Zong to Invest USD 1 Billion in Next Two Years: Deputy CEO

‘Zong will invest $ 1 billion in next two years as part of its network expansion plan for rolling out 3G and 4G technology across the country,’ said Niaz A. Malik, Deputy CEO of Zong while speaking with ProPakistani on the sidelines of 2nd Consumers IT and Telecom Conference on Friday.

Next Generation Technologies are very exclusive and expensive. However, Zong has taken the leadwhen it decided to roll out its infrastructure at a faster pace in Pakistan. Their ultimate aim is to provide qualitative services to telecom consumers of the country.

Zong has already invested heavily in the country on the licenses and its network advancement. It currently has 45 percent share in the FDI out of the total cellular sector investment, and now it will continue its investment plans to maximize  penetration locations in the country.

But the government should realize the fact that in order for investment to increase, its inevitable that taxes placed on 3G and 4G technologies be removed. These extra taxes are a hurdle that is holding back enhanced data consumption by the consumers. We hope that the government will provide relief to customers who use more data for their personal and commercial usage, therefore benefiting the masses and economy of the country, he added.

Malik avoided responding to queries about Zong’s settlement of spectrum issues with PTA and its further plans about LDI and LL operations.

Speaking to the audience earlier, he said that telecom companies are not fleecing its consumers. Rather they are offering the lowest call packages in Pakistan as compared to different countries. Even international calls in Pakistan are lower than different countries which can be confirmed with Pakistanis living abroad.

Niaz said the mobile phone companies don’t operate independently without any checks or balances. But its also binding on the competent authority and government bodies such as PTA and MoIT to adopt mechanisms that measure service quality of mobile phone operators and their service charges.

Responding to objections raised earlier in the conference by a speaker, he said that packages are offered to customers based on their demands which will be continued in future as well. Telecom operators could not follow dictation of a particular school of thought that a package should be banned or continued.

He said the call drop ratio on the network of mobile companies is an issue mostly witnessed in certain under-controlled technical conditions.

He said that a consumer association should work with telecom operators to address issues of consumers. In this regard, Zong extends its support for research and knowledge sharing with any association willing to work for telecom consumers.

  • So finally there is a benefit of competition to consumers and this is what car manufacturing companies should understand but they are all same and will not going to change their behavior.

  • ” taxes placed on 3G and 4G technologies be removed”
    Weren’t they removed already???
    Or are you talking about the taxes in kpk n sindh???

  • Zong 3rd class network .zong customer AGR port out Hona chahay tu tang kartay hain or agr sim naam say hatwani ho phr tang krtay hain or logon k paisay khud kat laitay hain mairi baat ki tasdeek k liay survey kr saktay hain

  • Zong has excellent 4G LTE, I get consistent speeds of 30 to 40MBps, what more can you ask, they just need to introduce unlimited package, and they will blow away the competition. Keep up the good work, haters will always be there ….. they just an’t appreciate quality…. let them stick with pathetic PTCL, or 2 to 5mbps mobilink speeds….

      • They can’t. By aquiring Telenor there market share will cross 40% of total market which falls in Monopoly categary. but there is option of Ufone

        • Monopoly is when your market share is more than 36% … so how come Mobilink and Warid are merging when their combined share is more than 37%?

          • Here Competition Commission of Pakistan take action when it crosses 40% market share by single company.

    • bhai ap ko pata nahe hai spectrum is limited they can never introduce unlimited package….. as it will use up all the spectrum and bring down the service.

    • We don’t hate zong infact zong hate is living in cities like Abbottabad where they are taking money from us and providing us 3d class 4G speed which is even lower than your 3G speeds .. Getting 20plus on 4G is a dream in Abbottabad .. Do we own free money ? Why should we waste on these bunch of morons where they simply fool the customers and take their hard earned money .. Atleast allocate thr bandwidth for cities like Abbottabad.. Its not only islamabad ,lahore,karachi on the map of Pakistan.

  • Third class people are saying that ZONG is a 3rd class company, as said by someone “Haters make me famous”. Bhai 10 rs wala lays kahreedny ky pyse nai hai appky pass aur beth ky Zong jyse company ko discuss kr rahy ho.

    • Hamza: is not the end customer who is supposed to provide a real feedback? And 70% of consumers do not have power of luxury like Lays..:p Or is it people like you who are working in Zong at a foot bottom of management hierarchy??

    • I was a fan of zong but from past few weeks due to frequent problems in call making I am disappointed at zong and wont recommend it.

  • Knee jerk reaction to Mobilink Warid merger. Zong left further back in the race. Zong is still good company with most expenditure going into more tower build out. Their product will become Number 1 soon but will take time for sales to match.

    • Zong is going to have their own cable to serve international bandwidth in approx 2 years. Hence, they became market leaders the day they bought 3+4 G license. If they were to buy the remaining 4G license (which will obviously be low priced this time), they will kill Mobilink+Warid merger soon. Zong is free of two major headaches i.e. cost of equipment+services and funds to spend.

        • It might be better if they had kept 3g spectrum to just 5 MHZ slot and kept LTE slot at 15 MHZ. Because LTE is most efficient standard for data transfer.

  • Please don’t trust their fake claims because internally cost cutting and capex saving is heads of all tops guns. Unbelievable they failed to beat Warid even after spending so much in 4G license how can they claim to be number one in future. As long as their management is in the hands of insecure and incompetent people they can only dream….

  • my zong tells me again and again that I have 0 balance then after a restart it says I have *** rupees which is my actual balance. I am not using any balance but why zong disables my call and says you dont have enough money for this call and after restarting the phone I can call without problems?, clearly zong’s service has deteriorated. And I think this is just the beginning, it will get worse….

  • China, Russia and Europe will be in competition in Pakistan in near future.Look at the merger of MOBILINK and WARID. ZONG might acquire some mobile company and European may also join hands. In future there is going to be a lot of investment and competition in Pakistan as soon as Pak China and Pak Russia economic corridors start functioning. More OFC will be laid to connect Pakistan with India,Iran,Afghanistan,Oman and China.

  • Zong is the worst nightmare , their 4G is nam ka 4G .. Ask this ceo whether they arent fooling customers on the name of 4G in different cities.. I will give the example of Abbottabad .. Where they have advertised that they are giving 4G but in reality you can call it a 3G .. It doesnt even go above 8 to 9Mbps.. What sort of 4G is this?? Are we fools living j. abbottabad?

    • Bro you are so lucky that you are even getting 7mbps of speeds from zong in abbotabad.. if you are really a pakistani.. try other networks then say anything regarding zong!

      • Not a big deal mobilink is providing 8Mbps in Abbottabad on their 3G.Lucky ?? Am paying them i dont wana be lucky.. Give quality services when you take money

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