Poll: How Was Your Black Friday Shopping Experience?

Thanks to domestic ecommerce companies, this year we were introduced to Black Friday deals for first time in Pakistan’s digital history. While there were many aspects that are going to serve as lessons for the online stores, there were cases where shoppers enjoyed hefty discounts.

Here we wanted to ask our readers about their experience during the Black Friday to see how it really ended up for the shoppers as a whole.

Participate in below poll and let us know of your experience:

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  • Need more time. Once I receive my goods then only I can comment. Whether I get genuine products or get chuna from an online store…

  • Guys, its too early to state that BF is successful or not in Pakistan. I would rather be interested in a poll where the question should like this.

    Q-1: Do you know BF?
    Q-2: (If you know BF) how much it excite you?
    Q-3: Did you find something interesting in offering deals?
    Q-4: Would you like to buying something if get anything interesting?
    Q-5: (If yes) what would be you favorite payment module?

  • Even Discounted Rates Are very expensive on kaymu the beats pill replica on discounted price is is 2200-2500rs and delivery charges are about 150-180rs and i saw the same replica in market for about 1000rs

  • Bought a oven from Daraz.pk for 3999 by Easypay (market price 4999) and it was a defected piece, didn’t work. Now I have to visit service center to get it repaired. Service center is around 30KM away from my house. So I will use around 6 liters of petrol (round trip) of my car to get it repaired, plus my time. Now you can imagine how the black friday sale at Daraz.pk was for me.

    Lesson learned: I’m never buying anything online now. We could atleast check the product on a retail shop.

  • I availed good discounts, but I am worried about whether I would be delivered the right products. I bought shoes, there were very good discounts on shoes, I just hope the shoes I receive are not defective or anything!!

  • My BF was seeing gr8 deals on international sites and then getting jealous for what garbage sites we have here!

  • non-sense blacky day its a kina trick, they all rise up their prices & offer huge discounts which are good for blunderheaded(fool) person otherwise you get easily robbed by WOW! Marketing Stunts, so Beware!

  • a little bit discount on daraz & 300+rs shipping fees lolz, bytes.pk asks for 100rs shipping fees, other online services require 200rs shipping fees, I couldn’t get why the hell it was 300rs+, left the site.

  • Bought a defective phone from darazpk 32 days ago and haven’t received it back yet from warranty claim. DarazPK call centre down, email and social media doesn’t reply.

    Bought a charger from bytesPK, call centre doesn’t pick up calls, email doesn’t reply. Product was delivered after one week. Faulty charger with loose USB port and very low power rating compared to mentioned on site and box. Could contact call centre one time for warranty claim, they said I will receive email, no email was received.

    Since that time I have made up my mind not to buy ever from any Pakistani ecommerce again.

    Purchasing a 60 Rupees item from Chinese sites is more convenient and safer than Pakistani e commerce sites.

  • Daraz really made us fool …only useless item were available to buy all good items were out of stock

    • They increased prices of items before sale then decreased their prices in sale :D

      However not the case with all products, some deal were very good. But I stopped my friends from purchasing from daraz, kion kay khud 32 din say is site sath zaleel ho raha hon. pehlay 14 din baad complaints baad phone aya, faulty nikla. wapis bheja replace bajayay repair kay liay bhijwa dia gaya total 32 din ho gayay daraz sath daily rabta kartay. 4 din say to call centre bhi band hay :)

      • Aur jab apnay phone baray main nay unke facebook wall pay likha ban kar dia gaya :D
        FB page darazpk ka sirf meethi comments kay liay rakha gaya hay log dekh ker wah wah karain aur negative side na jan sakain

  • Absolutely awful! Fraud Friday is a more appropriate name! As my credit card transaction, the most discounted items disappeared from the cart! And after 2 mins, the transaction was “declined” due to a “technical” error! Well done daraz, #FraudFriday

  • Wanted to buy Samsung G360HH with Easypaisa mobile account, but I failed to confirm order may be because of Daraz Cleverness :(
    Also when I clicked for 16GB USB 3.0

  • Baqi CheeZen Market se 200 300 Kam me Thin After Discount, But Infinix And Innjoo k Mobiles bht saste milre the, me Khareedta agr pese Hote to :D

  • First of all, the prices were too high for the Popular Items ( means the items that are in demand, were too high even after discount) and the second reason which I thought is more common among like me guys was The sale was in the last days of the month, in which Our wallets looks like abandoned piece of leather (hehe) …… I wish Our employers gave us advance salaries to avail offers of Black Friday :D

  • Most of the people complaining about http://daraz.pk/ but I think they haven’t explored the deals of other websites. http://homeshopping.pk/ and some other websites were also offering great deals and one of the recently launched website http://snatchit.pk has great deals too. Since its part of Advance Telecom so warranty is not a concern.

    Daraz has initiated the friday thing but other stores pick it as well. We have to appreciate one thing that ecommerce is still new thing for Pakistan so we can expect problems but am very optimistic and this Friday deal has created very positive impact on the industry.

    Thank you

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