China to Invest $1.5 Billion to Setup Science Park in Islamabad

It appears that several businessmen and individuals believe that Pakistan is a region worth investing, with China perhaps being the closest ally of the country in this regard. Now, coming to the latest update at hand, the Minister for Science and Technology, Rana Tanvir Hussain has signed a memorandum of understanding, along with another Chinese minister by the name of Un Urmaqi.

According to the details, the Chinese minister has invited several friends of his to visit Islamabad during the month of December in order to decide the location for the construction of a grand park. The park, which is being called the Pak-China Science Park, is expected to commence construction by March 2016, although there were no details provided on when the massive scale project will be expected to finish.

A total amount of $1.5 billion US dollars are going to be invested in making the park, which only shows how large the park is going to be once it is completely finished. Tanveer Hussain expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese government and said:

We are looking to strengthen our mutual ties on economic as well as technological fronts.

He added the project is just another step to add another layer to the friendship foundation that Pakistan and China have maintained for several years. The added advantage will be that more jobs will be created in the process, at least in the geographical region of Islamabad. While the project would commence construction in March 2016, let us keep on hoping that the project is not met with further delays and hiatuses, since it could require the Chinese investors to start adding more money as a result of the delay.

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