PTA Auctions WLL Spectrum for AJK and GB for Rs. 108.48 Million

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority today auctioned spectrum for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Services to PTCL and LinkDotNet for Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) regions and generated Rs. 108.48 million in total.

PTCL was allotted WLL spectrum for all offered regions (Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit Baltistan Regions) while LinkDotNet bagged spectrum for Mirpur Region in 3.5MHz band.

It maybe recalled that PTCL and LinkDotNet had applied for WLL spectrum auction, where all lots — except one 3.5MHz band for Mirpur Region — were auctioned at base price.

Below are auction details:

  • Base price for Offered Spectrum:
    • 2 x 5MHz from 1900MHz:
      • TR-I Mirpur: Rs. 55.80 Million
      • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 11.96 Million
      • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 7.97 Million
    • 30MHz from 3.5GHz
      • TR-I Mirpur: Rs. 7.97 Million
      • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 3.18 Million
      • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 3.18 Million
  • PTCL had applied for all regions and bands
  • LinkDotNet had applied for 3.5Mhz in Mirpur region only
  • All lots were auctioned at base price, while 2 lots in 3.5MHz for Mirpur region were auctioned to both PTCL and LinkDotNet for Rs. 10 million each (its base price was Rs. 7.97 Million)

The auction was conducted in an open and transparent manner through open outcry method, PTA spokesperson told ProPakistani.

While majority of lots were given away at base prices, PTCL and LinkDotNet Telecom Limited (LDN) participated in the auction of one lot of 3.5 GHz in TR-I (Mirpur Region).

LDN offered the highest bid of Rs. 10 million during the process and therefore, was declared the successful bidder for 3.5Mhz lot for Mirpur region. PTCL took the second lot by matching the same price of Rs.10 million.

Spectrum will be awarded after necessary payments by the successful bidders. The total bid price for all spectrum lots combined stood at Rs. 108.4 million.

The auction was witnessed by representatives from AJ&K and GB Councils, Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT), Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) and the telecom industry.

PTA Photo (3)

The spokesperson said that subsequent to the Policy Directives of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Councils, PTA published advertisement and Information Memorandum (IM) for “Auction of Spectrum in 1900 MHz and 3.5 GHz for WLL Services at AJ&K and GB” on 16th October 2015.

In accordance with the timelines of the auction process, an information session with the prospective bidders was held on 10th November 2015. Applications along with pre-bid deposits were received till 7th December and the qualified bidders were notified on 15th December 2015, while an information package containing necessary details of the auction process was also provided to the qualified applicants on 21st December.

Chairman PTA, Dr.Syed Islamil Shah said the auction was aimed at enhanced telecom services for the people of AJ&K and GB. The successful operators will be able to offer new wireless services. He said it’s a win-win situation government, operators and the consumers as it will ensure revenues for government, business for operators and better services for consumers of the far-off regions. “This will have positive cumulative effect on the economies of these regions”, said the Chairman.

He said that PTA has suggested government to set up handset assembly plants and data centers in AJ&K and GB as natural climate in these areas is very favorable for such businesses.

It merits mentioning here that Wateen and SCO already have WLL licenses for AJK and GB regions.

  • Does this have anything to do with the 3g licenses extensions for the telecom operators? As we had heard. They will be given extension to provide services on Dec 29 too.?

  • When 3G loss its importance in market ,they will give us 3G in AJK and GB. People of Occupied JK are using 3G . While Ajk and GB are still ………..

  • Is link dot net still owned by Mobilink as previously it was operating by the name of World on Line(WOL) and purchased by Mobilink and renamed as Link Dot Net.

  • کی سپیڈ توبہتر ہوگیPtcl Evo
    کا پتہ نہیں کے کب شروع ہو گیLink Dot Net

  • Any news regarding auction of Next Generation Mobile Spectrum (NGMS) In AJK? After NGMS we can use 3G servises? Can u guide plz

  • It is very Sad, That Govt and Pakistan Army is doing with Kashmir, Why don’t they let other telecom operator like(Mobilink, Telenor..etc) to provide 3G in that area. Those operator already have setup in those regions. I know the only reason is SCO(Army owned telecome operator) which is only working in AJK and GB. they don’t want any competitor because of their poor quality and limited areas.

    This Auction drama is not much usefull for AJK and GB which happened recently. These new operator will take time to expand networks and they might.

    Please let already setup telecom operators to operate in that area.

    This is clear discrimination with Kashmiries, why Kashmir is being treated different? Border area and security is not reason, Those telcom companies are already working in AJK and GB. there is also direct border between Pakistan and India why companies are allowed there.

    When Govt is building dams in Kashmir they don’t need any permission but for 3G.

    Please treat Kashmir equal or Leave it.

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