think the Guy of is IT Expert. else he should must have solution.

    i very well know of Website Security because i spend my JOB 3 Years in a Software house where always just develop Holland Shopping Cart.

    A Lesson for others companies, they should keep backup everyday

  • Strange! big company like managing their accounts with godaddy. Even a newbie webmaster knows that godaddy is a crap company. Only non technical people choose godaddy for hosting their websites.

  • @aamir7:disqus I know its off topic, but just a suggestion. You should have an article listing all the e-commerce sites offering discount this Friday. This way it would be easier for everyone to access those sites from one single article.

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