Case Registered Against the Guy Who Draws CM Sindh on Karachi Roads

A criminal case has been registered against Alamgir Khan, a social activist who initiated this campaign of fixing common-man’s problems in Karachi by drawing Syed Qaim Ali Shah on roads, reported ARY News.

Alamgir recently started drawing CM Sindh’s illustrations on Karachi roads where manholes were not covered or at places where garbage is improperly dumped. Alamgir had said that there’s no other way of getting government’s attention towards such basic problems that are being overlooked for years now.




Alamgir, while speaking with TV channel, said that a fake case has been registered against him for speaking up against social issues. “Instead of fixing the problems, they are trying to curtail me”, said Alamgir.

After Alamgir’s campaign of drawing Syed Qaim Ali Shah on roads went viral on Social Media, Chief Minister reportedly phoned Karachi’s administrator and ordered him to fill manholes in Karachi with-in two days.

However, when Alamgir Khan didn’t stop with uncovered manholes and went on to target garbage dumps and other things, Sindh Government registered a case against the activist.

Case was registered for a road accident involving Alamgir’s Car, however, Alamgir claims that he never hit anyone with his car and that his car is scratch-less and can be seen on his Facebook page.

Alamgir Khan, a PTI worker otherwise, encouraged everyone to join his cause and draw CM Sindh’s illustration on roads and dumps to get them fixed.

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