Intel Taps Into Drone Market By Acquiring Ascending Technologies

Hot on the heels of Qualcomm’s latest promo video of drones being powered by its chipsets, Intel wasn’t one to sit idly by. The world’s largest chipmaker certainly does not want to be left hanging dry as the company is trailing behind in the smartphone chipset market as it is. In order to gain a lead in the drone market, the desktop and laptop processor king is acquiring a German drone company by the name of Ascending Technologies.

With the Ascending Technologies acquisition, Intel will be able to satisfy several uses and markets by mass producing drones.

With practical applications ranging from disaster response, to infrastructure inspection, to delivery of goods, UAVs offer an incredible opportunity for innovation across a multitude of industries. As a result, Intel is positioning itself at the forefront of this opportunity to increasingly integrate the computing, communications, sensor and cloud technology required to make drones smarter and more connected. – Intel Press Release.

What Does the Move Signal for Intel and Ascending Technologies?

According to Intel, Ascending Technologies features the best-in-class drone auto-pilot software and algorithms. Using the German company’s expertise in mass producing drones, Intel will also be using its RealSense technology’s in order dictate real-time depth-sensing capability. Combining both of these technologies, the completed product will not only feature impressive build quality that can withstand a sufficient amount of wear and tear, but improved sensor technology will ensure these aerial machines can avoid obstacles and collisions that may end up delivering irreparable damage to the drones.

Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich will also be providing a brief demonstrational and informational speech during CES 2016 about the capabilities of these aerial machines and in the process, the company will go toe to toe with Qualcomm’s aerial products as well. While the press release did not reveal any pricing or availability details of these drones, expect to hear more in the coming days during CES 2016.