Zong and PTCL Sign MoU for Infrastructure Sharing

PTCL and Zong have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during a ceremony held at PTCL Headquarters today.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Walid Irshaid, President & CEO PTCL and Mr. Liu Dianfeng, CEO Zong. The MoU will facilitate Zong to avail PTCL’s vast network footprint and infrastructure for their rapidly growing 3G & 4G subscriber base. Both companies have emphasized the need for stronger partnership in future to provide innovative and cutting edge telecommunication services to serve the Pakistani market.

  • Compliments Mr. Liu Dianfeng China Mobile Pakistan Operations. Capacity building is an excellent move of Zong operations. China Mobile Pakistan is the worlds largest Mobile Operator, and strategically it should havte its own Landing Point undersea cable SeaMeWe as previleged access to international networks of high capacity networks. Besides the strategic project of connecting Pakistan via Pakistan China Economic Corridor with China and the world would necessiate the optical fiber access alongwith the PCEC rail/road/sea/air/spectrum Access in and out of Pakistan. This would essentially need its own networks providing interconnect traffic to PCEC and other countries in China and Pakistan taking major traffic of and from PTCL worldwide and other mobile service providers.
    5G trails of the Chinese network companies are important for China Mobile for beta trails in Pakistan and be the first country on 5G in the world, to which you may proceed with the regulatory process under the PCEC to help the Un-Manned/Self Driving Trucks which are already licensed in the US this year. I wish the PCEC should initiate for the 5G to cater the spectrum availability for the Self Driving Cars/Trucks which are already in use in Nevada state in the US from Mercedes this year. Details available if desired. Besides the recent spectrum availability of free spectrum for Pakistan from ITU for Broadband is also an initiative to cater to the CSR of Zong for elderly/senior citizens, Alzheimer patients or people above 62 or above in Pakistan should be given free internet access on the free spectrum of ITU, which I would help you source.
    PTCL viz a viz Zong is a better service provider, with its own resources from China and experience, resources, and clout. Greetings

    • I don’t think so. Zong has invested in Telecom sector massively, They have future and they have plans definitely.

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