Lenovo Ideapad Y900 – A Monstrous Gaming Laptop

Lenovo hasn’t been the most active company when it comes to making gaming machines. While other companies were making oversized and overpriced devices, Lenovo kept trying to sell slim gaming notebooks with mainstream hardware and mainstream prices. They were one of the first ones to offer top of the line hardware every year but still maintained the ‘slim and light’ factor in their gaming notebooks like the Ideapad Y series.Lenovo Ideapad Y900

With the Ideapad Y900, Lenovo doesn’t intend to reimagine the whole line-up but does plan to cover up all of the weaknesses their previous devices had. One of the concerns with most gaming machines has been that Lenovo (and several other OEMs) decided to compromise between top-of-the-line hardware and gaming performance by offering the NVidia 860M or 960M at best. That move definitely did not suffice to quench the thirst of serious PC gamers. This time around, Lenovo chose to go with the best graphics card available in the market, the 960M. It comes in 4GB and 8GB GPU RAM options which will satisfy all gamers for sure.

Details about the Lenovo Ideapad Y900

The Y900 also packs a 6th generation Core i7 processor which can be found in several other gaming machines of late 2015 (and 2016) but it also means that Lenovo isn’t offering anything less than the best in this category. The DDR4 RAM size tops out at 64 gigs (Yes, that’s 64GB). To best other gaming offerings, Lenovo has a “Turbo” button and software overclocking options which can boost the clocks speeds for CPU, RAM and the GPU to offer unmatched gaming performance. There’s a choice of 512GB of PCIe SSD in there too but buyers can choose the 1TB HDD as well.

There is a 17.3 1080p IPS display and whole host of ports including one USB Type C port. Y900 comes with a 2.1 speaker system, a colorful highlighted touchpad and a 90Wh battery which should last five hours according to Lenovo. All of this comes in a 1.4 inch thick body which weighs, a back-crushing over 10 pounds. Lenovo has put in customisable backlit keyboard as well which is of the mechanical type, offering unmatched gaming experience. The wrist rest has been rubberised so that the surface feels good to the touch.

The Ideapad Y900 starts at an expensive $2,000 and will be available about 6 months from now. It is most certainly one of the most expensive laptops that have come from the Lenovo factories.

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    • Come on dude.. its upper mid range not lower .. i think you havent use any machine having it on board..

      • thanks for your input but im studying computer engineering AND i have been a gamer since 15+ years. so im pretty sure i have a fairly solid idea…
        don’t go on the prices … the $ rate is crap here … WHICH means that a lower mid range GPU seems like high end thanks to its extravagant pricing

  • Its a basically a high end multimedia laptop with a gaming look and feel to it but its not a true “gaming laptop” btw 960m is not that bad of a graphic card it runs all latest games in medium-high settings in 1080p

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